Divorce or Cuckold Your Choice

Fast forward about 8 years and Barbara seems to be turning a corner sexually. During sex she seems to be more engaged, which gets me going and then more times than not I cum too quickly and disappoint. Barbara seems to understand initially but over time begins to get frustrated. She had an old school catholic upbringing and would never entertain any oral sex or even positions other than missionary. She just wanted me to last as long as she needed to get off, primarily in missionary or occasional doggie, with kissing and touching. One night, after another quick finish on my part she was very angry. She starts going off on me, telling me I am not satisfying her, I cum too quick and then says "quite frankly I think you dick is too small!" At the time I did not even think about my size- sure I had seen much bigger dicks in porn but those were the exceptions. Of course, all these years later I know better. She starts telling me that she was talking to her friend Tanya and Tanya tells her in her experience there are plenty of men with bigger dicks who last a long time and can satisfy a woman. Tanya is divorced for the last 5 years and has 2 or 3 men she dates casually. She tells Barbara one is her "go to fuck buddy", the best sex she ever has, and if she wants she'll introduce her to him for proof. I am floored with everything Barbara is saying. She tells me not to worry- she would never cheat on me; however, I need to do better. As I mentioned she was raised old school, and expects her husband to provide and satisfy her. She jumps out of the bed and says she's going to take a shower and calm down before she says something she regrets. I lie in bed thinking about what just happened and trying to come up with a way to satisfy her. I don't think she'll ever cheat on me, but I ask myself "why did she bring up Tanya's friend?" I blow it off to she was just mad and venting. As we move through the next few months, things don't get a whole lot better. She gives in and allows me to go down on her. That helps a little, she is trying to enjoy but seems self-conscious. I should mention Barbara is about 5' 3", 135lbs, nice curves, very sexy to me but like most women is a little shy about her mid-section. Just a little extra in the middle but I don't mind it at all. She does not ever have an orgasm, but does try. When we move to intercourse, most times I cum too quick for her liking- if I last 5 minutes it's a good night. Things finally come to a head one Saturday night. We have a nice night out with friends, a nice dinner, drinks, and a concert- fun time had by all. We get home and Barbara is horny and jumps me onto the bed as we enter the bedroom. We are making out like teenagers, grouping and grabbing each other all over. She puts her hands down my pants and starts jerking my cock at a fever pitch. Her hand feels so good- I had never felt her like this. Then all of a sudden with no time to stop I start cumming all over her hand. As soon as she feels it she pulls her hand out of my pants and looks at me with utter distain. She wipes her hand on my pants and starts yelling her disappointment, telling me I have not gotten any better and tonight was the worst of all. I had ruined what was a great evening and she was not going to live with this anymore. She gives me an ultimatum- she is going to file for divorce, or we can stay married, but she gets to have a "fuck buddy" on the side. She tells me she still loves me, and does not want a divorce, but this is the only way it will work. I am caught off guard and ask her where this idea came from? She says Tanya had this arrangement with her husband and it worked well for them for 6 years. (they did end up divorced but for the reason he had to relocate for his job and she did not want to leave her family and friends). Barbara tells me to think about it for a week and we'll discuss it again on Friday. The next week goes by, normal usual Monday to Friday stuff, dinner, dishes, small talk, a little tv and then off to bed. Barbara does not bring up the topic once, nor do I. Friday rolls around and when I get home Barbara is waiting for me in the kitchen- she usually gets home from work about an hour before me. I walk in the kitchen and not even a hello- 1st thing she says is "have you thought about what I want from our talk last week?" Wow, she is really ready to pursue this. I reply with asking if she is still wanting this? I was thinking (hoping) after a week she would have come to her senses and decided against this arrangement. She says she is 100% sure. As a matter of fact, she tells me the past week has made her resolve even stronger and she wants it even more. She says it again- "do you agree to a cuckold relationship or a divorce?" Cuckold? I had never heard that word until now. I ask what that word means, and she tells me a cuckold is a husband who allows his wife to see other men, yet he remains faithful. She tells me the cuckold is involved and informed of the arrangement, and that I can be part of the ground rules. The "hot wife" continues to love and support her husband and involves him as much as she and her lovers are comfortable with. This can include watching, listening on the