Crossdressed In best friends mom clothes 2

“Phew that was a close one” And we both laughed, though it all felt a bit awkward. I just tasted my best friends dick. I'm sure it was a mistake, just 2 boys that got carried away. He put on some music. Then his mom called him. “Nico. Someone on the phone for you” He got up and left the room. I sat there in his little sofa. Feeling the stockings and the panties against my skin. Mmmm it felt so nice. A few minutes later he came back. “So listen up. I just got offered to come down and help to dj by the k**s club tonight. And i really wanna go. Is that cool with you?” I felt a bit bummed out, but who was i to decide what he could do or not. “Sure go ahead. That's what you always wanted right?” He looked excited. “Indeed. Been applying for it for some time now” “Then i think you need to go and make the best of the opportunity” He smiled at me. “Cool thanks. If you want, you can stay here till i get home again. Feel free to look at the magazines and you know. Have fun. Hehe. Not sure when i am going to be home again. But sometime in the night” We got interrupted by his mom shouting. “Pizza´s here !!” We walked out to the kitchen, where his mom already had taken a slice and sat down at the table. Nico sat beside his mom. And i was about to pull out the chair on the other side when i noticed her black pantyhose feet where resting there. I stared at them for a moment, oh damn they were so pretty. She saw me, and was about to move her pantyhosed feet. “Im sorry Brian, let me move my stinky feet” She laughed. “Oh don't worry Margret i just take the one beside you” She put her feet back. And i sat down beside them. And we ate our pizza. I coudnt stop glacing at those amazing pantyhose feet that gently rubbed together. His mom and nico were talking about how long he waited for the opportunity to be a dj. Then i heard her saying my name. “Brian….. Brian !” I looked at Nico. “Oh i'm so sorry. I was thinking about something else” “Hehe I can see that” He said. “I was just telling my mom that you gonna stay here while i'm away” I nodded. “If it's not a problem for you Margret” “No not at all. Why would it be. We could go rent a movie or play some cards” I didn't expect her to do anything with me. But the thought of being with her while she was in pantyhose made me pretty excited. “Ehmm Yea sure” “Or not, you dont how to” Nico stood up. “Well i'm sure you 2 will figure it out. I'm gonna take a quick bath then i'm off. Thanks for pizza mom” “No problem sweety” She turned her attention to me again. “So you wanna go rent a movie? You can choice the movie” I felt a bit weird that i was going to watch a movie with my best friends mom. But she was in pantyhose and couldn't stop looking and thinking about it. “Yea sure lets do that. I got nothing better to do anyway” She smiled. “Good. Just gonna put the rest of the pizza in the fridge, Then we can go” I nodded. “Thanks for the pizza Margret” She stood up and took the pizza. “No problem hun” I felt butterflies in my stomach and my face blushed a little. I was really gonna watch a movie with Margret in black opaque pantyhose, and i still had on her panties and stockings. I felt so naughty. “Lets go” She said. We walked out to take our shoes on. I followed her and was full on staring at her hosed legs. She took on some sandals and could see her beautiful pantyhose feet. You could even see her pretty french pedicure thru the fabric. Mmmmm. She shouted at Nico. “We are going sweety. Have a nice evening” You could hear Nico shouting from the bathroom. “You too. Bye” I saw her about to walk out. And i quickly opened the door for her. “Hihi. What a gentleman. Thanks Brian” We got in her nice Saab station car and drove off. It was starting to get dark, so i couldn't see her hosed legs probably. We arrived at blockbuster, and walked inside. It was friday evening, so there were pretty busy. “Go ahead and find a movie. Then i can find one for myself for tomorrow” I wandered off to take a look at the movies. After like 10 minutes, she came over to me as i was watching on the back of Rush hour. She had apparently already found a movie. I was huge fan a Chackie Chan. “Can i take this one?” She nodded “Sure you can take whatever you like” She took it from me and went up to rent it. She even bought chips and dip to our movie. She handed me the plastic bag and we drove home again. We walked inside the house. And Nico was already gone. She took her sandals off, and i took my shoes off. I felt my socks slipping from the stockings, so i quickly pulled them up again. I walked to the kitchen were she took a huge bowl and put the chips in, and even made some dip. I walked past her and into to the living room, and was about to turn on the tv. She then came in with the bowl of chips in one hand and dip in the other. “Let's go watch the movie in my room instead” My heart started pounding. “Ehmm…. Ok” she