Dad's Little Room - Part 3

(m/m mast inc)John knew that he was going to have to go over to his father's house today again and check out his little room again. Just thinking about it made his cock get hard. He reached down to give it a couple of strokes before going into the bathroom to shower. When he got into the bathroom he still had a hardon and he saw himself in the mirror. For the first time in his life he was looking at his own hard throbbing cock in a lustful way.His image in the mirror was almost like another man with him in the bathroom with a hard cock pointing at him. He turned sideways to look at himself and his cock standing erect. He started slowly stroking his cock again as it got harder and harder. Again his cock tip started turning shiny and purple, his balls started to move up in their ball sac and as he stared at the cock in the mirror he saw a drop of clear precum appear in the hole of his cockhead. He squeezed his throbbing cock and the precum started drooling out over his knuckles and down onto his nuts. He reached down with his other hand and started working the precum into his balls until they were slimy with his cock drool. He slid his hand over the knob of his cock and worked the precum into his cockhead and slid it down over the length of his cock which became slippery and greasy from the precum which was now flowing steadily from the cock hole.He had to bend his knees a little and his hips started pumping back and forth like he was fucking his hand. When he looked in the mirror again he saw himself in a state of arousal like never before. His muscles were taut, his chest was heaving, sweat was running down his belly into his pubic hairs, his cock was harder than ever before and drooling precum all over his jacking hand, his hips were pumping his cock into his hand and his balls were tight up against his cock base. He looked at the image in the mirror and imagined it to be another guy jacking off in front of him and he was watching the guy get ready to blow a big load of man cum all over him. He moved closer to the mirror so he could touch his cock to the other guy's cock and rub them together.He put one foot up on the toilet seat and spread his legs wide while steadily stroking his cock and pumping his hips toward the other guy. Precum was getting all over the mirror, running down in big globs as his cock slithered over the other guys greasy cock. He took his jacking hand off his cock and just started fucking the mirror rubbing it into the precum and sliding it up and down the mirror. He reached back to his ass and found his asshole hot and slimy from his sweat. He rubbed a finger around the rim of his hot hole teasing the hole to open up. He reached back to his cockhead and got a big glob of precum on his finger, then he rubbed the precum all over his asshole making it slimy with his goo.He started to insert his finger into his asshole slowly, waiting for the opening to widen as he relaxed it with his finger. His finger started sliding in easily with the greasy precum coating it and then he started sliding it in and out to the pace of his pumping his cock against the mirror. The feelings that his body was experiencing were incredible. He was so horny he couldn't stand it. He grabbed his cock with his free hand and started stoking faster and faster, squeezing his meat so that more precum would ooze out and he would rub it all over his slimy cock, stroking and stroking, pumping his fist and hips.He looked in the mirror at the hot cock with slimy cock juice all over it and himself with horny sweat covering him pumping his fist. His cock just exploded with cum flying onto the mirror almost hitting the bathroom ceiling. Spurt after spurt of hot man cum came out of his hot cock and ran down the mirror in big globs. His hips were still pumping while his finger was sliding all the way up to the knuckles into his asshole. He could feel his ass ring clench down on his finger with each spurt of his cock and he could feel the cum blasting up through his dick and out the tip. After ten big shots of cum had spurted out of his cock he slowly came to his senses and looked at the slimy mess he made on the mirror. He grabbed a towel and cleaned it up and then jumped in the shower to clean the cum and sweat off his body. All during the shower he pictured that other hard cock in the mirror and imagined what it would be like if it were a real guy he was jerking off with. Could he do it? Could he get a hardon in front of another guy? Could he play with himself while another guy watched him? Could he actually cum with another guy watching him? What if he wanted to touch the other guy's hard cock like the guys in the magazines? Was he turning gay? He started to get another hardon in the shower thinking about all these horny thoughts. He quickly got out of the shower to calm his dick down.He couldn't wait to get to his father's house and into the private little room. His cock was hard for the entire drive over to his parents' house and he had to wait in the driveway for a few minutes until it went soft before going into the house. His mother was just leaving and his father was sitting at the kitchen table with his bathrobe on. John asked his father if he was going to work today so he could work on the bedroom. His father, Sam, said he might go in a little later."Have a cup of coffee with me," his father said. John sat down at the table while his father got some coffee cups out of the cupboard. When his father reached for the cups on a shelf his bathrobe lifted up over his thighs and John could see part of his father's ass. Sam's legs were parted slightly and John could actually see his father's balls