I like girls, I'm not gay! Sure!

When I got to his house he was nervous as he had never been with a guy, so I jumped right in. Quickly I was butt naked and on my knees in front of him. He leaned back in his recliner and took out his beautiful cock, gently stroking it. I took his soft, flaccid dick in my mouth and slowly began to suck and tongue his man-rod to erection. As I bobbed my head up and down on his cock he pleasured me with dirty talk, "You like that dick in your mouth, don't you?" I responded affirmatively as best I could with a big cock in my mouth, and the excitement of his words (as well as having a dick in me) made me suck his cock faster. He moaned with pleasure then told me to slow down, as he was gonna explode in my mouth right then. I did as he commanded, disappointed I didn't get to swallow his sweet jizz, but happy that I was getting more cock-time.Now moving to the bed he squatted on his knees and pulled my perty little mouth back to his hard cock. As I sucked and tongued his cock and balls he kept up the dirty talk, "You really love sucking dick, is that why you're so good at it?" Again I answered affirmatively, the words again becoming mumbles as they passed the stiff cock that was filling my mouth. He then clutched my hair and forced my head down on his shaft. I could feel his dick filling my throat and I gagged a bit. He didn't let off immediately but I adjusted my throat muscles to accommodate for the hard cock that had intruded into me, and felt his pleasure spasms as I deep-throated him. Still grasping my hair, he took control and forced my head violently up and down on his cock. I was gasping and choking but filled with pleasure at being so roughly handled. But then he stopped, again depriving my mouth of the huge cum-load he was about to deposit.Next thing I knew I was head down, ass up on my knees and his cock was searching for my tight little pucker-hole. It found its mark and penetrated me without any degree of gentleness. The was no 'taking it slow' or 'working up to it'. I had not had a dick in me for quite some time and my sphincter was super tight, but he showed me no mercy and rammed his rod into my ass with abandon. "It's so tight", he confirmed, apparently never having plowed an asshole before. I yelped as his cock continued to punish my boy-pussy. "Shhhhh!" He must have roommates, I thought, and pulled away as I wouldn't have been able to keep quiet with him ram-rodding me like a two-bit whore. After that short pause he was back to punishing my fuck-hole with his hard man-missile. My sphincter was a little more stretched now and could take his pounding stick balls deep. There was still pain, but oh so pleasurable it was. I was in a state of ecstasy, being controlled and bulldozed and so thoroughly dominated. He pounded my ass balls deep with his throbbing fuck-stick while I was lost in nirvana, and then he let loose. A gushing torrent of cum shot into my ass and he shivered with pleasure, not for an instant, but for a long, drawn out orgasm. I moaned and let out a heavy breath, but it was not over.He again grabbed my head by the hair and forced my mouth to his now flaccid, cum-drenched cock. The forced ass-to mouth made me tremble with pleasure as I sucked and licked the man-cream off the dick that had just been deep in my ass, cleaning his rod thoroughly. I feel bad for the girls that didn't go home with him that night, they missed a great fuck. As I dressed he sat on the recliner, now relieved of the fuck-fever that had prompted him, a straight guy, to respond to my boy-text. I could tell he was trying to process what just happened. He was strangely a bit apologetic, saying he was nervous, as if he had not just given me a fantastic ass-pounding. I protested, telling him it was a great fuck. Then he said, "I like girls, I'm not gay." I nodded and said, "Of course not."