went past the living room and opened the door to her bedroom. I followed those pretty pantyhose legs inside her room. And as i entered there was a nice smell of women. Wow really nice room too, all in burgundy red stripes on the wall. With like old hanging lanterns as light. Huge tv. Big bed and on one side of the wall huge closet. You could easily see under the bed and it was all full with pretty and elegant women shoes. Next to the tv was also a little makeup table with all her lady products. “Go ahead and put the movie in the dvd” I did as i was told. Smelling and scooping the room out. I couldn't believe that i was in her bedroom. She put the bowl and dip in between us. And she made herself comfortable stretching her beautiful long black opaque legs. She only had one quilt, but big enough for 2 persons and nicely folded at the foot end of the bed. I sat down in the bed. And the movie started. After we watched an hour of the movie. She asked me. “You want anymore chips?” “No thanks i'm good” She smiled at me. “You want something to drink?” “Sure i would love some” “Ok pause the movie. I'll be right back” I paused it and she got up and took the bowl of chips and dip with her. I couldn't believe that i was watching a movie with Margret. It all felt so cosy and nice. To be honest i maybe only saw half of the movie cause my eyes always wandered of to look at her legs in those pretty pantyhose. Seemed like she was enjoying herself to. I loved her laughter it was so goddamn cute. She laughed hard sometimes and made like a little snoring sound. And that made us both laugh even more. She came back with 2 champagne glasses and a bottle of pink. That what was the brand name. “You need to try this. I got it in the shop like 2 weeks ago. And cant get enough of it” She handed me the glasses to hold. Then she opened the bottle. POP! And she poured our glasses. It was really pink. It looked so pretty, and hoped it just tasted as good as it looked. We seated our self comfortable in bed again, and she got even closer to me. She smiled at me “Start the movie again. And cheers” The glasses made a nice sound when they hit. I felt so lucky to be here with her. I never seen Margret like this. She was just to cute, and it didn't feel weird at all.I started the movie again, and tasted the bubble water. I still had to get used to beer, because i haven't drinked it that often. But this bubble water was all me. “Mmmm that is really tasty. Wow” She laughed and smiled at me “Indeed it is. Cheers” And we continued to watch the movie. As i finished one glas she kept on pouring up for both of us. And before the movie even ended, we had finished a whole bottle of pink. She stood up from bed, and came back with another bottle of pink. “I don't know about you but i could really use some more of this tasty bubbles” And without even asking me, she just poured some more for me too. I smiled and said “Thanks, it is really good” Not long after the movie was done, she turned of the tv. I felt a little tipsy, and thought that it was gonna be awkward. So i tried making some conversation. “So what did you think of the movie” “Not what i would choose normally, but it was quite good. What you think? You laughed a lot” We both drank some more. “Yea i really liked it. Good entertaining movie” And i drank some more. She had seated herself over for me, and stretched her legs. Her pretty hosed feet were almost beside me. And my eyes glanced over those naughty looking pantyhose legs. “So you wanna play a game?” I could feel she was a little tipsy to. But the more i drank the more i got over into drunk stage. “What, a game? What you mean like cards?” I couldn't keep my eyes of her black opaque legs. And her eyes caught me staring. “Not like cards. More like truth or dare. But without the dare. So more like truth or drink?” I was gamed. And didn't even think about what she might ask me. “Sure if we can drink this, then im on” Her face lit up of excitement. She seated herself over for me in a lotus position, and could see her pretty feet sticking out from under her thighs. MMM so damn hot. Then she placed the bottle of pink in between of her legs. I saw a little of her panties to. They looked a red color. Mmmm, Oh she was a real fine lady sitting there in her pretty black pantyhose. “Have you ever had sex?” my face turned red. I think that me licking her sons big cock does not count as sex. “Ehmm no i haven't” “Oh so your a virgin. A sweet femmi guy like you. Thought you would have done it by now” Femmi? What? Was i really a feminine boy. I never even seen myself as such. Maybe she saw something i didn't. My head was spinning and thinking about it all. Then she said. “Ok now you ask me something. Hehe” I had no idea what i should ask her. So i followed her lead. “When did you last have sex ?” That felt so weird asking my friends mom that. But without hesitation she just said. “With my ex husband. But