steering wheel of his car. "This fuckin' car gives menothing but shit." Kevins two buddies, Jay and Dean tried to pretend they couldn'thear him. They had so many other wonderful things to pay attention to:the beautiful pavement stretching for miles ahead of them and behindthem as they sat still on the road; the searing rays of the noontimeAugust sun; the intriguing patterns of bitter, burning sweat linesrunning down each other's faces... yeah right. This was NOT turning outto be a good trip. And Kevins vicious temper was starting to show, whichdidn't help to defuse their problem. "I just had those fucking brakes replaced last month. What the hellis wrong with them?" Kevins green eyes glistened with anger as he bashedthe driver door open with his left arm. Jay, in the frontseat, chanced a quick look into the back, where Dean just shrugged. Whenthe door opened, a sadistically hot breeze whipped around the inside ofthe car, scooping up crumpled gum wrappers and torn magazine pages andteasing the bare, hairy legs of the three young men who dared to bethere. Perhaps even the wind felt threatened in Kevins domineeringpresence. Dean sighed and climbed out of the back seat to see what was wrongthis time. Kevin was leaning over to check under the car by the time Deanand his glossy dark hair stepped into the sun. He heard Kein mumblesomething about "those fuckin stupid mechanics," and he decided he wouldwait a moment to look for himself. Kevin laid down on his back andwriggled his butt around on the pavement, attempting to get furtherunder the car. Both Dean and Jay tried not to look. This was the fourth time today they were stopped because of cartrouble. Already, they were a couple hours late getting to theircampsite. Dean looked ahead to the mountains , at the moment, Jayappeared to be snickering at Kevins car. Up there, he knew he would beable to relax and get rid of the stress from his new job. All summer, hehad been taking jobs and leaving them; this one was too boring, that onewas too menial, the other one required too much thought... However, thistime, he felt like he'd really found the right job for him. The pay wasgreat, and he didn't even have to work very hard. Any stress at all justended up eating at him eventually, so this weekend was going to be veryrefreshing, he could feel it... Kevin climbed out from under the car, rearranging his snugshorts so they hung more comfortably on his hips. "I amnever going back to that garage again," he said. "Those idiots couldn'teven tighten the new brakes up right! That wheel locked up tighter thana sonofabitch. Hey Jay, get my tools, will ya?" He wiped the sweatfrom his brow with a blond haired forearm and leaned on the fender, hisass making a slight indentation in the thin metal. The passenger door protested as Jay pushed it open. Another blastof hot wind greeted this newcomer to the outside world by tousling hishair. He squinted in the bright sun, his eyesadjusting slowly to the outside light. He walked around to the trunk andunstrapped the bunjee cord that held in the three huge sleeping bags.After digging through the duffels and unfolded clothes haphazardly piledin true guy fashion, he found a small box of mismatched tools, which hebrought to Kevin who muttered a quick "thanks" and went to work. Deanhelped him by jacking up the wheel, while Kevin loosened the lug nuts.Jay just watched, his interest switching between the odd birds dartingaround to the huge fluffy clouds carelessly floating overhead. Hethoughtfully scratched at his arm subconsciously drawingattention to himself. Dean was watching, looking at his smoothfeatures and lightly freckled face. When Jay realized he was beingstared at, he looked back in Deans direction who turned away, andwatched as Kevin removed the wheel from the car. "Looks like it's not too bad," Kevin said, a tinge of anger still onthe edge of his voice. The brake caliper was twisted a little, but hejust gave it a good whack and tightened the bolts back up.Dean took the tools back to the trunk, while Kevin and Jay gotback in the car and buckled up. Dean took his shirt off before he shutthe door, revealing a hefty set of pecs. Dean didn't know it, butJay’s mouth watered just a little. Kevin turned the radio up as loud as he could, trying to keep thespeakers from buzzing and vibrating too much. Jay had brought hisFleetwood Mac CD, the group they all agreed was the only one worthlistening to. Dean chuckled, thinking