First Time with a Preggo Boss

So when I saw her I’m sure I stared longer than I should have she didn’t say anything though. After a month of my looking at her I noticed she was gaining some weight. A little more time went by and I realized she was pregnant. That night when I saw her it made me so hot that while I was cleaning my area I found a secluded spot and jerked off. That was the night I found out how sexy pregnant girls were to me. As you can imagine every night when I came to work I would be staring, which just got worse as she got bigger and I continued jerking off at work. Then came one night when I arrived at work one of the guys who I worked with came over and told me the people who worked in the office had their Christmas party and it was in my area then he laughed and walked off. I didn’t understand what he was laughing about until later. It seems everyone is to clean their area and punch out and go home. That night I had so much work to do I didn’t take the time to look at her much or even find my spot to jerk off. Punch out time came and I still had a good hour of work left. Teri comes over to my area and starts to help me clean the place up. Now this isn’t helping me get done any faster because her work shirts have gotten tighter and her breasts are leaking a little. That made me so horny it hurt and I keep looking over at her. Teri says to me “ just because I’m helping doesn’t mean you can stop working. I just want to get done I’m on salary not hourly and I can’t leave until you do”. “I..I’m sorry” I stammered. Not wanting to disappoint her I started busting my ass still looking over at her now and again. One time I looked she was smiling at me she even winked. A few minutes later she comes over to me and says “ The place looks pretty good for tonight we can finish anything else tomorrow.” As she was talking to me I was looking at her breasts. “Yes they leak a little she said don’t stare it isn’t polite.” “Oh shit I’m so sorry I didn’t even realize what I was doing” I replied. She looks at me coyly and says “ you knew what you were looking at in fact you have been looking since you started haven’t you.” “ Wh..what are..” I start to say but she interrupts me saying “don’t try and deny it or you’ll start stammering again. I noticed you looking.” I nodded and looked her in the eye and then she continued “It got worse after I started showing, tonight just confirmed all my suspicions about you.” “I’m sorry I’d like to say I could stop because it’s rude but we both know it wouldn’t be true. What are you going to due about it? ” I ask her. She looks at me with her beautiful blue eyes which until today I didn’t realize how beautiful they were. Then she says coyly “why don’t we make it so you don’t have to disappear from work for 5-10 minutes everyday.” I can not even imagine what my face looked like I was about to deny it when she reached up grabbed my chin with her thumb and forefinger tilted my head down and kissed me. Nothing long and deep with tongue but damn was it so sexy. Then she winked grabbed my hand and led me toward a office while saying “you weren’t just going to try and deny that we’re you”. “No of course not ” I replied. When we got to the office she was taking me too she undressed me then I undressed her and she looked so fabulous plump full breasts leaking milk, perfect full hips and plump ass, but the way she looked at me was even better! Although the best thing about her that night was her alabaster skin and the way it glowed. I will never forget that night she made a man out of me that night. I had a lot of firsts that night. It was the first time I had mothers milk since a baby, the first time I had sex, the first time I ate pussy, first time I fingered a woman. I was so horny by the time we started I didn’t last long, but with her instruction i did manage did get her to climax. Well she said I did at least. As you can imagine even though I really hated being a janitor I didn’t quit that job until I moved away to go to college at twenty. Well I ended up having many more firsts with her in my time before college she introduced me to anal, pegging, blow jobs, group sex and more and I will never forget her. I went through another whole pregnancy after this one and I even heard she delivered another k** like 8 months after I quit to go to college. The one thing I always wondered though was if one of those k**s was also a first. I should have asked but I always figured she would have said something it’s not like she was shy about anything else. To this day I still look for that glow a woman gets when they’re pregnant. Teri had a effect on the rest of my life and influenced my taste in all the women since. I bet if I get to be a old man I will still smile when I think about her and I’m sure it will be often.