i masterbate alot” I almost spilled my drink. I instantly imagined her rubbing her pussy. Wow that made my little dick tickle inside. And she just sat there smiling at me. “Have you been using my pantyhose?” And she drank her glass of pink and poured herself another one. I quickly drank my glass of pink. “Hmm, that's interesting. Not even a answer for me” She had a smirk look on her face leaned over and took my empty glass and poured it full again. “Now your turn” Shit shit shit. She definitely knew that i was the one using her pantyhose. Why didn't i just say no. I had no clue what i should ask her. “I don't know what i should ask you. I'll pass” She laughed and i tried to laugh with her. But i felt so uncomfortable from her last question that i must have looked so wrong. “Come on Brian, you know what you wanna ask me. Don't hold back i can take it” I didn't know what she was referring to, but somehow my face blushed instantly. She swung one of her black pantyhose leg from her lotus sitting position. And stretched her leg towards me with her pretty pantyhose feet right beside my thigh. My focus immediately found her hosed feet. And then i heard her in a flirty sexy voice. “Mmmm i've seen you so many times looking at my legs and feet, every time i got pantyhose on around the house. Mmmm Don't you just wanna touch them. You know feel them in your own hands?” My jaws dropped. Did i just hear her say that to me. And i stutter out “Eh… Eehmm. Oh y… yy… Yes. Are you sure?” I looked at her. And i saw her wink at me with her eye “I am sure Brian. Feel my pantyhose feet” Oh they way she said pantyhose turned even more on. I reached out slowly. My hand was shaking like crazy, i even shaked with the other hand i hold my glass of pink in. And before even touching her feet i took a sip from my glass, trying to calm myself. And before i was done getting a sip. She had placed her hosed foot in my lap. It all felt like a dream. Plus i was getting more and more drunk. My hand touched her amazing looking pantyhose feet. Mmmm they are so soft to the touch and felt so nice and warm in my hands. I just keep starring at my hand carrasing her foot seeing her pretty pedicure under her pantyhose. I loosen up and stopped shaking. Without even noticing i stretched my legs. She placed the bottle of pink beside the bed on the floor. Then her other foot came dumping in my lap. She leaned back and enjoyed every second of flirting with a drunk pantyhose fetish boy. I quickly emptied my glass of pink and placed the glass on her nightstand beside my end of the bed. “Is it what you imagined?” I seated myself with my legs and feet at her side and kept on touching her beautiful black opaque pantyhose feet. “I see you like it as much as i do. But if you gonna touch them, you might as well give me a foot massage” I was in heaven “Yes of course Margret” I was so focused on her feet and started massaging her heel. And slowly went up and up to her pretty pedicure toes. Then i felt some pulling. And before i even noticed it, she had pulled one of my socks up with one swipe. Revealing that i had nylons on my foot. “Oh would you look at that” I looked up and my drunken mind caught up to what she just had done. I was so lost for words and my stomach twisted inside. I was about to tear up. But then she said. “Aww. Look at that pretty nylon foot. I hope you have nylon on the other one to, or it would be a little wired” And me again just sat there frozen as she pulled my other sock off my foot. Now both my feet were in nylon right in front of her sight. “Mmmm such a good boy. I didn't say you could stop massaging my pantyhose feet Brian. Go on” I did as she told me to. And unfroze but very much baffled by this whole scenario. “This are my stockings, im i right?” I nodded while i kept on massaging her pretty hosed feet. “I knew that you were the one trying and even stealing some of my pantyhose. But that's ok Brian. So much hormones in little teenage boys. Hehe” I had to say something “I am so sorry Margret. I'll never do it again, i promise. It's just i've seen you so many times in pantyhose, and each time you look fabulous” She let out her little laughs. “You know it's really only girls that wear pantyhose and stockings. Hihi are you a little girl secretly inside Brian?” My drunken mind was more honest that i would ever be to myself. And my thoughts just wandered. I never looked at it that way. But why would i even start wearing pantyhose in the first place. Now when i look back on it. It all started with Margret, she was such a fine lady. And i loved how she was. Her personality was amazing and always kind. And those pretty pantyhose legs and feet made me wonder how it would be, being a nice looking girl as her. So i guess she was onto something and made me realize that i wanted to be girl. She even said before that i was a feminine boy. Or maybe i was just too drunk to think clearly right