Gloryhole Story TRUE

The damn sharks again were out to ruin our planned fun. I actually eventhought, these guys didn't look so bad tonight. I was looking forwardto seeing how many would be sliding through the hole. But I have neverunderstood why they have to appear so desperate. You would think,they'd know by know---they just might get lucky when a girl comes int oa place like that. Anyway, the next time, I'll just tell them----ifyou don't make me so uncomfortable, I'll suck each and every one of yourcocks. So, we drove to another adult bookstore we knew had gloryholes.We walked in, stopped to look at a few movies, then went right to thegloryhole. You wanted to take a few photos of me first. You reallyseem to like that white skirt. You tried to lick my pussy, but damnsensitivity got me again. But I was happy to drop to my knees and takeyour cock in my mouth. Your cock is always thicker in the bookstores.You must like the dirtyness too.As I was sucking your cock, I was listening for the door next door. Youwere paying attention to the hole. When you knew someone was there, youasked me to tell you how much I liked sucking cock. I told you did andyou motioned my fingers to the hole.My fingers slid in the hole, letting the stranger know I was waiting.Soon, a semihard, cock was sliding through the hole. I grabbed yourcock in my hand and went to sucking this stranger's cock. Hedefinitely wasn't the thickest, but he had a nice size cock. It couldhit the back of my throat if I took him deep enough in my mouth.I took his cock in my mouth, sucked hard and fast. The whole timethinking how clean his cock smelled. Isn't that a weird thing to thinkabout? I kept waiting for a moan from him, but heard nothing. Myhead was gently hitting the wall as I sucked up and down his cock.Then, he was pulling away. There I was on my knees looking through thehole, wondering where he was going. I didn't get any cum. Not in mymouth, running down my hand or splattered on my chest. I was a sad little slut.I didn't wonder too long though, there was a huge cock right next to me.It took every thing I had not to just climb on top of your meat rightthen. But, I knew you wanted me to suck more cock and I was willing toshould another one come in. Your moans were loud for you, but they werejust making my pussy wetter and wetter. I'm not sure how long I wassucking your cock, before the next stranger come into the room.This cock was small and limp. It looked like it might have been anolder man's, because of the pubic hair I could see. But, I don't care.My mouth was soon talking his cock in. I slide my mouth up and down theshaft. Sucking harder with each movement. He was getting harder in mymouth. I wasn't anticipating a mouth full of cum, but that is what Igot. As it filled my mouth, I tried to let you see what a good slut Ihad been. Instead, I briefly started choking on his cum some dribbled down my chin. I swallowed the rest andtook your thickness back in my mouth, in the same breath.You said, I was such a good slut and I knew, you were loving it. You said,you would be right back and out the door you went. There I was on myknees waiting for you to return., when I heard the door next door openedagain. I figured it would be a nice surprise for you to walk in andsee your little slut with another cock in her mouth. So, I put myfingers in the hole and wiggled them.I waited and waited. Then, I got a great surprised. This was a cockI've been waiting for. It was so thick and long, it barely fit throughthe hole. I was going to enjoy this one, more than any others before.I ran my tongue over the head and the shaft. I wanted to see this cockglisten before taking it deep in my mouth. Soon, he was trying to fuckmy mouth. It was more difficult than normal. It was that damn wallbetween us. I needed to be fucked. I had sucked three cocks, thiswas four and where the hell was my man? I decided, I couldn't waitanymore.I got up and backed into that cock My ass was pounding against the wall.I was missing the strong hands on my hips, pulling me back farther. Idid that for a little while, then went back to my knees. Now, he wasteasing me with his cock. He just has his head in the hole. My tonguesliding over the tip. Wanting more and more cock. You had to hear mymoans for more. He came in my pussy and I turned around and slurped and sucked whatever cum was left in his cock. Soon, the door was opening and it was you, again.I sucked your cock, more. We fucked a little. We both thought,another cock might come through the hole. But, nope---a stranger was justwatching us, I guess. You wanted to save your cum til we got home. Soyou took a few more pictures and off we went.