Helping Wife's Friend Get Pregnant Part 3

By now we had 4 straight unsuccessful months, which started with masturbating into a cup, led to masturbating over her friend, and finally last month ended with a full on threesome. This is what happened the following month. My wife met me in our bed one morning after getting the call from her friend about another unsuccessful pregnancy attempt. She acted disappointed for her friend, but I could see the twinkle in her eye at the thought of continuing to try. My wife got under the covers with me and began massaging my cock as she told me we had more work to do. I put fingers inside her panties to find her already soaking at the idea of what would come next. We had incredible sex that morning, and when we were finished my wife said, "okay no more for you until she calls us in a couple weeks. I want you to save up everything you have, so no jerking off. Don't worry, it will be worth your while, just trust me and hold off." It was so hard not jerking off that next two weeks. I mean I had so much jerking material in my head from what had already gone down. And the memory of my wife and her best friend both bent over at the end of her bed in front of me, would not leave my mind. But I wanted to be true to my word, and took a lot of cold showers over that long 2 week break. When I heard the phone ring a couple weeks later, my cock became immediately hard. To my surprise after talking to her friend, my wife said she had to go shower. This was different, because she had never really done herself up for this before. She took an unusually long time in the bathroom, and when she finally came to get me she looked better than I had seen her in years. She really went all out, with new clothes, fresh makeup, the whole nine yards. And she even flashed me up her skirt to show me some sexy new underwear she bought. I guess maybe the thought of me having more sex with her friend, had a bit of friendly competition going on between them. It seemed my wife wanted to make no doubt that she was just as hot, and deserving of most of the attention. It could also be that she was actually dressing up a bit for her friend. Last time we did this, her friend had kissed her neck a bit, and even felt her breasts. So perhaps she was doing this for her benefit as well. Either way, I was in heaven. When we arrived at her friends house, I was even more shocked at how she looked. Until now she had always been dressed up in the same nightgown. She had been trying to dumb her looks down since it was not supposed to be about the sex. But I guess after last month, she decided she could be more sexy as well if she wanted. And wow, was she ever. She was wearing a tight micro-dress, like something you would buy at a Fredricks of Hollywood. It was crazy. Not only that, but she had some wine out or the three of us, like it was a date. We said our hellos, and all drank some wine. We toasted one another for good luck, and then my wife suggested we "take this to the bedroom." Once we walked into her room, it was on. My wife turned to me, grabbed my face and started to kiss me as passionately as I ever remember her kissing me. It dawned on me at that point, that even through everything the three of us had done, there was at no point even a kiss. Not even me with my wife. This was hot, because now some foreplay was part of the process. As we made out, my wife's hands found my belt and began to unbuckle it. I opened my eyes a bit to see that her friend was behind her with her arms wrapped around my wife's back, rubbing her gently. My wife let go of my belt and my pants fell to my ankles. She stepped to the side of me and pushed her friend in close to my body. We both looked at her for approval, and with a nod, I was now making out with her sexy friend. As we kissed, my hands explored her body. I felt my wife kneeling next to me rubbing up my legs until she found my hard cock. She was now jerking me off while I made out with and embraced her friend. I was fighting back all of my urges to control this scenario and throw them both onto the bed. But I didn't want to ruin the mood. They wanted to be in control of this, so I would move at their pace. My wife stood up and went behind her friend. She began removing her friends, dress, and I heard her kiss down her back and even on her incredible ass. My wife then took my by the hand and led me to the bed. I removed the rest of my clothes and laid there naked, waiting for them. They took each other's clothes off, and then joined me. My wife offered her friend my face, as she sat herself on my rock hard cock. Her friend rode my face, as my wife grinded slowly on my throbbing member. Then I heard my wife ask her friend to turn around so they could see each other. Her incredible pussy briefly left my mouth, until she was repositioned facing my wife. With her turned around, her perfect little asshole was now sitting directly on my nose. The smell of her ass is something I will never forget. At that moment, I found it so hard not to cum. After all it had been two weeks of holding off, and my wife was grinding on me. I tapped my wife's leg to let her know the effect she was having on me. She figured it out, and lifted herself off my pulsing cock. I was leaking pre-cum everywhere, and my wife sat back down on my groin area. I could feel the heat and wetness from her pussy on my balls, and even that was making it tough to hold back. Her friend rocked back and forth on my tongue, and ground her asshole onto my nose. Then I felt her friend lift off my face for a minute. She was leaning forward, and as I peered around her back to see what for, I noticed it. Her and my wife were locked in a deep tongue kiss. At that moment, even without being inside my wife or being touched in anyway, I began spraying two weeks worth of cum all over my stomach. My wife looked down and saw this and said to me, "A little too much for ya, guess I shouldn't have made you hold off for two weeks." I assured them that my erection was not going anywhere and there was plenty more where that came from. They both rolled off me and I went to her bathroom to get a towel. I walked back in wiping my stomach full of cum, and found them. My wife laying on her back and her best friend's face buried between her thighs. If I thought the sight of two women bent over before me was the hottest thing imaginable, I may have been wrong. Seeing your wife getting her pussy licked by her best friend, certainly has to be in the running. As her friend licked, and my wife squirmed, I got behind them on the bed. I tapped her friend's behind to motion her to kneel. From there I entered her from behind, but not before taking a quick lick of her sweet asshole on display before me. I felt her jump a little when my tongue hit her butthole, but we were caught up in the moment, so we kept going. I pumped her slowly, trying not to interrupt her rhythm she had licking my wife. I could tell my wife was getting close, so I reached around and fingered her friends clit while I sunk deeper into her. When I heard my wife's groan and knew she was cumming, I saw her thighs clamp around her friend's head. At that moment I unloaded deep into her. As I withdrew my cock, I realized not only was a still hard, I was hornier than I have ever been in my life. They asked me if I had just cum, and not wanting the fun to be over, I said not really. They asked what that meant, and I said I stopped right before, so maybe a bit came out, but not a full cum. Her friend rolled over onto her back, and spread her legs before. My wife looked me in the eyes and said, "fuck her good, and fill her up." I entered her missionary, and leaned down to make out with my wife. As I fucked her friend, and kissed my wife, I felt a hand come between our bodies. I realized my wife had put her hand down to her friends pussy and was rubbing her clit while I fucked her. I knelt up so she could have better access, and so I could enjoy the view. My wife whispered to her friend, "You need to orgasm when he does for the best chance to get pregnant." then her friend said, "Then lick me!" And just like that my wife put her head down to her friends clit and licked her as I slowly slid in and out. My wife's tongue found the length of my cock as I would exit, and a few times I pulled all the way out, and she would suck me, then lick her friend before guiding me back in. We did this for what seemed like forever, but was probably only a couple minutes. Then my wife's friend grabbed the back of my wife's head and pushed it hard onto he clit, I knew she was cumming and this was the chance. So I thrust in hard, and shot my biggest load of that day into her as she came. We all laid on the bed for the next half hour, helping her hold her legs in place. All of us talking about her getting pregnant and how we know it will happen this time. But all secretly hoping it doesn't so our fun won't come to an end. as we dressed to leave, we all admitted out loud that this had been an incredible time. My wife kissed her friend on the lips, and I did as well, and we said our goodbyes. We were to return the next day to continuing trying. TBC...………..