now. “Yes there is. I really want to be a girl. And i think you inspire me to be one. I always thought about those legs and pretty feet of yours in pantyhose. You are a really lovely and warm person to. And although you are an elder women, i really fancy you” She again laughed out “Haha Brian you are so cute. You know what i think i can help you become a really nice girl. Ofcourse if you really want to” My whole face lit up, like a little k** on christmas. I didn't know the consequences of being a girl would be. All i knew right now in this moment i wanted it so bad. And with the help of margret. Would be like a dream come thru. “Yes i'll do anything you want from me Magret” She pulled her legs towards her, stood up and walked out the door. I stood up to and went on the other side of the bed to get the bottle of pink. As my nylon feet touched the carpet i realized how nice it felt. Oh my god yes i sure i would love every second of being a girl. A pretty girl in pantyhose and nylons all the time. I picked up the bottle of pink and took my glass and poured myself some. Then Margret came in the bedroom again and closed the door behind her. “Oh that's a good idea. Pour some up to me to hun” She sat in bed again. I poured the pink in her glass to, and gave her the glass went around the bed. Took my glass and sat down over for her. Then i saw holding a little bottle in her hand. She was smiling as much as i did. I think we both found it very exciting. “Cheers” She said. “Cheers Margret” Then we both drank some. “Now this is something i got subscribed to me when me and my husband divorced. I was really out of balance with my whole body and it took a toll on me. I don't use this anymore. But i'm sure i can get subscribed more from my doctor. You know what it is?” She held a little brown glass bottle up with some liquid in it. But i had no clue what it was. “What is it?” “This is a bottle of oestrogen. Female hormones. And you gonna start on it” This all of a sudden became very serious “Are you sure this a good idea?” “Well you just told me that you wanna become a girl. You walked around in my pantyhose and stockings. Not gonna lie it turns me on to. Helping a little feminine boy become a nice looking girl. You are gonna be the daughter that i never had” When she said that to me. All i could think of was becoming a real girl. Maybe it was a bad idea. But if i didn't try how would i ever find out. “Yes Margret i wanna become girl. And that you said me becoming like a daughter to you. I really like the sound of that” She smiled at me. “Open your mouth Brian” And i did. My stomach was full a little butterflies. This was really going to happen. She screwed the lite of the bottle and sucked some up in the tube. And placed 5 drops on my tongue. “Good girl. 3 times a week 5 drops. At first you become very emotional. But you get used to it fast” Mmmm now it was really happening. “Cheers and thanks for helping me out. But what about Nico?” We drank the last of our pink. “What about him? He does not need to know about a thing. Besides he going to a music boarding school soon. So you will not see him that often” “What he is?” She got out of bed, and took her shirt of and then her top. And i forgot everything about Nico right there. My eyes were focused on her pretty red bra and nicely formed looking breasts. “Wow Margret. What are you doing?” She smiled and said. “What? We are all girls in here. And i think its about to get some sleep. It's almost half 3 in the night” She was right, it was getting late. I stood up to, and was about to walk out of her room. “Where are you going Brian?” I had no clue what she meant by that. “Like you said. Gonna go to bed in Nico's room” She laughed again. My god i loved her laugh. “No you are not. You are sleeping here with me. Take of you clothes i got a nightgown you can borrow” She then pulled her skirt down revealing her red panties thru the black opaque fabric. My god that ass looked so delicious. And i blushed. “Ehmm i can't” Then we both heard the front do open and get shot. “Oh Nico is home. Stay here. I'm gonna tell him that you left earlier to sleep at home. Now take of your jeans and t shirt” She walked out of the door and closed it behind her. Just like that. Only in a bra panties and her pretty pantyhose. I could hear them talk. I took of my t shirt “Hi sweetie how did it go” Nico sounded somewhat drunk to. “Ehh… Fine fine. Gonna get some sleep” I heard that laugh again. “Haha i think that's a good idea son. Just wanted to say that Brian went home to sleep” “Ok whatever mom. Goodnight” “Goodnight sweety” Then the door to her room opened again. “Man he had way to much. Hehe he is going to feel that tomorrow” I smiled and laughed a little. I sat on the edge of the bed. Without my t shirt on. “Lose the jeans to. You can't sleep with jeans in my bed. Gonna get way too hot” “I can't take them of Margret. I'm sorry” She seated