jennas first time

Chapter oneJenna had moved from the small suburbs of Wolf Trap, Virginia, somewhere she lived with her family whilst she figured out where she wanted to live once she finished her schooling, to the big city of Los Angeles.“Oh my” says Jenna, looking at her watch as she leaves her apartment in a hurry to get to her job at the convenience store across town. As she rushes to the coffee shop on the corner of her block, Jenna bumps into a handsome male and, without so much as a glance up, she apologises profusely until he tells her not to worry. With that, Jenna carries on her rushed morning routine and grabs a double mocha chino and carries on her rush to start her shift.When she arrives at the store she dumps her takeaway coffee cup in the trash can and proceeds to enter the store’s front door. Upon entering the store she makes her way to the back, where the staff area is located, so that she can put her valuables in her locker and grab her cashier’s apron. She then returns to the store-front to start her morning shift, which turns out to be fairly busy.Chapter twoAs the rush of customers hit a lull, Jenna decided to tidy the store as some of the stock had be knocked on the floor during the rush of customers. As she turned to put the last of the fallen stock on the shelves, someone approached her to ask which aisle a certain item would be in.This is when Jenna felt a shiver of deja vu, she knew the voice but for the life of her could not place where she knew him from and that is when it dawned on her. The morning rush to work came flooding back to her, the whole incident outside of the coffee shop came flooding back to her and her cheeks blushed up as she thought she would never have to relive it again.The man stood before her remembered her from this morning and asked if she was OK after the incident as he hadn't gotten the chance that morning, Jenna said she was fine and thanks for asking, Once this was out the way she showed the intriguing gentleman to the aisle he was looking for and then went back to her cash register to await any customer who may want to pay for their items.Chapter threeTen minutes before the end of her shift, Jenna's best friend appeared at her cash register. Jenna screeched when she saw Louisa had come to visit her. “How long are you visiting for ?” asked Jenna. Louisa replied “I’m here for acouple of weeks.” “Where are you staying?” asked Jenna. “I'm going to stay at one of the local hotels” replied Louisa. “Don't be silly Louisa you can stay at mine.” said Jenna. “Awww thanks Jenna your a lifesaver” says Louisa.After Jenna has finished serving her last customer of the morning, she goes to the staff area to put her apron in her locker and grabs her valuables to head out for some lunch with Louisa. On the way out one of her colleagues hands her an envelope telling her that the handsome guy she had helped earlier on wanted her to have it. Jenna thanks her colleague and heads out the door with Louisa. “Are you hungry for some lunch Louisa?” asks Jenna. “Yes I am, where do you have in mind?” asks Louisa. “We can either grab a sandwich at a really nice sandwich bar I know or we can grab some Italian food” says Jenna. “I fancy some Italian” says Louisa. “OK Louisa lets go and drop your stuff at my apartment and then we can head to the Italian place” says Jenna.When Jenna and Louisa arrive at Jenna’s apartment block they head in and Jenna shows Louisa where she can put here luggage and get freshened up before they head out to lunch. Whilst Louisa is taking a shower, Jenna grabs the envelope out of her bag and rips it open and takes out a note and has a read of it. “Interesting” says Jenna as Louisa comes out of the spare bedroom ready for lunch. And with that she put the envelope back in her bag and grabs her keys.Chapter fourJenna and Louisa reached the Italian restaurant, where they were shown to a booth at the back of the restaurant by a handsome waiter, who must have just left college. Louisa found herself glancing him up and down. He introduced himself as Texas and said he will be their waiter for the lunchtime. As he left them to have a look at the menu. After a few minutes the waiter came to take their drinks order. “I'll have a double Vodka and Coke with a slice of lemon and lime please” said Jenna and with that looked at Louisa who replied with “I'll have a single Vodka with Lemonade and a slice of lime please.” The waiter asked “do you ladies want ice in those?” Both of them shook their head to indicate they didn't.They continued to look at the menus and decided what they were going to have to eat. The waiter returned with their drinks and asked if they were ready to order and they said they were. Jenna gave her order of Barbecue Chicken Lasagne and Louisa ordered the Meatballs with Spaghetti and a side order of Spicy Sausage Fritters. Whilst Jenna and Louisa awaited their food talk turned to why Louisa was visiting LA and Louisa said she needed a break from her parents constant arguing. As Jenna asked why they where arguing someone caught the corner of her eye.Louisa followed Jenna's eye line and saw a tall handsome guy and instantly knew that Jenna had blushed up from the long lingering looks she was giving him. And before she could say anything the waiter returned with their order with which Louisa slips him her cell number with a little wink. And then he left them to eat their lunch with a smile on his face. Once they had finished eating Louisa waved for Texas. Texas went over to their table with the bill in hand and left them