phone, helping his wife prepare for her date, serving food and drinks to them, etc. More extreme involvement can include humiliation, fluffing her lover, and even "cleaning" her pussy after her lover is finished. My head is totally spinning, unable to comprehend everything that is happening. The 1st thing that pops into my head is her friend Tanya, who must have taught my wife all these details. She tells me I should spend some time online researching this- there are tons of articles and videos to educate myself. At this point, Barbara now demands and answer- yes or no, I must decide now. If I can't, then divorce papers will be served shortly. Not wanting to divorce, I say yes, I will agree. Barbara is very happy- she jumps in my arms, kisses me, tells me she loves me and that this is going to make our relationship so much better. Then she tells me she is going out tonight and might not be home until morning. I said, "already you have something planned?" Yes, Tanya set up a double date last week. I figured it was fine- based on your decision I was going either way, but I am happier I am going out with your blessing." As she heads upstairs to shower and get ready, she suddenly stops and returns to the kitchen. "We have to discuss the boundaries. If I agree to have sexual relations tonight, is there anything you would be uncomfortable with me doing?" My 1st thought was "anything sexual" but that ship had sailed. She tells me obvious things like kissing, touching, oral sex and intercourse and not negotiable- you can't have a sexual relationship without them. The two main things would be condoms and anal sex. Tanya says my date doesn't really like condoms and enjoys anal, but he'd be ok with using them and skipping anal sex. What do you think? I tell Barbara that condoms should be used and no anal. She agrees but tells me if she sees him on a regular basis we may need to revisit these restrictions. Like a k** in the candy store she's grinning ear to ear and sprints up the stairs to get ready. An hour later she comes down, looking like I have never seen before. New dress cut above the knee with a split on one side, ample cleavage, 5-inch heels, hair and makeup just perfect. She tells me by my jaw hanging open she looks great, kisses me on the cheek and says don't wait up, I love you! I sit on the sofa, trying to wrap my brain about what just occurred over the past 90 minutes. After 30 minutes I decide to get online and start researching this whole thing. I type "cuckold" into google and my life will never be the same. I quickly realize this is a real thing, practiced by many couples, and in fact in most situations it's initiated by the husband/boyfriend. I spend hours reading and watching videos- so much time it's now 3am! I realize Barbara is not home and my mind starts racing as to what she is doing. I have to say all the reading and videos has gotten me quite horny, so I head upstairs to hopefully get some sleep and forget about this for a while. Just as I get into bed a text comes in from Barbara- "love you honey, having a great time tonight. Just leaving Tanya's house and going to my dates place. See you sometime tomorrow". My wife just texted me to basically tell me she was going to her dates house to have sex. Still a bit horny, my little dick actually gets a jolt and I am rock hard reading this text over and over. I take down my shorts and start jerking my cock at a fever pitch. Within 2 minutes I erupt shooting cum all over my chest. Exhausted from this crazy day I drift off to sleep. It's now Saturday morning and due to not getting to sleep to almost 4am it's nearly 11am when I arise. Surprised I slept so late I immediately check my phone for any messages from Barbara and sadly there are not any. What could she be doing begins racing through my mind. I get up and jump into the shower. So many scenarios keep clogging my mind which causes my little dick to again get hard. I grab some body wash and get off within 2 minutes. I finish my shower, dress and head downstairs for some breakfast. Just as I am about finished I hear the front door open and in comes Barbara. She is wearing yoga pants, a tee shirt I had not seen before, barefoot and holding her heels and a gym bag I had also never seen. She has a wide smile, worn off makeup and her eyes are a bit puffy, due to what appears to be a lack of sleep. She drops the bag and walks quickly towards me and gives me a big hug and a peck on the cheek. She asks how my night was, did I go out, what did I do, etc. I tell her I was home all night, my mind racing as to where you were and what you were doing. She then asks me if I want to know how her evening went. At this point I tell myself I need to be supportive and smile- if I come off upset or combative I might end up losing her. She made it clear I need to be ok with this arrangement or the marriage will end. So, I fake it a little because I am still not 100% on board yet. "yes sweetheart, please tell me about your night. Did you have fun?" "I had such a great night" she begins with. "I actually was very nervous when I left the house. It's been forever since I was going on a date and felt so out of the loop. I drove to Tanya's house and she then drove to the bar