Flatmate Returns

She straddles me and leave a big patch of girl cum on my jeans before reaching down and undoing my trousers. She pulls out my rock hard cock, dripping with pre cum and pulls my foreskin down to expose my head, she squeezes out some pre cum into her hand and brings it up to her mouth; "oh fuck baby I love the taste of your cock, I'm gonna fuck you with my mouth, you're gonna cum in my mouth before you fuck my pussy. If you do it right, I'll let you fuck her too and I'll lick your cum out of her like I promised" and with that she slid down, briefly pausing to wrap her tits around my cock to give me a few tit wanks before wrapping her lips around my cock and forcing her head down into me, my cock plunged into her throat, she gagged and sucked all the way to the tip before doing it again and again and again. It was so fucking good, I lay there paralysed in cock sucking heaven as her juicy lips ran up and down my dick, her hand jerking me up and down as her other hand was rubbing her clit and occasionally pushing some fingers into herself, pulling them out and shoving them into my mouth. It was getting close to me blowing into her mouth, I didn't want it to be over yet so I lifted her head off, the saliva and precum dripped from her lips, onto her tits, she bent her head to suck it up, again, and craned her head towards my cock. I adjusted position so that I was lying on the sofa, she stood up positioned herself towards the door end of the sofa, I gently grabbed her arse and pulled it towards me, "here, put your leg up here, and your pussy on my mouth". She smiled, "oh you're doing it right baby" as she lowered her pussy towards my face. It was so fucking wet, I would have drowned if I didn't suck up all her juices and swallow a few times. She started to grind on my face before leaning forward and deep throating my cock again, I pushed my hips up, she choked and pulled her mouth off me, the saliva dripped between my legs into the leather beneath me, she took the opportunity to grind on my face a bit more, I stuck my tongue into her, she gasped and shuddered while pushing her head back onto my cock. I tongue fucked her as she fucked me hard with her mouth. I couldn't take anymore, I started thrusting my hips up, my balls slapped against her forehead and nose, she jerked me harder and ground her pussy into my face, I could hardly breathe now. I could feel it getting closer, I wanted to see her swallow my cum but I also wanted to cum on her face and mouth, I didn't know and couldn't decide what to do, whether to push her off and Jack off into her mouth or onto her face or tits! Anyway, as usual, there was no time to decide, I felt my balls tighten and I shot a load into her mouth, she moaned and pulled her mouth off me but kept licking my cock with her lips over my head, sucking and licking at the cum that was jetting out, she was still jerking me off. "Oh baby yeah, yeah, cum for me, oh yeah more, more" she was whispering at my cock. I reached up pushed her head down into my cock again, shooting a few more streams into her hot mouth. She was swallowing it as fast as it came out, but obviously some was falling into the leather couch beneath me. She sat up a little and reached down to rub her clit, she was moaning louder and louder and grinding on my face more, she stopped moving and let out a big sigh, before her body started to shake and her pussy started to flood into my mouth. "Oh fuck I'm cumming she screamed, fuck me fuck me oooh" my god, her pussy wouldn't stop squirting, my mouth, nose and face was covered in it, it dripped down my chin and around my neck, my hair was getting wet now. Her ass was still juddering from the massive orgasm she was having. I continued to Lap at her clit, occasionally thrusting my tongue into her. When she stopped cumming she slumped onto me, slowly rolling herself off me. She caressed my dick and kissed it before putting it back into her mouth to get me hard again. I just lay there in all the wetness, I still was going to fuck her pussy and ass tonight. She gave up on getting me hard again after a few minutes. She needed to clean up a little. We got off the sofa, it was bloody soaked. As she headed to the bathroom, I found some kitchen towels and started to wipe up the evidence of a good 69 session. I had to lift the cushion to clean underneath as well. Shit, I needed to get this clean again. I headed over to the bathroom. She was still in there, in the shower. She pulled the door open, "get in, you look like you need to get cleaned up too."I climbed in, and learnt forwards to kiss her on the shoulder. She turned around and kissed me on the mouth. Her tits pressed up against me, I could feel myself getting hard again. So could she. She reached down to stroke my cock. "Oh I love your cock honey", she kissed me hard before turning around and pushing her ass against it, she wiggled her butt a bit against it before sliding her ass cheeks up and down my cock a few times. I pushed forwards, my cock ended up between her legs, pushing against her pussy. I told her that I was wanted to fuck her hard and fill her full of my cum. She learnt forwards and reached back gripping my shaft and guiding it towards her pussy. Her other hand parted her lips and I sank all the way into her. Of course she was sopping wet. I slid in easy, up to my balls, she groaned and started to rub her cunt with her hand, occasionally