Gurls Just Wanna Have Fun!

It was not always like this though...Let me tell you about my best friend, she calls herself Chanade now, but she was like me once. We studied at the same institution she was in the year above me, a senior while at the time I was a freshman.It wasn't long after I went to college that I started getting urges...The urges came on slowly at first but grew ever more stronger...I couldnt help staring at the girls in the Senior classes. We took classes in the same lecture hall, back to back. The Seniors in the mornings and our class in the afternoons. I couldnt help but bump into those hot senior chicks in the narrow hallway outside the lecture hall. Feeling our bodies brush so close and being so close with so many hot looking girls drove me wild.Especially Chanade, she was tall, dark haired with very pale skin, almost snow white. But it was the way she dressed which drove me wild. She wore extremely provocative crop tops, which barely covered her enormous breasts. Her long dark hair was worn bound in a high pony tail.She was wasp waisted, very slim at the waist, but her hips were great curving curtains of flesh over which she would d**** the shortest cutest of skirts possible. Her huge hass was barely covered by the material of her tight skirt. She wore long white stockings and high heels, with the most bright fire engine red lipstick you can imagine. In short she was out of this world hot! The perfect bimbo slut of every freshmans dreams.Its amazing how fate sometimes works out but her locker was in the same row as mine. Directly below mine in fact.One day she forgot her locker key and I just happened to have mine. She finished class and had a large bundle of books which she dropped on the floor by accident as she fumbled for her key. I helped her retrieve the books and offered her my locker (trying to play the sweet freshman for all it was worth) I'd completely forgotten I had plastered the interior of my locker with sneaky photos of porn starlets from magazines and a couple of cheeky snapshots of Chanade. She saw the photos and smiled at me..."You like to see more of me eh you sick little pervert?!"I went bright pink, it was a good thing nobody was around now as most people had rushed to or from class leaving us briefly alone, the hallway suddenly seemed empty and enormous, we had it all to ourselves. I was still blushing but I summoned up enough courage to grab her by the waist and pull her close. My face was practically buried in her breasts.She purred like a cat, it was the first time I had just heard her voice up close, there was something there and I should have clocked onto it, the strong husky voice should have gave the game away but I was too wild with passion to notice. Instead I smelled her perfume, buried my face further into her breasts and reached round and down behind her slowly trying to raise her skirt with one hand while I fumbled at my zipper with the other...."Hey easy tiger!" She giggled, lowering her face to mine briefly so that she clamped her lips over mine. She winked at me, gave me a passionate kiss that felt devine. Then strongly pushed me back against the wall. I was powerless to resist she was taller and somehow much stronger than I imagined. She looked me up and down, slowing. I had no idea what she was thinking... Maybe I had gone too far, maybe she would report me for harrasment... "Your kinda cute... like a puppy... I like you, come to my house okay, its the one with the pink door end of the row, if any of my housemates are there dont worry, just ask for me and walk through." She picked up her back, gave me a parting kiss and went her way.All afternoon I couldnt help thinking about her, how hot she was. Her figure was amazing, she had even kissed me!That same evening I was relieved that there was no homework to do. It was still the first couple of weeks and Freshers fair felt like yesterday. I told my friends I'd be out late, locked my dorm and headed out into the cool night. I wore a Jeans and T-shirt and a sports hoodie on top. Chanade's place was only a couple of blocks away in a more posh part of campus. I made my way past the seniors halls of residence and to the pink door at the end.As I drew closer I could hear the sounds of music and laughter and people really seemed to be enjoying themselves. I knocked on the door and was met by a voice coming from the wall to my left. The voice on the intercom was that of a lady who asked why I was there... I told the voice "I'm here to see Chanade, she asked me to come by this evening" "Oh your the new one, well pop in sugar!"With that the door clicked open a little and I let myself inside, the door was seriously heavy duty, the sort of thing a castle would have... why the hell it was pink tho I thought seemed ironic... just what kind of place was this.I was even more surprised when I walked through the lounge inside were many stunning ladies some looked barely legal like myself a couple were more mature. Each was like an angel, almost flawless beauty. There were very few guys here, I could hear voices from other rooms of couples enjoying themselves...Damn, I thought to myself, just what the hell have I got into... Chanade seemed to be living in a whorehouse!Oh boy this made things seriously interesting.I was approached by a tall Asian beauty whose skin tone matched my own, though her bright platinum blonde hair made her look spectacular. "You Chanade's friend right?" Her voice seemed surprising, there was a hint of an accent, not Indian more like Thai and the voice was surprisingly sharp. I still couldn't figure out why it sounded so odd, she offered me a drink of what I guess was some seriously strong stone jug whiskey. I drank it in one go, trying to impress the women around me. They all smiled back at me..."Follow me baby Chanade's waiting for you this way..." Asian beauty led me up some stairs and to a room at the end of a narrow passage way. I was feeling kinda dizzy but the Asian lady opened the door and gently pushed me inside... "Enjoy the experience darling, we will love to have you stay here..." She winked at me and then closed the door behind her. I heard a heavy bolt slide closed from the outside and almost panicked... when another voice behind me made me spin around and the sight took my breath away.Chanade was sat in a large couch, she clicked her fingers and the lights grew gradually birghter to reveal her in the same snow white skin, long dark curly hair... but she was wearing nothing, she sat there with her huge exposed breasts and her legs crossed over. One hand beckoning towards me the other hand holding a drink.After I picked my jaw off the floor I almost leaped towards her... "Oh Wow...!!!"""Then I stopped in horror.Chanade uncrossed her legs and smiled at me "Surprise baby!"I was overwhelmed part of me shook my head in disbelief, maybe it was the drink, maybe I was loosing my mind... the next thing I know Chanade had grabbed me by the throat and tossed me on the couch. I squirmed like a landed fish, desperately trying to get away but she poured the contents of her goblet into my open mouth... My world began to spin....I woke from my daze a few hours later. Chanade was sat opposite me smiling and with a cup of hot chocolate in her hand."How do you feel darling?"The horror flooded back to me, what the hell had she done. I looked down and my body not only felt different, I looked different. I was completely devoid of body hair below my eyebrows!Not only that but I was wearing heels, big pink heels. I was about to protest, but Chanade came up beside me, I tried to recoil from her but her smell, there was something about that floral scent that made me so wet. I realised I was salivating at the mouth and my cock was dripping even though it was not erect... would it ever be erect again I wondered... what the fuck was happening...Chanade kissed me and teased my hair... "You look so pretty darling. Dont worry, you can stay with me now.""What have you done to me..." I wishpered in horror"This is only the begining... you will learn to love it...""I dont want this!" I cried, I was starting to shiver but she gently massaged my leg with her hand, and placed a long finger on my lips with the other..."I know what is best for you baby, you will learn to love... my way" She kissed me passionately and then slowly began to rise."We are all gurls here babe, and you will learn to have some real fun..."She proceeded to dress me up, and make me look like the perfect doll. She told me later how she would make me look like her, how she would look after me and make me enjoy this new life.I couldnt not believe it... she was my first love at College... and now she had feminised me and made me into a living sex toy...We were going to have so much fun indeed...Thank you for reading and check out my friend Raonaid who was the inspiration for this story