to meet the guys. She said she wanted to drive, she was not going to have more than a drink or two so that I could drink and not have to worry about driving. We arrive at the bar and the guys are already there in a quiet booth having a beer. She introduces me to both- Sean and Barry, Sean is my date for the evening. Both are very polite, stand up to say hello and both give me a hug and kiss on the cheek greeting. We sit down, order some drinks and begin getting to know each other. Barry is in sales and Sean is a loan officer at a bank. Both men are tall, Sean probably 6'2", fit and muscular. Sean is wearing a short sleeve dress shirt that shows off his arms quite well and tight slacks highlighting an ass you can bounce a quarter off. About an hour goes by, we then order some light appetizers and enjoy them over more conversation. After about 2 hours at the bar, Sean asks if we would like to go back to his house, looking at me when he asks. I quickly look to Tanya, she gives me a wink and l look back at Sean and say yes. Sean drives with Barry and I drive with Tanya to Sean's home. The drive is only 5 minutes from the bar so Tanya quickly asks me what I think. I tell her I am very comfortable; the night has been great so far. I then ask her if she thinks Sean likes me. She says if he was not into you he would not have asked to go back to his place- Sean does not play games. Besides, he gave me a wink after an hour that told me he is into you big time. Well that caused my heart to flutter big time. So we arrive at Sean's place, a nice 3 bedroom ranch home, nicely landscaped and clean- no bachelor pad look here. We head into the kitchen to get a drink and then Sean asks me if I'd like the tour. Now this is the 1st time we are alone. He walks to the end of the house and shows me the bedrooms and his den. We then head down to the finished basement. Professionally finished with multiple tv screens, a wet bar and pool table. He then calls up to Tanya and Barry to come down and join us for some pool. Right before they come down Sean grabs my ass and plants a kiss on my neck. Now you know how kissing my neck affects me! A jolt goes though my body as Sean gives me a big smile. So we play pool for about an hour or so, and more drinks during the hour. I am feeling pretty loose about now. As Sean and I are finishing up a game, I see Tonya and Barry making out in the corner of the room. A few minutes later Tonya asks if it's ok that they leave for a while. Nervous and excited I say ok. She says they'll be back in a couple of hours and she'll bring me a change of clothes just in case I might need them, giggling the whole time. They leave and now it's just me and Sean alone.""Do you want me to continue" Barbara asks with a sly smile. I ask her to give me a minute, I go into the freezer, get a shot of Crown, and then we move into the living room and Barbara continues. "So as I left off, it's just me and Sean at the pool table, Tanya and Barry left for a few hours. Sean's about to line up a shot and I say to him he'll never make it. He then looks up at me, and with a small smile says, if I do make it, I get to see what's under that dress of yours, deal? I say, deal- but if you don't make it I get to see what's under that tight shirt! He says deal and spends the next 2 minutes planning his shot. Finally, he pulls the pool cue back and bam- right in the corner pocket! He places the stick on the table and just stares at me. I stare back at him and he says, "time to pay up". The adrenaline running though my body in intense. The alcohol is making me very daring. I take 2 steps from the side of the pool table, so Sean can see me head to toe. I pull the front zipper down to the bottom of my breasts, slip the dress off my shoulders and it pools at the bottom of my feet. I step out of the dress and there I am- my red bra, red thong panty, black stockings, heels, with a come get me smile. It takes about 5 seconds for Sean to get to me, pull me into his arms and kiss me so deep and passionate. I am lost in his touch, his passion, his mouth kissing me so sensually. His hands begin to explore my entire body, my breasts, the small of my back, my ass cheeks, then I feel his hands slip between my legs to my now on fire pussy. He rubs around, finds my clit through my thong, then slips his hand under my thong and I am lost beyond belief. After only a minute of rubbing my clit I feel this amazing heat rush through my body, something I had never felt. I was weak in my legs. Sean senses my jelly legs, picks me up and carries me up to his bedroom. He lays me on the bed and continues a deep kiss. Then he works his hands down my body, caressing every inch from my neck down to my ankles. He then works he way back up, stops at my hips and removes my panties. I just close my eyes and enjoy everything that is happening. I hear him climb onto the bed and then feel his hot breath on my pussy, then his tongue, ever so lightly around my pussy lips, then onto my clit, then back to my lips, each turn with more pressure. He then begins to settle on my clit, sucking and flicking it with his tongue. I feel that heat again building and this time I can't hold back and let out a loud roar from a very intense