I Fucked a Yankee Girl.

In Japan, there are boys and girls said to be Yanyee. As a characteristic, the meeting smokes a cigarette in front of a convenience store in the middle of the night.Junko was such one, too. It was from a bulletin board of Website that I knew her.When I met at the station square and informed it of each other's characteristics with a smartphone, I understood it immediately.She does showy makeup. It was the girl of the feeling called the Yankee discernibly."Are you Junko?""Yes, I am, are you an older brother?" "Shall we go to the hotel?""Sure."It is said that it is pocket money income for herself as the story always goes somehow or other.I go to the love hotel immediately after a story."At first let's take a bath".She tans well, and the trace of the bikini appears clearly. She0 has a good body.Sexual intercourse will be experienced many times. I intended to play today."How is the sexual intercourse?" What kind of sex positions do you like?"Is it a woman-top position? Because I can control it by myself. But I have got tired.""Is there the boyfriend?" "I have not""Do you make such a thing better?""Twice a week""What kind of sex do they have?""Mostly it is the same as a background, and missionary positions are not interesting". Something is interesting; is there not it?I was lucky because I met this thought of the good c***d."How about a chrysanthemum?" "Junko greatly opens the crotch and inserts it so that I intersect". "Huh, it seems to be interesting."At once to a bed.In the place where I caressed it generally and got wet, I opened the crotch of Junko. By this physique, a female genital tract looks good.She had a pink pussy."Attach rubber""Why is it?" Is no condom more comfortable? "I am afraid of disease.""I understood it"Because an insertion angle inclines unlike other exposition, this position can taste a fresh sense different from the insertion from the front and the at the back.If you have not experienced it, please try watching the photo!! In addition, because it is mobile for a man, daring piston exercise is enabled and it is deep and can insert it to the vaginal depths. When it is around the entrance of the uterus if it is this position, I can arrive easily.I hear "guchu, guchu" a sound at every putting in and out of the penis.Junko said, "I hear a nasty sound". I feel it with "Ahh. Ahh.."I became comfortable, too.The sound that the meat clashes with bread with clap sounds through the room when I quicken pace steadily."I'm coming.""Ahhh... I have come."She has come earlier."OK, I'll give you cumshot."I gave it in the vagina depths.We took the drink there and took a break.I got well again when I frisked while taking a shower.It is finally finished.I inserted her in a missionary position this time.She moved intensely and waved whether completely feel relieved.I said, "I laid a pretty baby" when I touched a head on the wall so that I slid up to the first top of the bed and was not escaped.In "Eh, what?" do you not attach It?"Like that""I hate it, and pull your cock out!"No use. "Because a high school student does such a thing for money, it is punishment! ""Pull out immediately and never ejaculate inside"! "Already late. Because I started it by the end of a while ago."She was going to escape desperately, but prevent the immediate top of the head catching her shoulder solidly in a wall and from being escaped.I was almost gradually coming when I quicken pace steadily."I am going to come!"Buchu! Buchu!Thick sperm was release sperm which I did came out of her pussy in large quantities.Then I s**ttered it to her chest also.She went to the shower room while crying.I put 20,000 yen, and only one left the love hotel quickly.