I couldn't pay the rent

I'll look like a little boy," but he opened the door and barked "Then you can get the hell out...you can't be a man if you can't pay your rent!" I entered the bathroom and picked up my electric razor. Rob stood behind me, looking back at me in reflection of the mirror. "I can't believe I'm doing this," I thought to myself as I turned it on and began to buzz away my pubic bush close to the skin. Rob found the shaving cream and my regular razor. "You're going to be nice and smooth for me, like a boy....you can't pay your rent...you can't have hair on your cock...simple." I knew he had a point--in his own way. My parents had got me the apartment under their name while I went to school and worked part-time. Only I had not told them I'd fell off on both of those things. What could I do but feel like a k**? I was still a virgin, too. When I was done, I looked in the mirror and actually liked what I saw. Being a 22-year old virgin actually seemed appropriate, now. I felt so vulnerable and innocent with my hairless cock on display. Rob began taking pictures of me with his phone. "This will be quite the souvenir." I asked him what else did he have in mind. I knew it couldn't be over. "Now, boy...you surrender to me. You're just a twink now...you better do what I say or this picture will go to your parents....and anybody else I can think of!" he laughed and pulled out his hairy cock. He stripped away the rest of his clothes and stood over me...a hairy b**st. "Yes, you can say goodbye to having pubic hair....you will keep it shaved for me here on out," Rob announced. "Now let's see what you got for me," Rob muttered as he came behind me and slid his hand over my hairless pubic region. The sensation of feeling his powerful hands jerk my virgin cock made me feel exhilarated. "Yeah, you like that don't you, bitch," he teased. "Now, tuck it between your legs...show me your little boy pussy!." Without even thinking about it, I did as he asked. I looked in the mirror to see my once hairy cock turned into a shaved pussy! Rob than reached for his phone and snapped another picture as I turned around. "Perfect...I have you right how I want you," Rob cheered. I asked what he was on about. "Proof that you're gay. You just need a little push in the right direction," Rob explained. I tried to protest and say he was mistaken, but his response was, "All I have to do is show them your shaved little boy pussy!" I was flabbergasted, needless to say. I also had no defense! "You are soft and smooth like a girl," Rob continued; "You should be in a bra and panties!" All of a sudden the door opened, and in walked Tracy, Rob's girlfriend. I reached to cover myself, but she stopped me. "Nice boy pussy you have there," she began, "Very appropriate with no hair." Rob then began undressing her, promising "he'd make me admit what I was" before the day was over. I found myself turned on. "I'm 22 and still a virgin...Rob made me shave off my pubes because he said I'm not a man," I toldher. Tracy pulled down her panties and she had a big bush in sharp contrast to my hairless cock. I hoped maybe she was going to fuck ME, as I noticed the ample breasts that emerged from the white 34c bra she was handing to me. "Put them on, twink," Rob commanded. Stunned at the sight of Tracy's naked body, I began putting her underwear--satin white panties and bra to match--on my body. I tucked my penis in between my legs as her panties were snug; the bra clasped behind my back. Tracy and Rob stood before me naked; their pubic hair showing their dominance. "He's perfect,' Tracy laughed to herself, slapping my tight panty-clad ass. Rob clicked another pic with his camera. His hairy cock became quite aroused as he gazed upon me in his girlfriend's bra and panties! Tracy stuck her hand into the front of my panties, caressing my hairless pubic mound. "I want you to admit out loud you are a twink...you have such a sweet little boy pussy," Tracy instructed. I had to admit to myself, I liked being feminized. "I'm afraid I may stretch your panties out with how hard this is making me!" I blurted out, sheepishly. "We can't have that," Rob replied as he came behind me, sliding the panties off as I un-clasped the bra. "I'm ready now," I said, dropping the undergarments, willingly naked and ready to surrender my hairless boy pussy. "I'm a twink, I now know," I began, taking Rob's throbbing manhood into my mouth. Tracy clicked another picture, adding "That's right, sweetheart, you are!" Tracy rubbed her pussy as Rob's cock filled my face...exploding in my mouth. I swallowed his cum...knowing there was no going back to pretending to be a 'real' man. "What would Allison think if she saw this?" Rob teased, holding up MY phone! Tracy got in between us. "I think she would realize you are not the man for her...I'm a woman and my pussy has more hair on it than yours!" Tracy continued, placing my hand on her thick mound. "I think she should see these pics for herself." I was taken aback by Rob's going through my phone. "Oh my God," I worried to myself. He was going to show the girl I was dating my secret! Tracy spread her pussy lips as she teased, "This is what a real woman's pussy looks like...I keep my bush full and natural." I leaned in and took in the aroma of her succulent pussy. I had often fantasized over the many shaved ones I'd seen. This was different. Her prodigious muff covered everything! I could