between his legs! John turned his head just before his father turned around and Sam looked right at him almost like he knew his son was watching him. Sam brought the coffee to the table and sat at the corner of the table facing John. When he sat down his robe parted slightly and revealed most of his upper thighs. John couldn't help glancing down at his father's crotch and when he looked up his father was looking right at him."What did you get done in the bedroom yesterday John", his father asked. "I didn't see much difference when I got home yesterday." John pictured himself in the little room jerking off his hard cock while looking at his father's gay magazines. He remembered how horny he got with precum juices flowing out of his dick like a river."I took some measurements so I could get some materials for the work", he told him. His cock started to get harder in his pants thinking about yesterday's events in the small room. His father's legs started to spread a little bit when he shifted in the chair and his robe fell open a little more revealing even more of his father's body. His father didn't seem to even be aware of it but John couldn't keep his eyes of his father's crotch. His father obviously wasn't wearing anything under the robe and pretty soon his robe would be wide open if he kept moving around in the chair. Did he know his son was looking at his crotch? Was he trying to see if John would look at his body?John was staring at his father's crotch when he heard Sam say "What are you looking at, John?". He jumped in his chair not realizing he practically had been in a trance. "Your robe is falling open Dad and you haven't got anything on under it." His father knew he had gotten his son's attention, now he just had to keep him going."What John, you've never seen a man's naked body before? Not even your own son's?" John thought of his son Nick and his 18 year old body which he did see from time to time coming out of the shower. "A man's body is nothing to be ashamed of John, in fact I find it pretty darn sexy."My God, what was my father saying to me John thought. Sam started to open the top of his robe a bit more to reveal his chest. "I've still got a pretty good build don't you think John?" John watched his father rubbing his chest and lingering at his nipples which were now starting to get hard. He watched his father rubbing his belly now and slowly his hands kept getting lower and lower while his robe kept opening further and further. While John was mesmerized by this action Sam turned to face John directly, leaned back in the chair moving his crotch out towards John, spread his legs and opened his robe completely to John's view. He heard his son gasp ask his cock came into full view.It was half hard and resting on his thigh. His balls were hanging below the seat of the chair and he reached down and picked his ball sac up and gave it a squeeze. That made his cock start to rise quickly and soon his cock was at full hard bulging with veins and shiny purple head. John couldn't believe it, his father had an erection sitting right in front of him at the kitchen table! He looked up finally and his father was grinning at him. "John, I am really feeling very horny right now looking at you with that big bulge in your pants." John looked down at his own crotch and realized that his cock had grown to 3/4 hard during the last few minutes and a very obvious bulge was sliding down his pant leg. He immediately put his hand down to cover it and his father said, "Don't cover it up John I think it looks great.""Dad! What are you saying? What are you doing?" As he looked at his father who was now starting to stroke his big hard cock, John couldn't resist giving his cock an adjustment in his pants. His father's cock was very big, and it was very hard. It really looked erotic to John watching his 55 year old Dad jacking off in front of him.Sam was now taking full length strokes on his cock while rolling his big hairy balls around in his hand. He knew if just kept it up a little longer his son would get too horny to resist some good hard man to man sex. He knew after watching his son on his security tape that he would be able to seduce him with his cock. He worked his hard cock real good now because he feel his precum starting to flow into the base of his cock. It would be flowing out the pink cock tip any second and when it did he figured his son would really start getting hot.John couldn't believe what he was seeing and feeling. His father's cock was making him feel very horny and hot and he couldn't stop looking at him stoking it. "Why don't you take your cock out and let it stretch, John. It sure doesn't look very comfortable in your pants. And you're also making a mess of those slacks." John looked down at his crotch to see a big wet spot at the end of his cock. He was dripping precum in a steady flow and it had seeped through his underpants and into his pants for his father to see!"Dad, I... I... don't know what to do! This is all so new to me. I have never seen another man's erect penis before this and for it to be my father's erect penis is really strange.""Cock, son, call it a cock. Now you have seen a cock of another man and it's your father's cock and it's hard, hot and horny as hell. Look at this!" His father's cock was now flowing precum all over his knuckles and it was dripping down on his balls as his father worked the precum juice all over the head of his cock and into his balls. His cock was now glistening and his father's strokes were getting faster. He could see his father's hips starting to lift up off the chair a little each time he stroked his oozing cockhead."Take your hard cock out of your