I got what i wanted she got what she needed .

I've always been open minded and wanted to please a black man and have him come all over my face as me and my wife sucked him off . Enough back round . Kim was working in the city as a receptionist in a big bank . She was always talking about kenny the office manager from Jamaica and how nice he is and what a great smile he has. He was always very helpful , if she needed or wanted anything . When she admitted to me while having sex one night that she fantasized and played with her pussy about him and his bulge in the bathroom at work . I jumped at the opportunity and told her to act on her fantasy but she had to tell me every detail if anything ever happened. It took a while, and she waited for the right opportunity . All the while flirting with him at work and sending the right signals so that when the time was right she would get what she needed . It was Christmas time and my schedule was jammed . So she'd have to go to the company xmas party alone . The party went good she didn't drink too much . She knew what she was going to do that night . Earlier in the night she asked kenny if he wanted to share a cab home to brooklyn at the end of the party . He agreed not knowing she was going to attack him. It was getting late and she hasn't really talked to kenny all night but was watching him and he knew it . She didn't want to make it obvious to her co workers . People were starting to leave and she was ready . Her pussy had been wet all night thinking about kissing him and all the excitement that was to come. She walked up to him and asked again about the cab he said that sounds great they said their goodbyes and went outside . The cab came quickly and they were off . She texted me she'd be home soon and that she was sharing a cab with Kenny. I didn't see it until much later when my shift finished around midnight .I was so excited. My mind wandered on my train ride home .I couldn't wait to get home .They get in the cab and start talking about the party and how some of the reserved people at the office were acting out and couldn't handle their drink . They both laughed then they were quiet and smiling she looked at kenny and said she loved his smile. Then moved in to kiss him . He was strong and a great kisser her panties were completely soaked she ran her hand down his chest as she shoved her tongue in his mouth . She wanted to feel what she had been fantasizing about for months , his erection was massive. In between kisses she admitted to him about her fantasies and how much she wanted him . Kenny noticed the driver watching in the rearview and gave him a wink. They were almost at kenny's house and she wasn't done yet . She wanted to feel his rock hard cock and taste his cum .She told the driver to just go to our house . One stop instead of 2 That's when kenny asked about me . And Kim said not to worry about me and i already knew what she was up to and i actually wanted to see her fulfill her fantasy and that we were open sexually . For the next 20 minutes they kissed and grabbed each other's bodies and couldn't wait to their clothes off . The can pulled up and kenny paid the driver and the guy had a smile from ear to ear .They walked into our apartment and kim ordered him a drink she poured a couple shots of tequila. Cheers she said did the shot kissed him then dropped to her knees . Opened his zipper and pulled out his cock and sucked it like a pro . He was moaning and grabbing her hair and fucking her face like a whore . She loved it . It was right about now that i came home . I heard her sucking and his moans . I was instantly hard . I came in loudly and said honey im home . Lol . She never stopped sucking away at his bbc . I put my stuff down and sat on the couch . Said hello to kenny and that's when she realized i was home . She got up and grabbed his shaft and said sorry honey this is kenny I've been telling you about . That's when i snapped the photo with my cell phone . He asked me if i liked his cock . I said it's perfect he said why don't you give it a kiss if you like it so much . My wife was dumbfounded .i pulled my shirt off and got on my knees . She was still holding his shaft as if she was feeding it to me . I looked up at them both starting at me as i tasted my first cock . I opened my mouth and licked his precum Then from the bottom of his balls all the way up top his tip. I opened my mouth fully and struggled to fit him in . My heart was racing like crazy they went back to kissing and i watched him slip his giant fingers into Kim's wanting pussy i could see get juices all over his hand as i sucked and licked. She was moaning loudly and was close to coming. As he started finger fucking her jet body started to shiver and shake wildly . I just kept sucking my best i wanted him to