Cuckold and Sexwife at the beach

A few minutes later she really fell asleep, I gently got up and went for a swim in the water. Sasha and Dima came to me In the water. I asked how everything went, they said almost in chorus, that they had little and really wanted to continue, and wouldn’t I oppose the continuation. I said I did not mind. We went ashore, the guys wrote down my phone number and went to get ready to find a normal place to continue in the evening, because Neither in their room nor in ours we will normally rest. I went to our place in the beach, as Sergey and Natasha waved to me. After making sure that my wife is still asleep (since the weather was overcast and it did not threaten to burn in the sun), I approached a smiling couple. Natasha asked whose sperm was poured into my mouth, which embarrassed me a little - after all, the situation is not ordinary. I inquired that it was really clear and understandable to everyone at the beach, Sergei said that more than that. And he offered me to lick the pussy of his wife in position 69, while he will fuck her from behind. Those. They did not hesitate to offer me, to take Sergey's member in his mouth, then surely to swallow his sperm. It was too dramatic - today, for the first time, I tasted someone else’s sperm and immediately followed this continuation. I would have refused, got up and left, but my little dick gave out me, tried to get up from the idea proposed one. And although the belt did not allow, the situation, as they say, on the face. What stopped me all the same is the understanding that I cannot do such things without the permission of my sexwife. I said that to Sergei and Natasha. Sergey said that it would not take a lot of time, my wife wouldn’t learn anything, suggested not to delay time, got up and went to a small beach tent, which they put on, coming to the beach for the whole day. Natasha looked into my eyes, smiled, said that I would like it and also went to the tent. I don't know what came over me, but I went after her. There was enough space in the tent so that I lay down, Natasha became doggystyle and Sergei stand to the back - actually no one on the beach could see what was happening in the tent. Natasha dropped her pussy on my face, I felt the smell of her excitement and began to lick. Sergei looked at this and became masturbate his cock, which was a little longer than mine, but much thicker. I was so carried away by licking that I missed the moment when Sergey was ready to enter his wife's pussy. Therefore, when something warm and hard rested on my face from above, I realized that I really wanted to open my eyes, see someone else's dick and take it in my mouth. But Sergey slowly raised Natasha slightly behind the ass, enter pussy it was easy, despite the size of his penis, he entered her and began to move in a measured way, tapping eggs on my face. It was an incredible feeling. I do not know why I felt it was wrong with me, but It was cool, my dick was so swollen that it seemed that the belt would burst. At some point, Sergei pulled a member of Natasha's pussy and put it in my mouth. He waited a bit, letting me get used to the new feeling and slowly began to fuck my mouth. I didn’t feel like a slut or a woman, how much they write in their stories, it was great for me to do what I did. It did not last long. Natasha was not busy at that moment, she did not have the opportunity, as usual in this position, to take in mouth and suck my dick, so she pulled cock out of my mouths and inserted Sergey's dick into her pussy. He continued to fuck her, I looked a little at the cock entering the female pussy opening up to me, began to lick the cock and the eggs. Very soon, Natasha started to cum and I switched to her clit, her orgasm was long and loud, so the people on the beach understood exactly what was happening in the tent. But it did not stop us in any way, Sergey pulled a member out of his wife's pussy, put it in my mouth and continued to fuck. Natasha got off me, sat down next to me and looked at this picture. Sergey's dick increased slightly, began to throb and I felt that he will cum soon. It so aroused me that when a jet of sperm began to fly out of his penis into my mouth, sperm also poured out of my sluggish dick. And it poured a continuous stream, not portions, not streams, but a creek. They say it is such a special cuckold orgasm. At this moment, I simultaneously swallowed someone else's sperm and poured my own. It was very exciting. And the feeling of shame, which usually appeared when you finished after something unusual in sexual terms, was completely absent. I completely swallowed sperm and licked a cock of Sergey, licked it, wiped my crotch with a damp cloth, we exchanged phone numbers with Natasha, I got out of the tent and went to my still sleeping Beloved. I walked along the nudist beach in the chastity belt, many vacationers looked in my direction, I understood that they saw how my wife sucked two cocks in the car, poured their sperm into my mouth, saw that I had a chastity belt and that in the tent I couldn’t do anything except to suck, and all this excited me. P.S. A few minutes later a picture came to me in the messenger, in which I can clearly see how I hold Sergey's cock in my mouth.