Jill's Adventures

Mr Postel had returned a week later to make the formal announcement of Curtis'spromotion. Jill was presently beneath “Post” in his room as he had arrived a day early just to enjoy her again. Curtis was at work. Post was ramming into her, “You're taking me like a pro”, he said. His cock was sinking fully into her wet, soft cunt as he power fucked her! Jill kissed him telling him that it was her pleasure to feel his monster cock! She had her thighs pulled to her chest with her ankles on his shoulders as he rutted into her! “Here it come's”, he shouted! Jill felt his cock throb as his hot, jetting cum raced inside her! In a minute, his back arched as he thrust as deeply as he could then groaned loudly, she said “give it all to me, Post”! In another minute he slumped down on her softly. She wrapped her arms around him as he kissed her. He rolled off her saying “Damn woman, why didn't I meet you first”! Jill giggled softly. After resting, Post slid down between her thighs, lifted them, viewed her cunt saying, “I'm ruining you. Your little cunt is so stretched”. He inched forward, sucked an outer labia, pulled it up, then dug out an inner labia and lip pulled it, stretching it out. I another minute he had laid her cunt out spread like a flower using only his tongue. He peered her open meaty gash then suckled her flaps before he ate her. In minutes, she moaned and spurted into his mouth, he said “I have to say you make more cunt oil than any woman I've ever known”. Jill giggled and lied replying, “Curtis is very oral..I've never known a man who wanted to spend all his time, face first in me... He's conditioned me to dispense at almost anytime”. Post laughed, she said “ I've woke in the middle of the night cumming, because he's eating me”! Post laughed until he was breathless. At the ceremony the next day, Curtis in a suit, Jill the prim and proper wife was on full display. Post made a great speech and referred to her as “The Shy Wife” as his cum trickled into her panties. He had fucked her just before the ceremony in a corporate office. The ceremony ended and they walked to Curtis's new office. Inside was Stony who had moved his office while the ceremony was happening. It was like a suite inside! A meeting room, a business office, personal bathroom with shower, wardrobe room and Lounge. A private entrance topped it off. On the desk laid a set of keys, credit cards and new company cards. A sealed note read, “your new Cadillac! Jill should enjoy driving it” with a Smiley Face, signed Postel. Jill had to cover her mouth holding in a scream! Curtis kissed her while raising her dress exposing her to Stony. She felt him thrust past her panties into her wet cunt as he said “Congrats”! She held on to Curtis, smiling as Stony thrust into her! In a minute, Stony came, flooding into the load Post had given her! His cock fell out of her loose cunt hole and her panties slid back into place. She, Stony and Curtis personalized his office the whole afternoon. Curtis and Stony took breaks, fucking her as they worked. Curtis arrived home without Jill. He told them she would arrive soon and to watch for her as she had a few things to bring in. Marty was at the window, saw her first and shouted for his brothers! When they saw her standing by the Caddie SUV, they ran down to her! They hugged her and were all over their new car! She went inside leaving them. Inside she hugged Curtis saying “need to shower! I'm so full of cum! You really have out done yourself, Dear”! He grinned, “I had a little help”. They were seated, Jill clean and in a house robe when the boys came running in. They squeezed beside her pushing Curtis out of the way with a thousand questions. Marty's face was on her cunt as he feasted on her! The others were asking questions so quickly she stopped them telling them to slow down as she was trying to feed Marty! Curtis chimed in “I got a raise”! They ignored him, Jill giggled! “Yeah, Vice President now”, he added. Marty had his fill, rose up saying “great Dad” as Jon replaced him. Jill dumped cum into Jon's mouth and giggled at Curtis. Jon moved and Abe slid his cock into her, he stroked slowly a few minute, then dropped his load inside her. As he sat back, Curtis said “Jill's having a Baby”! There was instant silence! Curtis said “finally somebody heard me”! They shouted, creamed and hugged her asking another set of