to sort the payment out. Jenna looked at the bill as did Louisa and they agreed to split the cost between them and Louisa made slight eye contact with Texas to let him know they had sorted the payment. Texas took their payment and said “ I hope you ladies enjoyed your meal?” They told him they did and thank you for the service and they then left and went back to Jenna's apartment to decide what they were going to do that afternoon and evening.Chapter fiveAs soon as Jenna and Louisa got through the front door Louisa's cell rang and with a big sigh she answered it. Jenna took this chance to grab her cell phone and the envelope from her bag and headed to her bedroom. Taking a deep breath and dialled the number at the bottom of the note. “Hello you have reached the number for Preston Jones please leave a brief message, your name and number after the tone and I shall get back to you.” **BEEP** with this Jenna left a short message and her contact details and hung up.Jenna returns to the living room and asks “What’s wrong Louisa?” “My parents have told me I have to move out as they are getting divorced and selling the house.” replied Louisa looking saddened. With that Jenna knew exactly what to do and popped out to grab a bottle of wine and some Tiramsu from the Italian they had lunch at earlier that day, all in a bid to see Texas and put her plan into action. When she arrived she was in time to catch Texas who was just grabbing take out orders for the last of the lunchtime rush. *I'm glad I bumped into you Texas.” said Jenna. “Why is that?” asks Texas. Jenna explains what has happened and mentions that she is going to take Louisa to the bar on the corner of her block and gave Texas all the details. She took the Tiramsu and wine back to the apartment and told Louisa of the plan.Louisa looked at Jenna in surprise just as Jenna's cell rang. Jenna looked at the caller ID and took the call. “Hello is that Jenna?” asked the male voice on the other end of the phone. “Yes, but may I ask who this is please?” replied Jenna in surprise.”It's Preston Jones just returning your call from this morning. I was just wondering if you are free this evening for a few drinks?” “My best friend has just arrived in town Mr Jones and I am taking her out this evening as a welcome gesture.” replied Jenna. “Where are you girls going I could meet you both there and it would be less awkward for a first time meeting” replied Preston. Jenna gives Preston all the details and bids him adieu.Chapter sixAt 6.55pm Jenna and Louisa walked in to the semi crowded bar and looked around for an empty table. After a couple of minutes they found a table and Louisa sat down so they didn’t lose it to anyone else. Jenna went and ordered their cocktails and returned to their table just as Preston and Texas arrived in the bar. Jenna waves to them both and when they arrive at the table Jenna hugs them both. Preston and Texas both leave their jackets with the girls and go and order some drinks. Upon returning to the table Texas sits next to Louisa and Preston takes the seat next to Jenna.Texas asks Louisa all about herself and they just chat relaxed in the mellow atmosphere of the bar. Louisa seems her usual happy go lucky self and Jenna can't help smile to herself. She catches Preston glance at her with a knowing twinkle in his eye and he starts to ask her about herself and she relaxes as she talks about herself.Jenna and Louisa look at each other when they realise they haven't eaten since lunchtime and decide they had better go and grab some food on the way home. Jenna asks Preston and Texas if they would like to continue the evening at Jenna's apartment and they both agree that would be a nice idea. On the way back to Jenna's apartment they stop at the Chinese restaurant to grab some take out and continue the last block to Jenna's.Chapter sevenThe four of them arrive at Jenna's apartment block and went to her apartment on the 5th floor. Once inside Louisa took the food and grabbed some plates whilst Jenna showed Preston and Texas to the seating area. “I shall be back in a few moments I’m just going to change in to something more comfortable.” said Jenna and with that she headed to her bedroom to change.Whilst Jenna was getting changed Louisa put the plates and food on the coffee table and grabbed the wine out of the fridge and got some glasses. When she turned round Texas was stood behind her. “Let me take those for you Louisa.” and without a word from Louisa, he brushed past her just enough to send a shiver of anticipation down her spine and she gasped from the subtle contact.Jenna came out of her bedroom, she turns and sees Preston come out of the bathroom and stops and lingers for a moment to take in his good looks. She finds herself glancing down towards his jeans and stops as she feels Preston watching her. Jenna apologises and goes to the living room where she finds Louisa and Texas in an awkward silence.Chapter eightThinking nothing of it, Jenna started to undo the take-out containers so that they could all eat. As they all started to eat the Chinese and drink the bottle of wine things seemed to become less tense between Louisa and Texas. A few moments after they had finished eating and drinking Jenna took the dishes into the kitchen and started to wash up. This is when she felt someone wrap an arm around her waist and she turned and found herself face to face with Preston.Jenna smiled at Preston as he reached round her to get the towel to dry the dishes with. As he did Jenna gasped in surprise as Preston brushed up against