cupping my balls, as she pushed back onto my shaft. She looked back at me, "fuck me" she mouthed at me, "hard" she whispered. I stated to fuck her harder, faster, my balls slapped against her hand and pussy, she withdrew her hand, my balls with smacking her clit for her, she groaned and put two hands up againstvthe bathroom wall, and lifted a leg up into the side of the shower cubicle, I was able to get under her a bit and grab her tits. I pulled her back into my cock. After a few minutes of this I put my hands on her butt, and pulled her hips onto me, I was still going in balls deep with every stroke. She was gasping and moaning as I pounded into her. I grabbed her ass cheeks and parted them so I could see her butt hole, it was pink and beautifully tight. There was plenty of water from the shower on it, but I spat on it anyway and gently rubbed it. She pushed her ass back towards me more and I rubbed circles over it. "Oh fuck, put your finger in me, finger my arse darling, go on, put it in. " I obliged and gently pushed my middle finger in a bit. She seemed to like it, she squeeled a little and tightened her ass hole around my finger, before relaxing and letting my finger in further. Before long I had a thumb in her ass hole. And was fucking it as I was fucking her pussy. She stopped suddenly. And stood upright, my cock sliding out of her cunt, and dripping her juice into the shower tray. She turned around and knelt down, lifting my cock into her mouth, and sucking off all her juices. She let me fuck her mouth for a few seconds before she stood up kissing me hard on the mouth. I could taste her pussy. I wanted some more of it, so I knelt down and pulled her hips towards me, I pulled a leg over my shoulder and dropped down beneath her cunt, licking a line from her arse hole to her pussy, sucking up her juices and flicking her clit. She pulled my face into her and tilted her hips up to allow me to push my tongue into her, she loved it, she reached down to rub her clit, before she turned around to offer her arse again. I parted her cheeks and licked her butt hole. I lapped it while she fingered her pussy, occasionally stopping to feed me her pussy juice. After a while I started to work my tongue into her butt. She moaned loudly as I pushed my tongue into her. "Oh fuck oh fuck" she chanted as I fucked her dirty hole. She pushed my head away, and motioned for me to stand up, she turned away from me again and rubbed her butt against my cock again, I pushed forwards but she pushed my cock out from between her legs up into her butt crack, and reached back to spread her ass for me. "Go on honey, put it in there for me, fuck my ass, cum in me." I couldn't believe it, I was going to fuck her pretty little butt hole. I spat on it again, and rubbed some around her arse before pushing a finger in. "Wait" she said as she pulled the door open and climbed out of the shower, dripping wet. She rumaged through the drawers in the bathroom to find a tube of KY jelly, she got back into the shower and pulled the top open, squirting a bunch of lube into her hand before rubbing it over her arsehole and into my dick. She then pushed the open end of the tube into her bum and squeezed the tube. She reached back and parted her butt for me again, I lined it up and pushed against her pink opening. She pushed back, gradually I worked my self into her. It was sooo tight. She was a little tense, so I reached forwards and stared to rub her clit and massage her tit. She relaxed and pushed back, I was about halfway in, it was enough for now. I pulled out a bit before gently sliding back in. She groaned and pushed back, taking it all in her this time. I reached up to cup her breasts in my hands, pushing into her slowly. She looked back at me with her mouth slightly parted. I kissed her hard on her mouth as I started to gently fuck her arse, I couldn’t believe it, her hole was so tight, it was squeezing my cock so hard, I was not going to last long. She straigtened up a bit, and stopped moving her self back on me, she put her fingers on her lips telling me to be quiet. We heard some doors open and close. And the click of heels on the wooden floors. We both looked at the bathroom door, did we lock it? Didnt matter, it was obvious what was happening, there were panties in the hallway, cum on the floor there, a wet sofa with my clothes on the floor. The door handle moved and eventually the door opened. Her flatmate was back and was standing in the door way in a sexy black dress, the hem of which was almost at crotch level with killer heels on and a shocked, but cheeky look on her face. " Have I caught you two at it?" "In my flat. Have you seen the state of that sofa? You two must have had a great time!" "What's going on here?" She asked as she took a few steps into the bathroom, her eyes flicked to the KY tube on the floor. "Well, I never thought that you would be one to take it in the butt!" She said to S. "Oh fuck "she mouthed it's still in your ass?!. She opened the shower cubicle door and stroked S's ass cheeks, gradually moving her hand round to where my cock was in her. She ran her hand over my cock and onto my balls, "go on keep fucking her, you don't mind if I lend her a hand do you?" She reached around and started massaging S's pussy. I was a bit shocked, but SJ wasn't. She moaned and pushed back against me. My cock had gone a little softer while this was going on. "Oh a bit shy are