questions, Jill grinned at him saying “some people will say anything for attention”! He scoped her up saying, “attention? I got attention for you” and carried her into the bedroom as she loudly said “boy's Help”! Minutes later they heard the usual, yet more intense sounds of them fucking! Thirty minutes later Jill came out looking frazzled! The boys ganged her taking turns fucking her as she lied telling them she got pregnant by Curtis during the Hurricane. Abe gave her another fucking as Jon and Marty went into their room. He whispered, “Ava is having my baby”. She kissed him passionately replying, “yes, she is my Love”. An hour later, Marty came back asking her to take him to the Fair, saying the others didn't want to go. She hugged him replying “of course I will”. The Fair came 2 days later. They were inside when Marty spied a classmate. “Skip” joined them as a ride partner for Marty. Jill had on a simple, button front long shirt over an averagely short khaki skirt and blue Mom panties. She walked with them getting hidden nods from several of the men she had recently fucked. She also got passes from men that she had fucked as Ava and they didn't know it. She grinned inside and began to make a mental count of those she saw. She blushed red, when in a short while the number was 31 and she knew the count was much higher! They were soon joined by the Grant Twins, Ben and Brad who had left their father Ted, somewhere? The group rode several rides before they found him. He joined them and having never met, she and Ted chatted as the boys scampered around. The thick humidity broke into a misty rain. She and Ted stepped back under the awning of a vendor as the boys continued riding. The vendor offered Jill a large bucket to sit on, Ted flipped it over, she sat on it! He chatted looking down at her. The low bucket had her sitting with her knees high. He viewed downward right into a small blue triangle between them. Jill laughed several times giving him larger glimpse's of her crotch. The mist became a soft rain. She glanced to see the boys running their way and stood flashing Ted and them a wide glimpse of her crotch. Huddled together, Marty whispered that they saw her panties. She told him that she would be more careful. Marty replied “no, don't! He knew they enjoyed it and didn't want them to leave him”. She grinned “OK Baby boy, I'll keep them interested”! The shower lingered, Jill suggested they all join her in her SUV! She would lay the back seats flat and they all could pile in. In minutes they were headed to the parking lot. As they climbed in, Ted assisted her with a soft ass grab pushing her in. Her high step up, opened her pantie covered crotch to their view. The boys were seated towards the front, she and Ted sat on opposite wheel wells. His view was directly into her crotch as everyone maintained separate conversations. Ted said, “nice view”. She grinned, “how can you see anything outside through this rain”? He said, “who's looking outside”? She giggled, closing her legs saying “sorry”. He grinned “don't be! There's no need to close them now”. She eased a slight spread of her knees saying “you can't be interested in viewing and old girl like me”? He replied, “I'm older than you and viewing more won't hurt me”! Jill spread wider, he said “you're making me hungry! Looks like something I could eat”! On her side away from the boys, she dropped her hand. Checking to see that they were not looking, she stole it under her skirt and quickly pulled her gusset to the side exposing her bare cunt! She left the panties twisted over and slid her hand out. Ted said, “yes, like cotton candy, I'd eat that”! They chatted continuously as he peered her cunt. The sky darkened, they soon heard an announcement that they would be having Fireworks early due to rain and darkness. Jill said “my butt has fell asleep”! The group laughed loudly! Ted said, “I'll slide down, you can sit on my lap while we watch the fireworks, if that will help”? She replied “I'll take it” then winked to him. The boys turned and waited for the fire works. She sat side saddle right down on Ted's cock! The first burst of fireworks hit! Ted rutted upward bouncing her as she wailed “ahhhhhh, with the boys”! Burst after burst followed, allowing them to groan as if reaction to them! As the show petered out, so did Ted. He had managed to cum twice inside Jill. The rain ended and she