her. Jenna carried on washing the dishes as Preston dried them and they returned to the living room in silence. Louisa noticed that Jenna was a little flush and with that the girls excused themselves. Once out of earshot Louisa asked Jenna why she was flushed. Jenna told Louisa what had happened in the kitchen. This got Louisa thinking back to earlier events and she remembered why there was an awkward silence.Both girls returned to puzzled looks as they had been gone slightly longer then they had previously thought. With that the Louisa sat with Texas and knowing the slight grin on Jenna's face, nodded to her to say she would be fine left alone. Jenna took Preston by the hand and gave him a slight smile as she let him know what was in store for him that night. Preston got up off the couch and followed Jenna down the hallway to a room at the end of it. When they arrived at the door Jenna unlock the door and led Preston into the room and closed the door behind them.Chapter nineOnce the door was firmly closed behind them Preston noticed they were stood in a mini foyer with two further doors in front of them. Jenna led them through a door on the left and Preston followed her through the door and closed it behind them. Jenna motioned for Preston to take a seat at the desk that was in front of them.Jenna sat down at the opposite side of the desk and proceeds to ask Preston if he knew why they were in her office to talk. Preston shook his head to signal he didn’t. Jenna asked Preston what turns him on. Preston replied that he had no idea as yet as he had no experience with women at all in his 25yrs of life. When Jenna knew this she took a deep breathe and asked him how can this be as he is so handsome. Preston shook his head and said women have never been interested.Jenna looked into Preston’s sad eyes and tried to see if she could figure out what his deep down feelings were. Then an idea hit her. She thought it over and over trying to figure out how to approach the idea of this subject. “Preston since you have no idea what your limits or turn ons are, would you like me to help you figure them out?” There was a long pause whilst Preston thought about the offer. After what seemed like forever Preston replied “How would we do that?”Chapter Ten“Well” said Jenna “We can try various things to see if you in fact enjoy them or not”. Preston replied “Sure Jenna, I'm up for that”. And with that Jenna lead Preston back out to the sub foyer and through the door on the right. Once inside Preston saw the room had two levels. The upper level had a plush settee and a small bar, whilst the lower level housed what could be described as house of torture in Preston's mind.Jenna saw the look of what could only be described as terror on Preston's face so she suggested they return to the living room and rejoin Louisa and Texas. Preston as slightly relieved by this suggestion and he relaxed and glanced back at the lower level of Jenna's playroom. Jenna noticed Preston's backward glance and smiled to herself knowing that maybe one day Preston would feel comfortable in the playroom.When they returned they found Louisa sitting on the couch looking a little shocked, as if she had seen a ghost or worse. Jenna asked Preston to go and get Louisa a strong drink. Whilst Preston was in the kitchen, Jenna asked Louisa what was wrong and all Louisa could answer was “it looked like he had a python in his pants” before she let out a laugh that had Jenna laughing too.Chapter ElevenLooking around Jenna had noticed Preston hadn’t returned from the kitchen and decided to go and look for him. She was surprised to find she had forgotten to lock the door to her playroom and had her suspicions this may be where Preston was. Tentatively Jenna opened the first door and found the sub foyer empty but the secondary door ajar. Jenna wandered into the playroom upper mezzanine and look over the railings and found Preston exploring the lower level. Jenna paused and smiled when she saw Preston was looking at the various restraints and whips. Jenna removed her shoes and put them on the bar counter before making her way down to the lower level. As she reached the bottom of the stairs she reached for a silk blindfold and a riding crop before she made her way over to where Preston stood. Jenna stood behind Preston and whispered for him to remove his clothes and told him she was going to blindfold him. Preston complied with Jenna’s order much to her surprise he was getting turned on by the situation he was in. Jenna led him to the bed she had in the playroom for just this purpose. When Preston was laying down, Jenna gently flicked the crop against Prestons chest. Preston let out moans as each time the crop bit into his chest and as he did his cock got slightly harder with each moan and flick. This pleased Jenna and she whispered into Prestons ear and asked him what he would love for her to do to him. Prestons reply was exactly the one she was looking for and Jenna smiled and told him he will get what he wants.Chapter TwelveThat night, after Preston and Texas had left, Jenna spoke to Louisa about Prestons wish and asked her if she knew of anyone who would be willing to partake in this. Louisa thought for a minute and confided she knew of a couple of people who would be willing and confided that Texas wanted the same thing. Nothing more was mentioned for the rest of the night and the girls went to bed.Since it was the weekend Jenna decided to make plans for Prestons upcoming birthday and knew exactly what his gift would be. She decided to