College Retreat: Erica

After Chastity, Erica and Bethany were assigned their separate rooms; Monsignor Bernard stepped outside for his ritual pre-dinner smoke. It was chilly. The wind cutting to the bone. They would need a fire even with close body warmth he had planned along with the explosive heat generated by nubile passion unleashed. He stubbed his butt carefully with his boot by the edge of the bush bordering the back of the retreat and made his way indoors.Chastity‘s language skills included an interest in international cuisine. Sometimes the cards fell into place thought Bernard. The Retreat was well provisioned and clean. The housekeeper Mrs Roberts had been sent on her way. Not required until the linen needed changing on Thursday. She was such a trusting soul and had asked for only a simple blessing and then was on her way. Chastity with the assistance of Erica and Bethany had satay chicken, rice and seasoned stir-fry vegetables on the table in reasonable time. Bernard whose authority provided him with a cellar key brought up two quality Chardonnays and some speciality beers. He wasn’t sure what the frolicsome Bethany would try. The coltish Erica would have to be coaxed off water and the frisky Chastity would gulp down anything that was provided.It only took an open bottle to get them started, in fact by the end of dinner; Bernard had made a second trip to the cellar for an additional bottle of wine. It was gratifying to see Erica relax her strict regime with a couple of glasses. Bethany and Chastity were tipsy. They were fondling and stroking each other’s hair to start with. The caresses had moved to their mutual breasts by the time the second bottle was empty. They had moved beyond pampering to groping between each other’s legs under the table deep into the third bottle. Petting really was a beautiful word when applied to touching genitals thought Bernard. These two were delicately, quietly and purposefully engaged with each other’s wet secret flesh. Erica wasn’t missing out; Bernard had sidled up to the unattached hurdler and guided her willing hand to stroke his cavity prober into shape. “Chastity… you and Bethany wash up …and make full of the kitchen. I want you in your own rooms at 10.30 sharp…. Erica and I will check out the gym…goodnight.”The tall brunette took in the state of the art, rarely used equipment with an appraising eye. It included a quality exercise bike, treadmill, bench-press, a multi station, a rowing machine, jump ropes, gym mats and dumbbells, all hardly used. “This is a quality set up Monsignor …I will be able to maintain peak fitness ready for the All College Championships next week…thank-you.” Get changed into your training gear and report back here in ten minutes okay.“Yes Monsignor” and she scurried off. Bernard mused Erica was bouncy, eager, so alive, and so full of energy. What a delight to fuck soon. Bernard lit up in the gym. His after dinner fag. No one to tell him off thank Christ.Erica was back, the lithe creature had three quarter tight fitting black pants that accentuated her athleticism, her taut tights, her firm, so flawlessly firm butt and a light pink sophomore sports bra, her muscle tone in her arms, sexy, she was a perfect regime. She knew her weights and was going left and right with the correct shaping and toning bells. This was serious iron and Bernard felt a slight twinge of unfit shame. She understood her figure, she understood her athletic body and she understood fucking base sexual need. She had moved on the mat for stretches and squats. Shit this was sexy even without the sex. It was body in body delight. She was toning her stomach and thighs with stretch exercises on the bench press. Bernard had had enough of the preliminaries. He could burn a few calories having sex. He was beside her with his meat hanging near her mouth. She wasn’t shocked. She stopped her routine and engaged in a more basic one. Shit she worked head up fast. She was all go this girl, reflexes trained to the starters gun. Give her a direction and there was no stopping her. Stop her that was the last thought in Bernard’s mind. He had given her his head and she was using hers, nature was right; two heads are better than one, a cock-head and a nubiles head. Bernard was straddling Erica and she took his member deep in her mouth from across her face and his balls slapped regularly against her soft cheek. He twisted her long brunette hair through his fingers. She was working up speed now, pumping cock like pumping iron. She paused only momentarily to take in the full rod, licking deftly under the glans several times. as she took in his purple headed love truncheon. She was a true champion and was showing her absolute finesse and class. Erica’s staying power, no gagging, no pausing for breath, a cock sucking machine, lip smacking and lip shaping delight. Enough thought Bernard, or that will be it, it will be over for me.There was no resistance as her three quarter pants were lowered along with red frilly knickers. Chastity had provided the detail from the middle aged woman encounter at the roadhouse, that Erica was currently sporting shaved perfection. Even the expected holds the unexpected with youthful lust, her genitals demanded attention in their own right, genitals always do. Bernard took them in from a previously unseen angle and the mystery was there, it always is.Two fleshy pleats seen from above, Erica’s hood guiding his eyes down to the flesh folded back upon itself , he parted her lips and they spread like an accordion , fanning out her sex, her womanhood. He eased Erica sideways on the press and she instinctively spread her legs. She was actually spread-eagled. So supple; it was no trouble to hold the full splits, her open pussy now on show, completely exposed, naturally gaped. Her arse too.Bernard’s tongue did the full tantalising tease. Licking, sucking, and nibbling each pleat in turn. Leaving her clit