managed to flash her panties to the boys giving them an ass view as she climbed out. Ted and the group had left. She asked, “did I do OK for you”? Marty smiled, “you're the greatest Mom ever”! Jill hugged him asking, “you like to show me off”? He told her that it was really cool that his friends thought she was “hot”!As they drove home, he said that Ben and Brad were coming to visit him tomorrow and maybe she could do it again? She smiled replying “anything for my Baby boy”! Marty smiled asking “maybe they could see it all”? Jill laughed,”are you sure you want that”? He winked! Ben and Brad knocked on their door, she let them in telling them that Marty would be right back. He had gone 2 floors up to borrow some migraine headache pills for her. They sat as she dusted with cloth. She had on a loose spaghetti strap-ed top and a very thin skirt. It was normal length but with a quick pull at the waist, it got short! She was naked, beneath. As she moved around them, they watched her tits swing. Making the pull, her skirt was 4 inches shorter. She “accidentally” dropped her cloth! As if without thinking, she bent at her waist, snatched it up and walked away! She knew that she had flashed her bare, lower ass cheeks. She stopped at the sliding glass doors, wiped a hand print. They saw the shadow of her full lower torso and legs through her skirt. Jill came back their way, leaned over wiped the TV screen. It's glow through her dress gave them the dark shadow and shape of her crotch. Marty came in, she rushed to get “the pills” from his empty hand, grasp a glass of water and swallowed. She joined the boys chatting about a game they brought over before they left her. They had been gone a few minutes when Jill told Marty to bring her a “throw” blanket. He oped up , ran it out to find Jill on her side, facing the backrest on their couch with her ass exposed near the seat edge. He took his time laying it on her, checking that it gave the perfect view, winked at her and left. Back with the twins, he told them that they shouldn't be disturbed, the pills would knock her out! In another 10 minutes, Ben had beat Brad. Marty grabbed the game controller and Brad said he was going to pee. Brad came out and nearly tripped when he saw Jill's bare ass! He walked by slowly checking her, then stepped back. He leaned over her, listened, heard her snoring and lifted the blanket. Inches from her ass, he viewed! Jill could feel his panting breaths blowing on her! He gave her butt a soft finger touch, she didn't react. In a second, she felt his hand softly lift one cheek until her cunt appeared. A soft finger touch followed. Jill heard him huffing breaths, then his cock touched her and slid into her loose cunt. Brad made 2 hunches trying to insert his cock fully and shot off! He pressed against her a few seconds, then pulled out rapidly! He recovered her and in a minute the flushing of their commode. She giggled as she wiped her cunt with the fake dust cloth and 5 minutes later Ben came in. He thrust into her immediately! Seconds later, his cock was galloping as he dumped a load inside her! Almost 5 minutes later, she heard Marty say he going to get him a cold cola. He came to her asking, “did they see”? She opened her ass cheeks grinning “and more”! He saw their cum draining cum and giggled. The boys came through one more time, each! Jill was sitting up, rubbing her eyes and hand smoothing her hair when they all came up the hall. Marty said “feel better”? She replied “yes”! They all grabbed cola's and were going back to play when Ted knocked. He had come to pick them up but Jill said “give them a few more minutes”. They went to play and Ted flew to his knees thrusting his cock into her! He rapidly thrust into her and spurted a quick load into her! He sat back, saying “boys. you ready”? They whined “5 more minutes”! He slammed his cock back into Jill as she grinned! Hammering into her, he sprayed her again and was seated chatting when they came back. Once out the door, she spread her thighs laughing. Marty said “boy they filled up”! Jill giggled, he said “maybe Mr Ted”. She cut him off lying “Baby boy, I can't do everybody” He hugged her asking “why not”? She smiled “maybe next time”. A month had passed, Jill noticed as she slid on her panties that she was picking up “baby fat”. Slightly plumper, her breast size increased a cup, her hair was growing also. Choosing