pants so I can see it, please. I gotta see that sticky cock of yours."Hearing his father say those horny words to him made him really hot and he moved his hand down to his zipper. He could hardly unzip because his cock was so hard. He undid his belt and opened the snap on his pants then he slowly slid his zipper down, all the while watching his father stroking his greasy cock. His father was watching intently as John opened his pants to reveal his white jockey briefs which were soaked with precum juice flowing out of his son's hard cock."Take your pants off, John". John lifted his ass off the chair a little and slid his pants down to his ankles. He spread his legs open and started rubbing his hard cock through the fabric of his briefs... His father could see the complete outline of his cock and balls through the wet briefs and it made his cock jump with excitement and spew more precum over his hands. "John, take it out will you? It's driving me nuts. I want to see your naked cock"!John slowly pulled his briefs over his hard cock and stretched them under his balls. This made his balls and cock stick straight up towards the ceiling and precum was flowing down the sides of his very hard dick. He heard his father gasp. "You have a very nice hard cock, John", his father said. John started to stroke his own cock now and he smeared the precum over the cockhead and down the shaft making it shiny and slippery. His father could hear the sounds the sticky goo made as his son stroked his big hard cock right here in front of him at the kitchen table! The two of them were really starting to moan and their hips were starting to pump up and down while they watched each other jerk off. "John, your cock is so hot. It is making me so horny I'm gonna cum pretty soon just watching your precum flowing out of your cockhead. Stroke it hard!" John was getting hotter and hotter watching his father's cock get wetter and wetter with his precum flowing down the sides of his cock.Sam had to get closer look at his son's hard cock so he stood up and walked towards John and stopped between John's knees. "Take off your underpants John, I want to see you completely nude". John slid his underpants off right in front of his father's close eyes and as he did he lifted his legs. When he did this Sam could see his son's entire crotch wide open to his gaze. John took off his t-shirt and now was completely naked in front of his father, who looked at him with hot horny eyes like he was going to eat John or something.His father slipped off the robe so he was naked also and they both continued to stroke their hard cocks. John stretched out his legs and spread them wide open and Sam took the opportunity to get even closer to John's crotch. He was now stroking his big hard cock right over John's hot cock. John could see his father's hot cock right in front of him just inches away from his face while he was jacking off to the same rhythm as his father. He was watching his father's big cock throb and a big drop of precum came out of the tip and slowly dropped down right onto his own wet cock! He almost came right then but instead worked the juice of his father's cock into his own cockhead and stroked his cock even faster. Both men were now panting and moaning while looking at each other's hot greasy cocks and their hips were now pumping uncontrollably forcing globs of precum juice out over their pumping hands."Stand up John," Sam ordered with hot gasps, and reached out for his son. John stood up and when he did his father moved toward him bringing his wet dripping cockhead in touch with Johns dripping cockhead. Sam started sliding his cock tip all over John's cockhead and their precum juices were mixing into a white froth all over their purple heads. They were pumping their hips frantically towards each other, cock tip to cock tip, moaning and groaning, jacking off harder and faster, watching each other's cocks get hotter and hotter, their balls were now starting to rise in their ball sacs and they both knew they were going to cum any minute now. Sam grabbed John's arm and pulled it away from his cock just long enough to move closer still and put his own hot cock right next to John's.Then Sam wrapped his big hand around both cocks and starting really pumping up and down. John couldn't believe the intense feelings he was feeling, he never thought sex could be so hot, so erotic. His father's cock was so hot on his own and he reached down with one hand to grab his own balls and with his free hand he reached out and grabbed his father's hairy balls and started rolling them around in his precum wetted hand. His father moaned and said, "I'm gonna cum now! Cum with me John!" John heard himself say something he never would have believed he would ever say, "Stroke my cock Dad. Harder. Faster. Make my hot cock cum. Make it spurt out all over us! I want to see your hot cock spurt all over my chest Dad. Keep jackin us off. I'm ready to cum now."Sam stroked the two slimy cocks harder and then he felt the start of his orgasm at the base of cock and it felt like no other orgasm he had ever had before. He could feel his son's cock start to throb in his hand and they were pumping their hips like crazy when both cocks started shooting cum at the same time. "Oh, oh, oh, yea, cum hard Dad, make it spurt far, make it cum all over me and our hot cocks." Cum was flying out of both cocks like a geyser, going up almost to the ceiling and landing all over both men, on their cocks, chests and faces. Spurt after spurt kept cumming out of their cocks drenching their fists in hot sticky cum. Their hips pumped the last spurts of cum out and they fell into each other's arms, exhausted.