take Louisa with her to get an opinion on her outfit and since it was also Louisas birthday the day before she treated her to an outfit. Once they had settled on their outfits they went to buy the shoes to complete the look.The girls returned to their apartment, laden with bags, they then decided to put their purchases in their bedrooms. Louisa decided to plan out the dinner menu for the following day and just as she had finished that there was a knock at the door. Louisa answered the door to find a delivery guy holding some packages addressed to Jenna. She signed for the items and wondering what was contained she placed them on the coffee table and went to find Jenna to let her know her parcels where on the table with the dinner menu. Jenna went to the living room and had a look at the menu and decided to let Louisa know that the food was fine and asked Louisa if she wanted her to get the ingredients tomorrow as she had the day off. Louisa said she would pick them up on the way home at lunch time so that Jenna could get the apartment ready for the small gathering of four.Chapter ThirteenJenna had a long soak in the bath the next morning. Whilst in the bath her mind drifted to what she had planned for that night and she started to feel a slight stirring that she tried to ignore. After her bath she slowly dried herself off and just as she was she heard a noise in the living room and looked at the time thinking it may have been Louisa home from work she saw there was an hour til she was due to finish work and it would take her at least another hour to get the ingredients and get back to the apartment.Jenna put on some sweats and tank top and went down to her play room to get it ready for that night. Opening the door and stepping onto the mezzanine she closed the door behind her and proceeded to go down the staircase and proceeded to one of the many chests that she had in the room. She opened the first drawer and pulled out some leather hand restraints and thought they would suit Louisa as they were delicate and lightweight. Then she proceeded to take out the leg restraints and headed to the bed and attached them to the anchor points. She then proceeded to a cupboard that held various paddles, whips and crops and crouched down to open the drawer that was housed in the bottom, and pulled out a spreader bar and knew Louisa would enjoy what was going to happen to her tonight. She then picked out a crop and paddle and started to feel herself getting moist. Next she got some scented candles and put them on the table and proceeded to get the rest of the items out she needed.Chapter f******nJust as she started to get the items out she heard Louisa call out that she was home and that she was going to make some lunch if Jenna wanted some. Jenna shouted up that she would be right out. On her way thru to the kitchen she grab a bottle of Chardonnay from the wine rack and went to join Louisa in the kitchen. While Louisa was making lunch Jenna decided to grab some glasses from the cabinet and accidently brushed against Louisa. She heard a barely audible moan come from Louisa. Once Louisa had made the lunch they went thru to the living room and sat down with their food and wine and Jenna decided to put caution to the wind and asked Louisa if she had any fantasies she would like to act on. Louisa blushed and said she had and told Jenna she would like to have a girl on girl experience but didn’t know of anyone who would be willing to give her this. Jenna gave a slight smile and excused herself to go and change into some lacy lingerie and returned to the living room. Louisa took one look at Jenna and her mouth fell wide open just at the sight she had before her. She had to stop herself from getting up and going over to Jenna and just kissing her. Jenna sensed that Louisa was holding back so she told her to get up and come over to her. When Louisa was in front of her, Jenna took her by the hand and led her to her bedroom. Once they were in the bedroom Jenna told Louisa to slowly strip for her. Once Louisa was out of her clothing Jenna pulled her on to the bed and slowly kissed every inch of her body. She then started to tease Louisas clit with her tongue, alternating between licking, flicking and sucking on it while gently fingering her pussy. After 15 minutes Louisa begged Jenna to allow her to return the favour, Jenna straddled Louisas face so that she could do just that. Jenna was surprised at how experienced Louisa was at it and came hard just as Louisa was sucking her clit and just as Jennas orgasm was starting to subside Louisa came and which caused Jenna to climax again.Chapter FifteenAfter they had both recovered Louisa excused herself and went and had a shower. Jenna also went and showered before finishing off the preparations for later that day. After her shower, Louisa went to the kitchen and got the food ready for that evening. After a while Jenna appeared in the living room to grab her cell phone so she could text Preston and let him know what time to arrive and to bring an overnight bag. Jenna asked Louisa if she had let Texas know what time and she had.Louisa had the meal ready just as there was a knock on the door. Jenna went to answer it and let the boys in and told them to leave their bags by the door and go thru to the dining room and take a seat as dinner was ready. After they had finished eating the girls asked the boys to go take a seat in the living room while they got changed. As they left to change they took the boys bags to their bedrooms and then took their outfits out the