to wear mostly full fashion, old style Grannies panties because they were better cum catchers, she noticed her leg bands cut deeper into her thighs. Getting all of them from her drawer, she snipped the leg band elastic in all. A more comfortable fit, easier to get a cock by, she smiled to herself. She was home by herself, a real oddity. It didn't last long, an hour later she was pinned to her couch under Stony! “I really need to have you more than twice a week” he said as he pummeled into her! Jill giggled “it's not my fault”. Stony paused as his cum spat into her, telling her had to work something out with Curtis. In minutes, Stony was gone. She had barely got herself together when another knock occurred, It Gabe, the assistant Maintenance Manager. She had forgotten, he was scheduled. After he made several checks Gabe said “you shocked me? I didn't think you and Curtis were serious? I had my eyes on you”. Jill sat down, he beside her, I didn't know? You never said a word? I'm 10 maybe 15 years older, just never thought”? His hand fell on her thigh, “would it have made a difference”? Before she could reply, his hand slid over her thigh, she said “no! Don't! I'm a married woman ..and my husband just”, his hand groped her cum wet panties, she moaned! Gabe felt her then pushed her over slowly. He climbed over her, thrust his cock into the cum Stony had left in her! He stroked into her rapidly saying “I'm not sorry Jill, I had to know”! She whispered, “am I what you thought”? She felt his body shutter as he spent into her! His cock was still throbbing`,squirting inside her when his radio sounded! His boss told him Not to check Jill's, he would do hers! She pushed him up grinning to say “go”! She was standing at her door, pulling her gusset into place when Harmon knocked. He had flirted with her every time he saw her. “Ms Jill..I mean Mrs Jill now..Damned shame, Curtis stole you”. They grinned, he went about checking and came back, “he took your fine ass right off the Market”! Jill giggled, “you just missed him”`. He laughed, “newlyweds! Did he run home to grab a quick piece”? She coyly smiled. Harmon sat beside her then roughly grabbed her thigh. He jammed his hand against her soaked panties, “oh yes he did”! She put up a false fight as he crawled over her still fondling her cunt. His fingers found her clitoris and circled it saying “ feels like he left you hanging”? He rammed his cock into her, knocking the wind out of her! “He dropped a big load you, you're thick with it”! Gabe rode her high knowing he was fucking her clitoris. In a minute, she came! “there you go! Let it out woman! Ole Gabe has got you”! Gabe thrust into her for 10 more minutes then sprayed her! They were sitting when he told her “you know how to reach me, call if you're “hung up again”. Jill was soon in her shower douching. She was napping when when she felt the bed sag. She didn't even open her eyes as she was rolled on top of Tommy. She felt his hand slid his cock by her panties, then press upward saying “Hi”. She smiled then felt Abe's cock slide inside her also. The stroked into her for 10 minutes, dumped their loads and rolled her back to her sleeping position. They quietly left as she smiled to herself. In a half hour, she felt her legs being spread again, her eyes crept open as Jon smiled “Hi Mom”, she hugged him as he short stroked into her. Two minutes later, she felt him popping quick cum shots inside her. “Thanks”, he grinned and left. Jill got up, washed her cunt and waited. Marty would be in soon. Curtis came home. Marty was facing Jill on their sides. He was gently sucking her breast as she caressed his head, she smiled at Curtis “He's breast feeding! I'm making milk now”! Curtis leaned over him, kissed Jill smiling. She switched Marty to her other breast adding, “it's not much but it's real”. Finished, Marty slid down her torso then whispered to her stomach “hey in there! It's me, Marty”! Curtis grinned as Marty's head slid into Jill's crotch. Jill threw a leg on Marty's shoulder “he's nursing on my clitoris”. Curtis lifted her leg, looked saying “and you're gushing like a waterfall” as he saw her cunt oils flowing! Jill's eyes opened wide when Curtis said “bite her, Marty”. Jill replied, “No don't! I'll drain everything!...I'll be out of commission for hours, you'll not have anything Curtis”! Curtis said “Bite”! Marty nibbled her clitoris, then