we?" Said V. She looked over at SJ, "I hope you don't mind" as she pushed SJ off my cock, grabbed it and pulled it towards her mouth! She licked the tip before shoving it into her mouth. I couldn't believe this was happening her gorgeous flat mate was sucking my cock after it had been in SJ's butt hole. Her full lips were wrapped around my dick, she was looking up at me while she slid her mouth over my dick. I reached down to touch her face, she pushed her face against my hand and smiled at me. She used one hand to pull her top down she wasn't wearing a bra, her firm tits had massive poointy nipples, she pulled inthem and then cupped my balls , and guided me back towards SJ's arse, SJ had been rubbing her clit watching me having my cock sucked back to hardness. V stood up and wiggled out of her black dress, she had already taken her knickers off, she was only there in her heels. She stroked her tits and caressed her pussy, it was a beautiful sight. Her dark skin againstvthe pinkness of her cunt. He stepped into the bath tub and started to caress SJs tits, tweaking her nipples and rubbing her pussy while she was fingering herself, she put her fingers up to my mouth which I stated to suck on, she was enjoying this and I was enjoying watching her pussy juice drop down her thighs. I reached forwards and tickled her clit before pushing a finger into her, while gently thrusting into SJ. SJ was now pushing back on my cock, almost all the way in her ass now, V was still rubbing SJs cunt as She started to push harder on me, and faster, "oh fuck m cumming she moaned and started rubbing her clit furiously, V, reached down and put some fingers in SJs pussy, we fucked SJ hard so that she shook into a massive orgasm. While she was in the throes of it I found I was pounding her arse really hard, my balls slapping against her cunt and fingers. When she stopped moving she slid off me and knelt in front of me. Reaching for my cock, she gently massaged it under the shower stream, before putting it in her mouth, she motioned for V to join her, V smiled and moved behind me, taking hold of my dick and stared to wank me off while kissing my neck and biting my shoulder. I reached behind me to find her sopping pussy, which I stated to finger, she pushed against me, and lifted her leg to wrap it around me. SJ reached behind us both and grabbed V's butt cheeks pulkignher toward me while she deep throated my cock. She then stared to turn V around, and then pushed me round and guided my cock towards her flat mates pussy, massaging my balls and rubbing her clit. I slowly entered V's tight pussy. She pushed back on me till I was all the way in. SJ pushed on my behind to get me going-over ibdint need any more encouragement, I stated thrusting into her, she raised her leg to put it on the edge of the bath, where SJ was able to move her head round and clamp her mouth on her friends pussy. I could feel her tonguing her clit, occasionally lapping at my cock as it thrust into V, dragging out her cunt juice into SJ waiting tongue . V steered to get wild, she was pushing back on me and slapping her own ass while her other hand has hold of SJs hair and was pulling her into her cunt, fucking me and gridnjng her pussy into SJs face. She stated to pant, and her legs went weak, her pussy started to contract, squeezing my cock inside of her. It felt so good, I couldn't hold back and started spurting my cum into her pussy, she gradually stopped flailing around to push back on me. SJ was.lapping at her cunt and as I withdrew from her pussy, SJ clamped her mouth over Vs dripping hole and from what I could see started to suck and lick the cum out of her, she then took my cock into her mouth to clean me off before standing up and kissing V hard on the mouth. V and SJ kissed for a while their mouths full of my cum before they both swallowed. It was so hot to watch. "Let's get cleaned up and finish this off in the bedroom" V said as she reached down into her pussy to flick out some of my cum onto her finger before she put it in her mouth. We washed quickly, and left the bathroom, moving to Vs bedroom, it was bigger had a king size bed and a bit more room for the three of us. As we walked down the hall I couldn't stop watching these two gorgeous women, so ready for more. I was shattered, my cock was limp and frankly feeling quite sore already. We got onto the bed, V pushed SJ onto her back and started kissing down her legs towards her pussy, SJ reached out and pulled me towards her, "I want to lick her pussy too, get her to switch around honey" I went over to where V had got comfortable between her legs and lifted her chin out of the wet mound she was tonguing, and kissed her hard in the mouth, "put your pussy up that end V, SJ wants a taste of you", V slowly gitbup into her elbows and moved herself round so that she was in a 69 position with SJ, I stayed at the lower end , and bent my head towards SJs pussy. V joined me, she flicked her clit while I put my tongue in SJs pussy and sometimes her arse, SJ was going wild. She had grabbed hold of Vs arse and had pulled her head up to her pussy and was furiously lapping at it. V was responding by rubbing SJs clit. They were having lots of fun. I got up, and walked round the bed to SJs end, and knelt in the floor, by now V was mashing her pussy into SJs face, her thighs were almost flat against the bed. I gently parted Vs buttocks to reveal her butt