herself next to me. “Why? You can tell me. Is it because you are in my stockings?” I looked shamefully on those pretty pantyhose sitting right next to me. And i said quietly “I got a hard on” “What? I can't hear you. Look at me and talk louder” I looked at her. Her eyes were so magical to look at. “Ah.. Eh..” She smiled to comfort me. “You can tell me anything Brian” I took a few deep breath. “I am a virgin. So i never seen a woman's body like yours in real life. You look so stunning like that, in your red bra and panties of those amazing pantyhose. All that combined is giving me a hard on” After i said that i looked away from her and closed my eyes. I felt shame. She was doing something. “So you never touched some breasts either?” I felt 2 of her fingers on my chin. Pushing them towards her sight again “Never, I'm so embarrassed to show myself to you” She then took one of my hand and placed it on something warm and very soft. “Take a look Brian” I opened my eyes and my hand was right on one of her breasts. My jaw dropped from the sheer sight of her perfectly shaped soft and warm breast. Her nipples was perky and so fine. Like they were looking right at me. Wow i never in my whole life seen as beautiful breasts as that before. And this sat on a real women. Not some pornstar or something from a magazine. No it was Margret's breasts. My best friends mom. “Feel them squeeze them. Explore them. Someday you will have some to” as i touched and felt them with both my hand she gently unbuttoned my jeans. I couldn't say anything. They felt so fucking amazing. “Now stand up and let's see that hard on” I blushed again but i did stand up. Then she pulled my jeans down and i stepped out of them. “Oh my oh my. You look fantastic in my stockings. That's some really nice girly legs you already got there. And you found my panties in the laundry basket i see. What a little dirty girl you are. Hihi” “I can't believe this is happening to me. Im showing myself in your stockings and panties to you. Oh my god. You got the prettiest breasts i ever seen Margret. You are so amazing for doing this with me” She smiled, stood up and opened her closet. “Here take this on. And then lay in the middle of the bed. Then i can see that hard on, you got” She threw a black silk satin nightgown to me. I unfolded it and put it on. She didn't even laugh when i got it on. The fabric on my skin felt amazing and soft. And gave me even more of a hard on. It went just down to over my bum. And had like lace patterns on each side of it, and the rest was silk satin. I felt fucking horny and to know that i was home by Margret in her bedroom in her lingerie made it even wilder than my wildest dream. “You look so amazingly good Brian. And it's only gonna get better from now. Lay down on the bed” I laid down in the middle of the bed. She got in the bed to, and was crawling towards me. Her tits hanging down a bit. But they look so hot dangling, and with a horny flirty look on her face. Then she seated herself infront of me pushing my legs wide open. “MMmmm Brian. We gonna make a fine girl out of you. You already got the legs for it” She glided her hands from my nylon feet and up my legs and all the way up to the panties. I was so frozen and tried to stay calm. But my whole body was shaking of excitement. “Now let's take a look at that hard on you dealing with” She slowly pulled my panties down and under my balls. My tiny hard dick was standing right before her face. “AAWWW. That it such a cute tiny dick. Mmmm so well shaped to. Perfect for a little girl like you” My whole body shivered. That was the world's best comment someone has given me about my tiny dick. And for the first time in my life i didn't feel shame about it. “Ehh… Ooommm… Thank you…” Her eyes was looking directly at me. And she slowly stuck her tongue out. I couldn't hold back for much further. She started licking it. “Ohh! My god!.... I cant believe your tasting me. Mmmm Margret!” She smiled and said. “Mmm it's delicious. Let me see how it all taste like” Her whole mouth just swallowed my tiny dick. “AAHHH!!..... NOOO!!” And before she even sucked it like 10 times. My cum oozes out into her mouth. And i heard her just going “MMM….. MMMM…..MMMM…. Mmmmmm” And sucked every little drop of it. I felt so shameful. I just cummed in my best friends mom mouth. I was so done. She sat herself up. And licked her lips. “Wow that tiny little cock really got a lot of sweet cum in it. You naughty girl. I like it very much. And you taste fantastic” My face blushed so much. “Thanks Margret, for helping me” “My pleasure. Now let's get some sleep” I laid down. And she snuck close into me with one of her pantyhose leg in between my stockings legs. And held around me. And my face was right up against her lovely warm breasts. Ohh she smelled so great. Last thing i remembers was that my hands was caressing her hosed leg. And not many minutes after i fall asleep