bit her! Jill's cunt erupted! Her cunt oils flowed, then squirted! A minute later, Marty rolled away from her with his face covered in fluids and his shirt plastered to his chest! He left them as Curtis grabbed Jill's face pulling it into his crotch! He face fucked her several minutes before she gagged as his cum shot down her throat! Jill and Marty were at a local homeless shelter volunteering as food servers. She had on a simple summer print, tent dress. Marty had insisted that she wear pretty panties. She opted for a pair Black with a white “net” gusset. They hadn't served long when Ted and the twins joined them behind their station. When the serving pan emptied, Marty sat it behind her, leaned against the wall. It's shiny aluminum surface mirrored her legs until she bent forward to expose her underside. The twins quickly took notice! In second they saw Ted reach back to fondle her ass nearly each time, she served a plate. Jill left to grab another full dish, Ted followed her. On their return, her panties were missing and they saw a lump in Ted's pant pocket. This time, each time she leaned forward, Ted slid a finger inside her! The twins saw it all and Marty acted as if he was still unaware. Jill and Ted soon left again to replenish. Jill returned this time with her panties on, but her inner thighs trailed cum streaks! Ending their serving time, the twins insisted that they go with Marty, Ted agreed saying he would pick them up later. Jill spent the afternoon flashing her cum soaked panties to the twins. Ted picked them up and left. She and Marty were surprised when Bettie the twins mother, came by. She implied that she didn't know Ted had picked them up and indulged chatting with Jill. They talked “mom” things until Bettie used their bathroom. Marty told Jill that Bettie was looking up her dress. She replied that she knew and thought that she wanted to eat her. Marty smiled telling her that he was going to play in his room! Coming back, finding Marty gone, Bettie told her that her boys were leaving dried cum everywhere, always after visiting there. She figured they were fantasizing over Jill. Jill played “coy” as she told her that she had to come see what was upsetting them. Marty listened until their conversation grew quiet, then crept up the hall. He peered around the corner to see Jill holding the back of Bettie's head as she ate her! Jill placed a finger against her lips, smiled at him and slid lower in her seat. “Sorry I'm full of cum but Curtis attacks me, constantly”, she whispered. Bettie only ate her deeper! As she did so, she also fingered her own cunt! Marty saw her hairy bush, hanging labia as her fingers dug inside to come out covered in frothy oils, she mumbled “Ted came horny and fucked me, just now”! Jill grinned as she reached over her exposing Bettie's bare ass fully! Marty mouthed “wow”! She looked down to see her ass hole plumply budding outward, dark brown with red streaks and said, “Ted must like that” as she traced a finger on it? Bettie moaned, “I like it! I'm very anally active! Ted was fucking me there long before he accidentally got me pregnant”. Jill shoved a finger into her ass bud! Bettie wiggled and swirled her hips, fucking it. Pulling her closer, Jill shoved her hand inside! Bettie moaned and pushed back against it! Smiling at Marty, her other hand came around and plunged fingers into her! Marty was covering his panting when Jill opened her ass hole widely! In a few seconds, Bettie's inner anal walls slowly rolled out into a hanging angry red mass! Bettie came, streaming cunt oil to the floor! She sat up, reached back and pressed her prolapse back inside. As Bettie left, Marty came in pointing down to the shiny fluids on their floor. Time had passed and Jill had given birth to Michelle. Everyone adored her but none more than Marty! She stayed in his shadow. Jill, Curtis and Marty as babysitter had gone to a 3 day company convention. Having most time to themselves, Jill and Marty fucked like a****ls. He had just came deeply inside her when she smirked at him saying “are you ready for another sibling”? He gave a broad smile she said “good! You gave me one last month when we visited my mom”! He asked does Dad know? She snickered “No, but he will think he got me pregnant this weekend”! He started stroking her again chanting, “you're having my baby”. She grinned, “just don't tell the others”.