like the anchor on the relay for an explosive fast finish. Erica’s own fingers had drifted into fill the pleasure she couldn’t wait for, so Bernard got his tongue there for her. She was breathing heavily now, interspersed with delicate ‘ah yes’ ‘ah my’, then just ‘ah …oh…ah’. Her long brunette locks flowing to the left and right as her body and head started to writhe in pleasure peaking. Bernard gave her his lust shaft. Erica enveloped the pole of passion. Shit if an erect cock was placed at the finish line in a world championship this girl would either smash the world record to get it first or false start or not give a fuck, but fuck herself senseless anyway. Bernard knew how to manipulate for depth and stretch in a pussy with his woman teaser and pleaser. Erica was spread for depth and Bernard gave the maximum plunge. He was deep, deep as only womanly deep can be. Erica knew it was yawning deep, yet she was young, so even wide stretched, she had great tightness. She felt the grip of her vaginal walls; she just knew how to hold cock. She luxuriated in his stiff heavy wood; she wanted to feel impaled, taken, owned, a pleasure slut in the moment. Self discipline was for the track, her sexual ego was for self release. Erica was happy for her pussy to be mannequin doll to Bernard’s meat puppeteer. Still as Bernard eased her over she knew the premier event was ordained to begin. She held treasured in memory her arsehole being filled in the infirmary.Bernard had it in mind too. Erica’s tight butt hole from the infirmary, he had had to restrain himself to share Bethany that evening. It was Erica alone tonight in the gym. Her remembered tightness was driving the agenda, a cute hole tighter than his formal starched collars, tighter than the best quality ribbed condom, tighter than the tight arses that banned smoking at St David’s. Bernard lubed her gently; he knew he must, so tight. Fit and comfort go hand in hand like a well fitting glove on slender fingers, shit he knew his penis was made for her tightness and Erica realised too; she knew the carnal fit that was already the two of them from last time. Erica anticipated the constricting that was loaded with and produced laden pleasure. Her own taut inflexible flesh that would generate lewd compelling lust and securely define it for two. Her arse was going to be deliberately attentive to the male need for snugness, her pucker like a special secret cubby hole, a cosy nook for cock. Bernard eased in, gently; then Erica relaxed, but remained so goddamn tight, it nearly wasn’t possible. Her arse held his cock tighter than a femdom’s restraining leash. Anal perfection. So good that just for a moment Erica’s pussy was jealous of her anus. The sensation held longer with the first thrust in her butt, than the initial thrust into her pussy. While her pussy relaxed to the shape of Bernie’s shaft in her cunt, her arse held tight, remained tight, oh it was good, so good, she nearly preferred it. Why: because the excitement multiplied the pleasure. Was it the darkly forbidden, a taboo of the world her mother hoped didn’t exist… No it was just self… it was self as Erica… being a dirty girl; that made it so pleasurable …maybe …then again …it was the base physical…it was just the tightest delectable pleasure in itself. Erica was effusively anally dazed and amazed. Bernard was happily male rump humping. Erica was self constricted in startling personally controlled tightness, engorged man meat deep in her butt. Her back cave had waited patiently but was vacant no longer. Her cadbury avenue was about to be flooded with gluey male liquid. Bernard turned Erica’s wonderful arse, shaped by two pert buttocks into a smudgy semen smeared tunnel as he came in sweeping waves close to the rimmed edge of her beautifully sculptured balloon knot.Bernard got a rare surprise that softened momentarily a cynical hardened Jesuit framed soul. Erica’s unforeseen anally induced orgasm. So rare. But theirs. It was even outside Bernard’s vast ranging sexual experiences. Erica's back passage orgasm caught her by surprise, was this possible, obviously yes, it was intense too; timed she realised nearly as Bernard came in her arse. She felt his cock muscle tighten and instinctively her rectal muscles tightened and shit it was awesome, it was bliss. She was anally addicted. She worshipped secretly the man of the cloth. He had loomed in his cassock, often in her recent fantasies.Erica’s body was shaped by her training regime, her diet, regular gym workouts and mental preparation. She would always savour and have the female lifelong love affair with her gorgeous pleated genitalia and her pussy would always crave fat fast indecently deep cock. Still the men who gave her backdoor attention would reap the most sexual rewards. Her sex life was and would remain forever expectantly shaped unexpectedly by the opportunities centred on her sweet puckered ring.Erica was efficiently dressed and resting. Bernard was zipped, so easy for a male at times and was having his post sex fag, while looking around for his earlier butt, best to keep Mrs Roberts on your right side. Shit, the guidelines for The Retreat didn’t ban smoking precisely, yet, still it was unwritten, it was protocol. Protocol, don’t go there Bernard he told himself…protocol with young women in your charge …he took another drag…the mindless…safe option.“Bernard …I’m really tired “, said Erica, "Can I sleep now?” Christ she was asking permission to leave, to rest… she was replete. He should have let her go before he lit up. Bernard swept back a few stray long brunette wisps of hair, kissed her forehead and blessed her softly and sent Erica on her way with only one lustful short sharp slap on her premium butt.Erica turned and gave her podium winning smile. Then flitted faster than a tantalising erotic dream out of the gym.And Bernard left the world of dreams to young women and finished his ciggy.