closets.As Jenna took her purple lace babydoll, matching panties, suspenders and stockings out of the drawer and then started to get ready starting with the babydoll and panties, making sure that both were just right before putting on her suspenders and stockings. She then went to her shoe closet and looked for the right shoes to wear with her outfit. She settled on some thigh high purple boots with 4 inch stiletto heels which made her stand 5 foot 10. When she was ready she went to find Louisa to see if she was ready and they proceeded to return to the living room.Chapter SixteenWhen the girls arrived back in the living room Preston and Texas’s mouths dropped open when they saw what the girls were wearing. Seeing the looks on their faces, Jenna and Louisa went over to them, took them by the hand and led them from the couch. Texas asked where they were going and wondered why Preston had a grin on his face. Jenna took two blindfolds out and handed one to Louisa, who placed it on Texas and Jenna placed the other one on Preston.When they were sure the blindfolds were in place they led the boys thru to the playroom. Once they had entered the room and shut the door they went down to the lower floor and the blindfolds were removed. Jenna told the boys to sit down. Once they were sat down Jenna told Louisa to go over to the bed and lay down and place the blindfold on. Jenna then put Louisas ankles and wrists in the restraints and made sure they were secure. Then she spread her legs apart and secured the bar in place. Jenna then started to kiss Louisas neck and slowly run her hands over Louisas body before letting her left hand slide into her panties and teased her clit making Louisa moan.Chapter s*******nJenna slowly removed Louisas panties and threw them on the floor before she repeated the activities from earlier that day smiling to herself as she saw the boys getting harder. Once they were hard she beckoned for them to join her and Louisa on the bed. The boys did as they were told and joined the girls on the bed. Jenna undone Louisas restraints and took off the blindfold so that she was more comfortable.Texas took one look at Louisa before he started kissing her hard and running his hands over her body. Preston took Jenna by the hand and got off the bed and led her over to one of the chairs and sat down. He pulled her towards him before he run his hands up her thighs and stopping just as he reached her moist pussy.Jenna looked at Preston and bit her lip before leaning forward and whispering in his ear to carry on. Hearing what she said he plunged two fingers into her pussy making her moan deeply. While Preston was fingering Jenna, Louisa was getting more turned on from hearing her friends’ moans and reached up to undo Texas’s pants. Once she had she pulled out his cock and started to slowly wank him off.Chapter EighteenJenna sensing what was happening told Louisa to stop and to suck Texas off. Louisa knowing she would be better off doing as she was told did as she was told. She found she couldn’t manage to take all of Texas’s cock in her mouth as she gagged as she tried. This made Jenna smile to herself and she knew then that Louisa was just the right person to serve her well.Preston stopped fingering Jenna and whispered in her ear that he wanted to fuck her. Jenna said only if he fucked her doggy style so she could watch Louisa and Texas he agreed but only if she sucked Texas while Louisa watched. She agreed and beckoned for Texas to come over so she could suck him off. Louisa knew just what would happen and Jenna told her to sit there and watch.Louisa did as she was told and watched as Jenna effortlessly deep throated Texas and this turned her on to the point she wanted to masturbate. Jenna saw the look of lust oh her face had an idea. She stopped sucking Texas and told Preston to get on his back so that she could straddle his cock. Preston did as he was told and she called Louisa over and ordered her to sit on Prestons face. Louisa did as she was told and then Jenna told Texas to come over and make Louisa suck his cock till she could deep throat him.Chapter NineteenSeeing her struggle Jenna told Texas to grab Louisas hair and make her take his cock. Texas did this till Louisa was gagging. After a while Louisa stopped gagging and manage to deep throat Texas no problem. Knowing that Preston was slightly bigger then Texas, Jenna had an idea. She got off Prestons cock much to his disappointment and pulled Louisa off of Prestons face and told her to straddle his cock.She then took hold of Texas’s cock and sucked it til it was hard and then told him to fuck her while Louisa watched. This turned both girls on that while they were getting their pussies filled they started kissing and Jenna reached over and started playing with Louisas clit. This turned her on immensely then she came hard on Prestons cock and eased herself off.Jenna smiled at Louisa and she came over and dropped to her knees and looked up at Jenna and run her tongue up her thigh towards her pussy.Jenna grabbed her hand and placed it on her wet pussy and told her to get playing since Texas was fucking her ass. Louisa did as she was told and filled Jennas pussy with her fingers and then knelt up and licked and sucked her clit. Jenna started moaning as she got turned on more and more and then she grabbed Louisas hair and made sure she made her cum hard as she had a second orgasm from Texas fucking her. Once they had all recovered enough they made their way to the bathroom and got cleaned up before they all headed to bed.