see it trail under all the way to her shapely ass. She then moved my face to her wet, throbbing cunt. Rob positioned himself behind me. "Yes, put your big cock in my little boy pussy," I blurted out. "Yes, that's right," Rob chimed in, "time to pop your cherry!" All of a sudden, the door opens and in walks Allison! And then it happened. Rob's cock entered my virgin ass. My hairless little boy pussy. I'd shaved off that pubic hair to embrace what I am...put on bra and panties to feel like the girly little twink they now see. Tracy stands before me, rubbing her muff on my face as Rob thrusts his manhood into me in front of a shocked Allison. "Oh my god, what are you doing?" Allison demands to know. "Your boyfriend is just getting in touch with his true self," Tracy answers her as Allison stares at Tracy's nude body. "Tell her how much you love my cock in your ass, twink!" Rob commands me, exploding into my swollen ass hole. I whimpered as Rob withdrew from me, my own cock so very hard and my gayness exposed to the girl I like! Standing naked in front of the three of them, I fell to my knees after I came so hard! Allison is shocked but too much to run away. She is five-two, with perky breasts and a bubble butt. She has been fucked before, but it was too one sided for her to enjoy anything. She was now cautious with herself regarding men, but this was different. Tracy brazenly places her hand on Allison's plump ass, reaching under her skirt. Allison doesn't resist, as Tracy makes her move on her. Allison's panties slip down exposing her shaved pussy lips. "Ooh, how naughty, she's shaved," Tracy purrs pulling up Allison's skirt now completely exposing her pussy. "It's just during the summer, I shave it...it grows back in the winter...I'm a big girl, I swear," Allison stammers, embarrassed at this pre-pubescent look for her vulva being shown to a roomful. Her pussy is totally hairless..her lips pouting so perfect...it was beautiful. Allison then removed her top and no bra was there as her stiff little nipples were on display. She lets Tracy suck her pussy, all the while making excuses that "she's just buzzed...not a carpet muncher"--surrendering to her forbidden desire. "I'd like you to munch my carpet," Tracy counters as she sticks her finger in Allison's asshole. "Ok, I admit I wanna be with you...I'm going to grow out my bush again, though," Allison blurted out as she rubbed her bald mound...sweat glistening. "That's good, dear," Tracy replied, "Don't be afraid to look like a woman...it's natural to keep your bush." I stood before Allison with my penis tucked in between my legs...I had a shaved boy pussy and I needed to show her. "You're too much of a sissy to satisfy me, boy" Allison told me, defiantly standing nude before me. I wanted her hairless pussy in my control but I knew my secret was out. I was gay and wanted to be dominated by older men like my father. I remember exposing myself to him once, as I'd been jacking off. I wanted him to see me and he'd stare dumbfounded at my huge erection! Allison now knew she was wasting time with me...I had no pubic hair...I took a dick in my ass in front of her. "I admit I'm gay. I liked Rob fucking me and dominating me. Yes, I needed him to shave off my pubic hair!" I confessed to them all. "Good, because this proof I have will prevent you from ever NOT being gay!" Rob cackled. Tracy laughed at me, pointing out I couldn't even eat pussy right. "You're a sissy twink!" Allison cried. "I'm going to show your friend Tom you're gay." Oh no. And where did I end up but at His house. We had never consummated our relations. Tom had once told me though "if we ever got married he'd be the man and I'd be the woman." Here I was at his house, hoping maybe he'd take my submissive surrender. "Alex, I see you have your pubic hair shaved off." Tom gestured at his cellphone display. "Yeah, I had to let it go...accept I have a boy pussy," I stripped away my clothes and stood before him with my penis tucked between my legs. "Oh my god," Tom said as he witnessed my breaking down the walls to our desire. I turned over and stuck my ass in the air inviting him to mount me. "I always knew you had a pussy," Tom chuckled as he pulled out his manly, hairy cock. Ever since we were k**s and Tom had made us touch penises, there'd been a homo erotic desire in Tom. He wanted to dominate me. Control me. Now he had my unconditional surrender. "I lose. I'm a little hairless twink...I want you to penetrate me," I said to him. "I love you, Alex," Tom blurted as he became naked in front of his friend. Tom was about commit his relations with me. I'd finally admitted I am the one with the pussy. "You know I expect you'll keep your boy pussy shaved," Tom instructed, fondling my boyish pubis. "Allison saw me get my cherry popped...everyone knows I'm gay now...what does it matter?" And then Tom finally did it. He dominated me. I whimpered as he pumped his hairy hog into me, "Oh yes, fuck my boy pussy!" I cried. I let the illusion of manhood go...I felt feminine...my little ass wiggling, crying to be fucked. His cock in my asshole...the forbidden love. I was definitely gay...I felt that as he penetrated me. I have remained Tom's girlfriend. Dressing in bra and panties...keeping my whole body shaved. I moved in with him and I became his house boy. He has blackmailed me when I try to get with any girls. He ends up fucking them while I jerk off and watch.