hole, I lapped at it, teased it with my tongue and when she started to oust back on it I positioned my self at her pussy opening and gently sliding into her past SJs fingers. She was so tight. I felt her body quiver as I entered her fully, she pushed back more, and stated to moan out loudly, I fucked her a little harder, sometimes I stopped to slide my cock between her pussy and SJs mouth where she would open for me and suck Vs juices off my cock before guiding me back into her and getting back to sucking on her clit. SJ had crossed her legs over Vs head and was now fucking her face. V had started rubbing her own clit, she moaned that she was going to cum, SJ and I fucked her harder and faster. SJ put two fingers into Vs pussy, and pushed me out, I stood up and took a breath, letting my cock calm down a bit. SJ reached up and pulled Vs arse cheeks apart, and slipped a finger into her butt, V groaned and pushed back into SJs finger, SJ looked out from under her, "come on then, put it in her arse, I'll get some lube for you.". SJ spat into her hand and started rubbing it into Vs arse hole, getting it sopping wet. I went over to the bathroom to collect the KY, on my way back i rubbed it on my cock. When I got back to the bedroom the girls were going at it hard in the 69, with fingers in each other, pulling on the others tits. I wanted to watch but SJ had other plans. She pushed V off, and motioned for me to lie on the bed. V had sat up and was leaning against the headboard gently rubbing her pussy. Her long slender legs parted wide and stabilising herself. Her snatch was so wet. As I laid on the bed, SJ moved over to straddle me, she positioned my cock at her pussy and slid down it, she motioned for V to come over and straddle my head. SJ kissed V hard on the mouth, "fuck his face darling" he loves sucking on pussy. She positioned her pussy over my mouth, I extended my tongue to flick at her opening, her wetness was gooey and fresh tasting with a bit of acidity. She used her fingers to part her lips and dragged herself up and down my face, I pushed my tongue into her, she moaned and pushed herself down harder on me. SJ began to move up and down me, continuing to kiss V and caress her breasts. I thrusted up into SJs sopping wet hole, as V pushed her pussy into my face. SJs wet cunt felt really good on my cock, her muscles clenched me as her orgasm got closer. She rode me while V stared to rub her own clit, then I felt SJs hand on her own, both getting closer to cumming. I grabbed SJs hips and pulled them down into my dick, as I pounded into her, she was almost screaming by now, but Vs tongue down her throat stoped any sound coming out. She shuddered and her pussy spasmed, as she came. She stopped moving on me just as V also started to cum, her pussy smashing into my face, and her juices squirting onto my chest. SJ got up off me and knelt between my legs. She grabbed my cock and motioned for V to bend her head towards me, she took it into her mouth and started sucking it. She used her hand to wank it into Vs wet mouth occasionally joining her to lick my balls or suck the head while V had a breather. It was so good that I wouldn’t last long. SJ and V also sucked on each others tongues, dipping their heads to suck my cock or balls in turn. Vs cunt was still above my face, I grabbed her arse and pulled my head up to meet her pussy. I lapped at her cum, she moaned as I flicked her clit as well. She gently lowered her hips down to me so I didn't need to dangle beneath her. Their tongues and hit mouths felt incredible. SJ started to push her head down onto my cock, taking it all the way to back of her throat, and then slowly sliding off it. "Where do you want to cum baby" she coyley asked me. I asked her back, "where do you want it?"."Mmmm I want it in my mouth, I want to ok taste your cum in my mouth", with that she started to Bob her head up and down my cock, V satrted to lick the base of it, gently massaging my balls and pulling on SJs nipples. SJ pulled me down the bed so that my legs were off the end of it, she put her hand around my cock and worked it up and down. V knelt on the floor in front of us and licked my balls. I couldn't hold it in anymore. I wanted this to go on for a few more hours. The girls were really going for it, they wanted this cum already. SJ also moved round to kneel on the floor, they took turns deep throating me and jerking me off, stopping every now and again to let me cool off. Soon I was thrusting up into their mouths, SJ got up and onto the bed again, straddling my face. She lowered her pussy down on it, while keeping one leg kneeling so that she could finger herself. "Cum with me baby please", "Cum my baby, go on, cum in my mouth" as she jerked me off into her mouth. V was frantically rubbing her clit, her juices in a pool on the floor. I felt my cock going numb before my balls tightened and I shot stream after stream into SJs hot mouth. She swallowed the first few, V licked and sucked up the rest. Then the girls came, SJs pussy grinding into my face, her fingers rubbing her clit. SJ had pushed her head onto my cock, almost choking on it as she screamed past it. V pushed her head up and they exchanged some cum, before V licked up everything that had dribbled out, before sucking the rest out of me. We collapsed into the bed. V stood and got onto the bed with us, "Oh, you need to come over more often", before snuggling up with u