that the most valuable part of thecar was the CD player, a two-year-old gift from Kevins sister Diana. Finally the trees started getting thicker along the sides of theroad. Stone walls trimmed the edges of patchwork fields, trying tocontain the overproducing, bushy green cornstalks that spread out foracres in many directions. After a while, the fields started gettingsmaller, and the sun's cruelty was tempered by the heavy, motheringbranches of the trees that crossed over their path. Jay grinned, thinking how cool it was that the three of them wereable to go on this camping trip alone for once. For years, their threefamilies had made the trip together, which had never quite worked out toeveryone's best interests. Kevins Sister was always crawlinginto their tent. Their parents seemed to never have enough water fromthe brook nearby, so one of the guys had to leave their group to fetchsome more. Deans mother had an annoying habit of calling "groupmeetings," during which they talked about nothing important and gotnothing accomplished. It was very frustrating for a group of three guyswho wanted to spend some time alone together. Now, since they were all18, they could go alone. Finally, they were going to have fun. "You know what we could do?" Kevin asked, his green eyes softer nowwith the anger gone. Jay thought they were much more attractive thatway. "I am SO sick of going to the same old campsite every year. We knowit by heart! Why don't we make a new one?" "Hey, sounds great!" Jay said. "That way, nobody could find us,either." He winked at Dean, who winked back and smiled. "That's it -- if Jay says it's a good idea, then we're going,"Kevin said, watching Deans face in the rear view mirror. Dean pretendedto pout, "upset" because he was left out of the decision. He clasped hishands behind his neck and stretched out. The next road on the left was a narrow stagecoach road, probably acentury old. Tall weeds grew profusely from the center, and short grasshumbly poked up from the low wheel ruts. Kevin drove carefully around therocks and stumps that here and there broke the smoothness of the path."There's our old campsite," he said, pointing down the slope to hisleft. The trees opened up into a sun-filled clearing, with a barbecuepit in the center and enough room for five tents in a circle around it.Dean was happy they were driving right by. Their weekend togetherdeserved something better than that horrible clearing. Camping there,with no privacy, had been so... frustrating. The road went on and on. Jay put his arm out the window, grabbingat leaves on nearby branches as they drove by. He chuckled to himself,He had quite a few new "tasks" planned for this weekend. He was jarred outof his reverie by an exclamation from Dean: "WOW! Look at that WATER!" Kevin stopped the car and the three guysclambered out to look at something they'd never actually seen before.Water from a wide stream crashed into a huge boulder, making a finespray. The water that was left was pouring almost fifty feet down into ashallow pool the size of an average playground. Kevins eyes were comingout of his head as he imagined jumping into the cool, envigoratingwater. He had been sweating since he woke up that morning, and it wasdefinitely time for a rinse. He looked at Dean and saw that he wasalready heading off the path towards the pool. Jay wasn't far behind,practically skipping with relief and the joy of having found a way toget rid of their heat and sweat. "Hey, you assholes, wait for me!" Kevinyelled after them, and he started running to catch up. By the time he got to the water's edge, Dean was already in up tohis waist. The sand was coarse, but clean; the water was surprisinglyclear. Jay had taken off his tank top and was anxiously heading forthe pool. Kevin grumbled, "Fuck sakes, guys, can't you wait just asecond?" He tore off his shirt and made a loud splashing entry into thewater as Dean came up for air. "It is SO awesome under there," Dean sputtered, wiping water fromhis eyes and his hair, now slicked back against his head. His eyesglistened with happiness. He was having a great time. "This water is soclear, you can see all of the rocks around the edges, and you can evensee plants growing way over there," he said, pointing to the far side ofthe pool. By now, Kevin was in up to the middle of his thighs and he wasgoing deeper. "Be careful," Dean warned. "This water will make youhorny."Kevin snorted in contempt and