How I Calmed My Frightened Daughter Chapter 2

I pulled the covers down, seeing more of my little girls naked body. Slowly I moved down, trying not to wake her. I pushed the covers off the bed. Moving her on her back, I grabbed her by the legs spreading them apart. Her pussy was now visible, and as her legs widened, her vulva opened up showing the small, thin flaps of her labia. My cock was really getting hard now seeing her pussy open up like that. I so desperately wanted to stick my cock in her small cunt. But I wanted to taste her first.I got in between her legs. Lowering my head down, I sniffed her bald clam. It smelled real good, and I inhaled the aroma, getting real excited. I began licking the thin flaps of her labia. I looked up as she began to moan. She was still asleep, turning her head from side to side. I placed my mouth on her hairless puffy mound. My tongue flickered harder, splitting her tiny flaps, getting inside her vagina. I saw how her nipples on her small A-cup tits were becoming erect and hard. I moved my arms upward, grabbing her nipples with my thumbs and forefingers. She moaned even more as I squeezed her eraser size nipples, and tongued her wet pussy. She awoke,seeing her old man's head in between her spread open legs. Sara really began to moan as she now felt the full sensation of getting eaten."Oh dad. You're making me tingle all over."She lifted, then bent her legs up off the bed. She placed her cold feet on my back. She put her hands on the back of my head, clenching my hair, and digging her nails into my scalp. " Ahhhhh...... Ahhhhh......... Ahhhhh......." I was getting turned on hearing her moan like that. I could feel cold precum on the sheets that my cock had leaked out. She waved her legs from side to side, her pussy leaking out more natural lubricant, as I continued to eat her fantastic little cunt. Then she squeezed her thighs together, putting pressure around my head. My ears began to get hot from her body heat. I removed my hands from her tits, and placed my arms around her thighs, squeezing them even more. Even with my ears covered, I could hear her wails of passion. Her legs were vibrating with every muscle spasm. She pushed her ass up off the bed, forcing her feet harder into my back. This was a first for her. She said she has never had her pussy licked, but by the way she was responding, she was enjoying every minute of it.Her thick juices were flowing like flowing like maple syrup over a stack of pancakes. I was relishing the taste of her juices, trying to lap up as much as I could. Some had leaked down to her ass, landing on the bed. My tongue covered a majority of her young tiny cunt. She began to have a sexual seizure as I continued to eat her out. "Oh dad. Oh dad! OH DAD!!!" She took her hands off my head. Grabbing my pillow, she placed it on top of her chest squeezing it in her arms with all her strength. Her body shook like an off kilter washing machine on spin cycle. She was cumming any moment now. I flickered my tongue faster and harder, pushing her clit into the upper part of her pussy. With one big tense push upward, she gave out the biggest shout I ever heard her do, as she had her biggest climax. She eased her body, as she released the built up pressure of her orgasm. I released my grip around her thighs, as her feet slid down my back, legs dropping back on the bed. I lifted my head up, looking at her heavy breathing face. "Did you like that honey?" Giving her a smile. "Did you like daddy eating your pussy?'She smiled back and nodded her head up and down. I moved up, laying along side of her. I watched and smiled as she tried to regain her strength.She made heavy puffing sounds, letting me know that I really did a number one her. I caressed her chest, rubbing my hand on her perky little tits. Then I bent over, sucking on her eraser size nipple. "For someone who has small tits, you really have some big ass nipples." I said poking at one.She just laughed, then pulled me up, giving me one hell of a good morning kiss."Well dad. You said you were going to lick my pussy, and you kept your word. Just wanted to tell you, I never had an experience like that before.""I use to do that to your mom many times whenever I woke up before her.""Did she do the same to you?""Oh yeah. She loved giving me an early morning blow job." "Oh..You mean like this?"Sara went down, pushing me on my back. She straddled herself by my feet, lowering her head towards my stiff boner. Grabbing my cock, she started licking the underside, going up,then down to my nut sack. She tickled my balls with her tongue, smiling as she looked up at me. She went up my shaft again, wrapping her lips around the head of my cock. She began bobbing her head up and down, making popping sounds as she forced my dick out of her mouth. Then she take it in again, bobbing her head going a little further each time she went down. I was really impressed how well my son taught her how to suck cock. I was still wondering who gave him such a great blow job, that he would tell his baby sister what to do. Her mom was sixteen when she first did it, but Sara has her beat. She claims that she gave her big brother a blow job when she was nine, and was doing it for two years, until he went into the service. And I have to admit, she even better than her mom. Maybe it's because her mouth is smaller, or maybe because she wears braces, I don't know. All I know is that my baby girl has turned into a cock sucking freak, thanks to her brother. Her sucking became more intense as she could feel my swollen shaft throbbing with every push of blood that was pumping though the massive vein in my cock. She stroked my shaft faster, as she licked and sucked the top of my dick. She was waiting for me to cum. Her wait wasn't long as i ejaculated my reward into her mouth. She didn't let it come out like she did last night. She kept every bit in, sucking on my cock til every drop of cum was in her mouth. She pressed her lips firmly on my cock as she slowly lifted her head. Once my cock was out of her mouth, she lifted up her head. She opened her mouth showing me her gooey treat. Then before any leaked out, she closed her mouth, swishing the cum and spit combo inside her mouth before swallowing it. "Mmmmmm! Your cum is really tasty daddy." She said opening her mouth, then smacking her lips together." I'm glad you like it baby. Yours is very tasty as well.""I like your cum over Barry's. It's not as salty. And you have more than he does.""Hmmm. Does Barry have a low sperm count? Though I've always ejaculated o lot of sperm." I said to myself. Sara made her way up to me, laying on my chest. We kissed again. I could feel her pussy grinding against my cock. "Okay baby. You need to get ready for school, and I need to get ready for work." Patting her ass."Awwwe. Do we? Can't we just stay home today?""No! Now come on. Get up." Patting her ass againWe got showered, dressed, ate breakfast, and drove her to school. "You know I'm going to be horny all day thinking about you. My undies are going to be pretty wet by the time I get home." She said trying to get me to turn back home."You'll survive sweetheart. Now give me a kiss before I'm late for work. She gave me a peck on the lips, told me she loved me, then grabbed my crotch, telling me she can't wait til after school. I watched as she got out of the car, and walked with some of her friends into the school. Driving off I too couldn't wait til the end of the workday.