It's VEGAS Baby Pt1

I asked when, and was told that we were going for a convention of dentists, that was to be in town on Friday through Tuesday. "DENTISTS?, Mom? You having tooth problems?" She laughed and said "No, that they are a group that likes to party when away from home." I just smiled and said "When are we leaving?" It was decided we would leave on Thursday to avoid traffic, and it would be easier to get rooms, before the full blown convention got to town. I was wondering why they wanted me along, but then again it was a trip to VEGAS, BABY! All week it was a flurry of activity, trying to get the car serviced, their clothes arranged, and the prep, that was the best part, I had to shave BOTH of their pussies, and make sure that their asses, were hair free also. Damn, they tasted good! Patty had been fucked 2 hours before she got shaved, and her pussy had a slight tinge to its taste, but Mom was clean from the shower and although flavorful on its own, just not the same, as with a creamy center. We left late on Thursday afternoon, later than I would have wanted to since we hit that rush hour traffic through L.A. but once we were past the 'burbs we were sailing along at a good speed. Patty opted to sit next to me and Mom was by the door, Patty had a shirt on that doubled as a dress, and I had thought she has something under it, But I was soon proven wrong. Mom had a pantsuit that was becoming popular around that time. Patty sat there in the middle with her feet on either side of the transmission hump chatting about how she was going to do this and that and she wanted to see this and that show and all sorts of stuff. I glanced at her legs a few times, trying not to be obvious but I was caught! "So checking me out are you?" Patty exclaimed, I stammered and said nothing, But my face was so red that it resembled a sunburn. We made it to Barstow and Mom wanted to get some food and we needed gas anyway so I stopped and the girls ran to restroom, while I checked the oil and pumped the gas, then I went to restroom, to tug on my cock, to get it to go down, since staring at Patty's legs almost all the way to her crotch, had gotten me aroused. We pulled into a Mc Donald's and got some cheeseburgers and fries, and away we went onto Vegas. We finally arrived around 11 p.m. and I was asking where we had reservations at and was told we didn't. "OH SHIT, It's a convention weekend, and NO reservations? WHAT the Hell, were you thinking, Mom?" I was told to calm down, and to go to the Silver Slipper, on the Strip, her friend Hans had told her they kept rooms open for "guests" of the space program. So I did and when we went in, I could see HUNDREDS OF people trying to get rooms and just knew we were gonna be sleeping in the car. We got up to the counter, Mom fished a card from her wallet, and showed it to desk clerk, and it was like the gates of heaven had descended upon us, it was all "Yes Mam, right away, Mam" then the bell hop took our bags, and we were led to the elevator, to the top floor, and the room wasn't just a room, it was a 2 bedroom suite! I had NEVER seen such luxury in a hotel before, but then again I had never stayed in a hotel much before. Each bedroom had 2 queen size beds, and was on either side of a larger room that had 2 couches, that the bell hop said converted to double beds, there was a kitchenette, and a new fangled contraption he called a "Jacuzzi bath". All I knew, it looked big enough for 6 people. There was a table and 4 chairs and a good size television and windows that looked out on 3 sides of the building at Las Vegas. I wanted to go to the 24 hour pool, and Mom and Patty wanted to go try their luck at some gaming, As I was changing clothes, I eyed that pool in the room, and decided to check it out, so I filled it with water, read the instructions and got in all naked! It was a very different feeling, with all those bubbles blowing up my ass, and around my body, I soon felt very relaxed from the drive, and was ready for bed. I decided to take the room on the left figuring that when the women came back that they would take the other or join me, at that point I didn't care. When I awoke on Friday, alone in my room, the other bed was still made up. I wandered over to the other room, and it smelled of sex and cigarettes. Mom and Patty neither smoked, so I knew they had had company, although they were alone in the other beds. I didn't know what time they had gotten in, so I just left a note and saying I was going to go to the Buffet, and left. I ate the 99 cent breakfast buffet. (Those were the days). When I returned, Mom was up getting dressed, and Patty was in the shower. "So, how did it go last night?" I asked Mom she said "Great, she had won $965. on slots, and Patty won about $500, on blackjack" Then I waited for the rest of the story. Patty came out of the bathroom naked, with a towel wrapped around her head, and looking REAL good. "I smelled smoke in here earlier, did you guys have company?" Patty said "Yes, but they were a couple of 2 pump chumps, and neither of us got anything but a wet pussy!" I perked up thinking they had saved something for me, but then Mom said "After they kicked them out, her and Patty ate each other to at least get themselves off, since I was sleeping so soundly" I was disappointed but we were gonna be here for 5 more days, so I just smiled. I asked Mom what she had planned for the day, and she told me that they were going to meet some other women, who were here for the same convention, and they would be busy all afternoon, she hoped. It was that smile on her face that made me realize that there may be more to this trip than just a week in Vegas. She asked about my plans, and since I cant gamble I said I was gonna just hang out at the pool, or people watch on the strip. I watched as she got dressed I noticed she put on a garter belt, and stockings then a real sexy bra, but no panties. She pulled on this sheath dress and slipped it over her head careful not to muss her hair. Then Patty put on a red dress, then a blue one, and asked me which dress looked best on her. She had neither bra nor panties on. I told her I liked the blue one, since it was daytime and her nipples weren't visible. It fit her like second skin, and if she had a bush, it would have shown, as it were you could almost make out her cleft. Then they left the room looking fantastic. I went down to the pool, and when I walked out of the building it was like standing next to a blast furnace, the heat was almost 100, and it was barely 10 a.m. There were people in the pool, and around it. I saw this 20 something woman with an older woman laying on chaise loungers, I sat next to the younger one and was applying suntan lotion to my white pasty body at the same time admiring the younger ladies tan. The older woman shifted some and her top came down exposing her nipples, but her nipples were no stranger to the sun, as there were no tan lines to be seen. The younger woman said something to the older woman, although I know not what, since it sounded like German. She just waved her hand, like shooing a fly. The younger woman then in stilted English, asked if I had any extra lotion that I was willing to share, I said "Of course" and as I went to hand it to her, she just smiled and made motions like she wanted ME to apply it for her. I was more than willing, and began to apply to her lower legs, then her thighs, carefully not getting too close to her crotch, When I had done both legs she said "More?" and pointed to her belly and her tits, I squeezed more lotion out into my hands and massaged it into her trim belly and up to the bottom of her bikini top. She then smiled, and rolled over and I was afforded a new view of her tight butt. I applied lotion to the backs of her legs and as I got to her thighs, she spread her legs, and I could see wisps of blondish hair sticking out. I had only seen a couple of real blonde pussies before, and the sight had my blood boiling not to mention my cock was way hard. As I rubbed the exposed skin she reached back and untied her top and I wished I was that chaise with her tits pressed into me. The older woman had looked at me and noticed my hard on, and said something to the younger one who damn near twisted her head off to look. I was so embarrassed. But she just smiled, and then turned over and laid on her back again, with her top in her hand. Here I was sitting next to her on her lounger, and her tits on display, and I assume her Mother smiling at me, with me having a gigantic hard on. Then she motioned that her titties needed some lotion, I looked around the pool area and no one seemed to be paying any attention to us, so I slathered some lotion on those fine globes and rubbed it in well. I had been rubbing her tits for awhile, when I saw a gentleman step up and speak to them in German and the older woman pulled her top up and the younger put her top back on and they got ready to leave, but as the younger one sat up she reached over gave my cock a squeeze and then kissed my cheek and said "Room 1545, call first" I just about came right then and watched the trio walk away quietly. She looked back and smiled, and I damn near came in my shorts. I slunk into the pool to allow the cool water to make my wood go down, and then made my way back upstairs to my room. I opened the door and there was seemingly wall-to-wall women in various stages of dress and undress. I heard a shriek, and froze, then Mom came out, and assured the ladies I was cool.**** TO BE CONTINUED****