dove under the water. Dean watched himswim to the other side of the pool, and then back again in a relaxed side-to-side pattern as he checked the bottomfor interesting souvenirs. He stood up about ten feet away from Dean.When he had cleared the water from his eyes, he saw that Dean wasgrinning at him. He was about to ask what was going on, when Jay cameup to Kevin from behind and jumped on his back, laughing. Even thoughJay was an even 5’ 6” feet tall and weighed around 165 pounds, Kevinwobbled. He grabbed Jays legs and spun him aroundin a circle, letting him go flying on his back in front of Dean whoput out his arms and helped to ease Jays fall into the water. Jaylanded square into Deans chest and knocked the both of them under.Frantically, Dean grasped for something solid so he could pull himselfabove water again... and his hand caught Jays shorts and yanked them.He stood up in the water, spitting and coughing, and felt a sudden punchfrom Jay. "What the fuck is the idea, huh?" Jay yelled, giving Dean anothershot in the arm. Dean was suddenly defensive, but he stopped whenhe saw Jay holding up a pair of torn shorts... Jays shorts. Deansmouth involuntarily fell open, and he looked down to find that Jay wasstanding in front of him with nothing on at all except the coolrefreshing water. Jays firm stare unexpectedly turned into a widegrin, and he threw the shorts onto a rock on the edge of the pool. "Iwas going to take them off anyway," he said, chuckling, and once againhe went under. Kevins eyes were sparking with energy and impish intent as his handswent below the waterline, to return almost immediately with his shorts.Dean was dumbfounded. Kevin waded over to Dean,. "You'reright," Kevin said. "This water does make me horny." Dean could onlystare as the tip of Kevins cock broke the surface of the water. It waspulsating gently, making small waves as Dean stood still, it was huge, Kevin alwyas had a hard on, and this time, it was fully in view, “ What a nice cock! “ Dean thought to himself.Kevins handscame away from his side and moved slowly forward to Dean whodidn't move. Kevin touched the waist of Deans shorts, who was stillquiet, as Kevin started to pull his shorts down slowly. When Kevinlooked toward the water for the first time in an eternity of seconds,Deans hands shot up to the sides of Kevins face and he held him still,kissing him on his lips, his neck, his ear... still aware of Kevin helping him step out of his shorts and throwing them to the shore.Kevin hugged Dean close and stopped the kissing, so theirthrobbing members pressed together tightly for a few seconds then headed outof the water.They just sat down on the beach and watched Jay emerging from the water as ifhe were a new man, with a smirk and a very hard 7”erection.Deanand Kevin watched as the water dripped from the hair on Jayschest down through his pubic hair, and made tantalizing rivers over hisscrotum and down his legs. Kevin stared, as Jay made his wayacross the sand to where Dean was now lying. He got on his knees over Deanface to face with him, and kissed him tongue-first. Dean respondedimmediately by pulling his feet under himself and thrusting up intoJays crotch, pressing their cocks together. Jay groaned in surpriseand pleasure and they rolled together in the sand until they were backin the water. Kevin approached them and watched as they thrashed around,grinding their bodies into each other, moaning and making strange soundsthat he had never heard before. It was new to all of them... and it wascertainly exciting. Dean broke away for a moment to catch his breath, and Kevin took hisopportunity to descend on Jay. Just as Jay was getting up on his knees,Kevin was in front of him, looking at Jays hard package. He backed away fromKevin, nervous but still willing, He stoppedmoving and followed Kevins movement down hiscrotch, and he watched as Kevins head slowly moved toward his visiblythrobbing penis. He had no idea what to expect... When Kevins lips grazedthe head of his cock, he gasped and clutched at the air, reeling andlosing his balance, falling backward onto his side. Kevin was quickly back into position, holding Jays pounding meatin his left hand, looking at it and admiring it and wondering what to donext... but Jay knew what he wanted Kevin to do. He moved onto his backand pleadingly thrusted up at Kevins face, who readily responded. Hegrinned and took Jay into his mouth slowly and carefully, tasting