orgasm. My clit is so sensitive, I must push his head away. He smiles, stands up and says you can use a break, ha? I can't even muster a verbal response. He stands up and starts taking off his clothes and then lies next to me, naked for the 1st time. I have to look down the bed and see his cock. I instinctively grab for it and wow, it is so thick, and so warm. After feeling it for a few minutes I tell Sean I want to taste it. Sean rolls onto his back and I crawl between his legs and get an up-close look for the 1st time. I have never seen a cock like this before. He was fully aroused, probably 7-8 inches, thick, and 2 huge balls- they looked the size of golf balls up closely. As I put my mouth on the head, the warmth again was so enticing- it felt like he had a space heater in there! I sucked it the best I could, feeling self-conscious I was not doing a good job, but Sean was moaning, and his cock was staying quite hard, so I guess I was doing something right. The longer I sucked it, the more intense the heat got between my legs. I wanted him inside me so bad, but I was a little scared with the size. My only experience has been you sweetie, and believe me, this cock was not yours. I sensed he was ready to fuck me, so I looked up at him and said I am not sure I can take this inside me. He assured me he would be slow and gentle and if it was too painful he would stop- no problem. His sweetness and understanding got me even hotter so I rolled over on my back waiting to accept him inside me. He reached over to the bedside table and got a condom and put in on. He then lied next to me, caressing me, telling me how beautiful I was, again assuring me he'd go slow. He asked me if I was ready and I said yes. He then reached around my back and unhooked my bra and removed it. He caressed my now exposed breasts and sucked each nipple so nice- I again felt tingles between my legs from his nipple play. Sean then crawls between my legs, lies on top of me and kisses me deeply. He then lifts his hips and I feel his cock rubbing in my pussy slit. He does this for a few minutes, each pass at the bottom tapping into my vagina to open it up. He gets to the point of full on intercourse and I feel his cock head enter me. He just leaves the head in for a minute, allowing me to open up. It feels quite good and I do not feel any pain. He continues kissing me while he stays gentle with his cock. I break the kiss and whisper in his ear to go in deeper. He pulls out just a bit then pushes back in deeper- felt like about 3 inches. Still a bit nervous about his size, I am a bit distracted about potential pain and have not yet felt the pleasure- although it did feel good. For the next few minutes Sean would pull out about half way, then back in a bit deeper each time. He was now in a nice rhythm and my pussy was getting really wet, helping him slide in ever deeper and faster. It wasn't long before I had another orgasm, this one even more intense than the first two. Sean stopped for a minute while I was coming down from the orgasm, then started back up with a quicker pace- I was sensing he was getting close to cumming. I don't know why this thought popped into my head, but I was wondering how much he would cum from that big dick? I broke his kiss again and said "I want to see you cum. Can you cum on my tits?" He says whatever you want baby. He went into high gear thrusting in and out of my pussy, I was actually just beginning to build another orgasm when he pulled out, tore off the condom and came up beside me with his cock over my tits. It was so wet and slick. Just a few strokes and he shot his load all over my tits. He covered both quite well, and as I had suspected, that was a lot of cum! Sean collapsed next to me and gave me a very light, sensual kiss. After a few minutes Sean goes into the bathroom to get a towel to clean his cum off my tits. We then fell asleep in each other's arms naked. I realized I had my heels and stockings on the whole time- I took them off while Sean was getting the towel. We did not wake up until 10 when the doorbell rang, and Tanya and Barry came back, with breakfast I might add! Sean put up a pot of coffee and we all sat down and enjoyed the coffee with the muffins Tanya brought. After a bit Sean says he needs to shower and head over to his mother's house- there are a few things need fixing. She lives alone and relies on her only son to help with these things. He gives me a sweet kiss and heads off to the bathroom. Tanya hands me the bag with the cloths I am wearing, I slip out of my dress I put back on for breakfast and change. The 3 of us leave, Tanya drops Barry off at his house then drops me off here. So, any questions?" Any questions? My mind is in overdrive, I don't know where to go from here. I simply ask her if she was comfortable the whole time, was she treated well and if she thinks she'll see him again? I get yes's all the way around. She kisses me on the cheek, tells me she loves me and says she needs to get in the shower. After showering she comes downstairs in sweats and a tee shirt, grabs some granola and water and chills in front of the tv, obviously tired but sporting a satisfied grin. "So, you want to hear my plans for next weekend?"