cum on my face . I was stroking his balls and pulling his cock into my mouth . She let out a loud moan and came all over his fingers . She dropped to her knees and we shared his cock . I was in heaven . Taking turns licking that big black cock after a few more minutes of us sucking our new friend , kim suggested we go to the bedroom . I got up and got undressed and helped kenny out of his clothes . Kim lead kenny into the bedroom holding his cock . She layed him down and pushed me into the chair in the corner . She said he's all mine now . You can only watch and if your good you can help clean up . I was humiliated and excited away the same time a strange feeling . She turned down the lights and crawled onto the bed . Kissing her way up his legs around his cock and up his chest licking and sucking his nipples . She mounted herself above his cock . I had the perfect view i watched her work her soaking wet pussy up and down his shaft as she was kissing him and he was grabbing her ass and feeling her body she was moaning and dripping her juices all over his manhood . I wanted to pt his cock in so bad . She was teasing him and me . All in one motion she pulled up and picked his massive cock up and slid it into her tight wet pussy . She shuddered and moved it up and down slowly she was kissing him and thanking him . She was having mini orgasms and loving every inch of him . Taking him in slowly . I watched as her outer lips gripped his shaft holding onto to it . Not wanting to let it go . I heard him say oh baby ya pussy so wet and tight . You gonna make me cum . She started to ride faster she told him to cum in her pussy she wanted to feel him explode inside her . He let out a moan and i watched him pump his seed deep into my wife . She kept him inside and fucking him until his dick went soft . Their juices mixed . They were giggling and smiling I was rock hard and needed to cum . It was as if i wasn't even there. She rolled off of him and looked me in the eyes and said that was the best fuck she ever had. My hard 8 inch cock was standing at attention . Hope i didn't blow my load in my boxers right then and there was amazing . Kim told me i was a good boy and that i should clean her and kenny up . I got on the bed and licked the cum off of his stomach and cock . It was amazing the aroma was intoxicating . He held my head as i sucked his flaccid cock . I kissed it and thanked him . I moved over to my wife and licked her swollen freshly fucked pussy. Again the aroma and taste had me in a state of ecstasy I lapped up as much of his and her cum sucking it out of her . She started to kiss kenny and said she wanted more of his giant cock. His cock started growing I kissed his cock while my wife stroked it . The sight of her wedding ring stroking his cock while I licked it made me so happy . His cock was standing up and ready for more of that tight white pussy. He pushed me away and pushed her over . He was ready to take control . She was surprised when he put it in her pussy. She was still wet he slid right in . I was pretty sure after this night she would never be the same for me . He started fucking her hard deep strokes . I was watching his long thick cock going in and out and her cream getting thicker and her pussy getting wetter the harder it got pounded. She was clawing at the sheets she was screaming fuck me fuck me . Fuck me with that big jamaican cock ... He fucked her doggy she was cumming so hard she didn't notice him put his thumb in her ass . She didn't care . He pulled his cock out after her last orgasm. Ordered me to the bed . The moment I'd been waiting for all night . I layed down my wife straddled me sliding my cock into her pussy she started to fuck me she was much looser and laughed as she said i barely feel him . Kenny rubbed his monster up and down her slit. He pushed his way in slowly . I almost came she was in pain as both of our cocks were inside her . She got used to it as he was very gentle . I could feel her pussy shake as he moved in and out of her . Feeling him pass my cock and go deeper into her pussy was all that i could take i let out a moan . I couldn't hold my cum any longer . The feeling of that big black cock pleasing me and my slutty wife all at once was overwhelming. I began to cum and the hotness and wetness of my cum made kenny cum . She kissed me as kenny pulled out of her and went to the bathroom to take a leak . We locked arms and hugged for what felt like forever . We were smiling and kissing . I pulled my softened cock out of her pussy and rubbed it with my hand feeling all of our juices on ny finger and put my finger in her mouth . Kissing her and feeding her our cum . A few minutes had gone by and kenny came back into the bedroom dressed he kissed my wife good bye and thanked us for the wonderful time .