andsensing with his tongue, exploring the contours and ridges of Jays7” cock. Jays eyes closed as he mumbled somethingunintelligible as Kevin flicked his tongue here and there over him. Kevinstarted to suck on Jays throbbing meat gently at first but then harder andharder, and Jay was again thrown into spasms of ecstasy. His legs werequivering uselessly, forgotten extensions of a body focusing all itsattentions on a new pleasure. His hands grabbed big handfuls of Kevinshair, and pushed his face down harder on his insatiable cock. Kevinworked Jay up and down, swirling his tongue and saliva around andaround, feeling with his tongue down the end of Jays tool, whogroaned louder and louder with each movement. Dean came over to watch, crouching behind Kevin so he could fondlehis big balls. Dean was fascinated with the way Jay responded to Kevinsevery move and noise. His own erection became unbearably hard, and henoticed a drop of sticky precum oozing out of the end of it. He wentover to Jays face and as the sun was blocked from his eyes, Jayopened them and looked up at Dean. He didn't see much, though, becausehis eyes were glazed and distant, his breath was shallow and his lungswere working overtime.Jays moaning became louder and louder and started kickingthe sand, trying to lift higher and higher into Kevins throat. Kevintightened his grip on Jays ass and sucked more zealously, eager forthe climax and envigorated by the newness of the sensations he wasgiving and receiving. He could feel Jays tool swell every timeJay contracted his muscles; he could tell by the tightening in Jaysass that the time was close. Dean watched in amazement and wonder asJays face changed expression to show complete tension, his eyessqueezed tightly shut; his mouth opening and closing, cooing and moaning ,his forehead furrowing and smoothing... and his breathing, thegasping in and out, was making Dean shake withexcitement. On one thrust into Kevins mouth, Jay didn't return to thesand; he kept pushing higher, his head rolling from side to side andsoft grunts escaping from his throat. Kevins eyes widened as Jayssemen hit the back of his mouth, but he kept his lips locked aroundJays spasming cock until the end, when Jay let out a long sigh andslowly returned to the sand. Kevins mouth was still closed, and Deancould see that he was enjoying what Jay had given him. Hewatched as Kevins throat moved when he swallowed, and he wiped hisgrinning lips with the back of his hand. Not a drop escaped Kevisn greedymouth. He bent down to finish Jay off, gently lapping all around thehead of his cock, checking to be sure he had every bit of semen, everyhint of fluid. Jay was totally relaxed; his breathing had slowed, hiseyes were closed as if in sleep, and his arms and legs were limp on thesand. "Holy shit," he whispered quietly. Kevin watched Jay for a moment, and then made eye contact withDea who slowly stood up and took a step forward, suddenly unsure of what will happen next, not knowing what to do. His eyes widened as he noticed, for thefirst time, how big and thick Kevins cock was , it had to be close to 10” and looked at it with lust in his eyes.Dean looked down at his own painfully throbbing cock and then back at Kevins.In the relative darkness, he could see adrop of glistening fluid on the end of Kevins rigid shaft, waiting to betasted and swallowed. Dean moved hypnotcally towards Kevin and felt Kevin take one of his balls into his mouth, gently moving it around with his lips and tongue. A chill went up Deans spine as Kevin let his nut go and was once againexposed to the relatively cool air. Deans toes tingled when he felt Kevins tongue wandering around hisscrotum and the base of his tool. He was getting mildly frustrated,wanting Kevin to just get it over with. Kevin glanced up to see an annoyedlook on Deans face as Kevin smiled inside, thinkinghe had planned it just right. He curled his tongue around the base ofDeans angry red cock, saliva dripping from his open mouth onto thequivering shaft, and he slowly dragged his tongue up to the head. Thetwitching of his overanxious tongue as he caressed Deans hammer and broughtDeans tension almost to a peak. Kevin felt Deans body begin totighten as Dean tried to maneuver himself fully into Kevins mouth.When Kevins tongue first touched the supersensitive head of Deans cock,he suffered the same fate as Jay. He writhed in ecstatic pleasure,thrusting up and down and sideways, thrusting anywhere, just to get ridof the massive rush of adrenalin in his body. Kevin was having a difficulttime keeping up with Deans spasms. To Kevins surprise, Dean accidentallylost then found Kevins mouth and drove himself into it. Kevin choked and tried topull away, but he was too late. The sudden immense pleasure of ramminghis entire cock into someplace wet, smooth, and warm had brought Deanthe rest of the way to freedom. Deans hands came out of nowhere to holdKevins head in position as he fucked Kevins mouth mercilessly, unloadingeverything he had into his receptive throat. Kevin let himself becontrolled, drinking in the sensation of no longer being the contollingone. He reveled in the complete warmth of being injected with Deanssemen, tasting the physical proof of maturity from his second cock.Grunts and moans escaped from Deans smiling mouth as he finallyexperienced the all-body wave of relaxation he knew from masturbation,but this was so much more powerful, he wasn't prepared for it. His heartthudded heavily in his chest as the rest of his body slowed down. Hishands eased their grip on Kevins hair, gratefully massaging his headand hair as Kevin carefully released Deans softening cock from hismouth. Kevin got up from his knees and looked at Dean with a huge drop of precum swinging from the end of his huge pole.Kevin, quickly, without warning, kissed Dean, catching him completely off guard. Dean was shocked to feel Kevins slimy lips binding against his own, surprised to receive an extra load of saliva from Kevins mouth as their tongues entwined... butthen he realized what he was tasting, and he was reawakened sexually asthe knowledge that he wasn't eating saliva set off firecrackers in hismind.He was surprised at the taste of his own semen, not knowing what he should have expected, but certainly he was not expecting something so bitter and salty. He was very pleased with Kevins prank. Dean closed his mouth, forcing Kevin to break away. Kevin suddenlyleaned over and Dean then noticed Jay on his knees, hands on Kevins lower backbehind Kevin with his face buried in Kevins ass. 'What the fuck is Jaydoing?' Dean thought to himself, wondering if he was seeing thingscorrectly. Kevin went down on his elbows and rested his head on theground, his knees spreading in the sand. He was starting to moan into the sand; long, happy moans of surprise and pleasure.Jays hands reposistioned and gripped the back of Kevins thighs, his fingers squeezing his legs as his face worked up and down the crack of Kevins ass.Dean just stood there staring down not believing what his eyes were insisting was true.Dean got on his knees and looked over the situation from all anglesJays cock harder than ever, smacking against his stomach as his bodyrocked forward and backward, eagerly tonguing away.Dean wondering how he should get himself into the picture. He couldn't believe this was all taking place, and his head spun ashe tried to remember how they even got here. As he was thinking, heremembered when Kevin wriggled under the car to fix it... and he used thesame tactic to get under both of them.climbing under Jay on his back going between Jays spread legs. Dean squirmed under them to make sure he had the right perspective. What he saw shocked him. Jayshands were on Kevins thighs and pulling Kevin to meet his tounge the he drove it into his tight ass.Dean closed his eyes, letting his head stop spinning for a moment, not believing this unusual but erotic act.His eyes suddenly opened again when he felt something hit his forehead.He looked straight up to see Kevins 10” cock just above his head, just hanging with another huge drip of precumthere flopping back and forth from Jays toung lashing.The huge drop of fluid about to fall onto Deans face. Dean opened his mouth and darted his tounge forward so he could catch it. It wassurprisingly mild, not as bitter as what he had tasted moments beforefrom Kevins mouth. He pushed himself up on his elbows and licked Kevinsdangling scrotum, surprising Kevin yet again and making his legs spreadfurther with a moan of gratitude. His body fell closer to Deans face, and Dean put his hands up to help support Kevin. Jay was making intriguingslurping noises just inches away, noises that coincided with themuffled, thrilling grunts coming from Kevin.Kevins incredibly swollen 10” cock pulsed just inches away fromDeans face, still oozing precum slowly into Deans mouth. Dean massaged Kevinsabdomen and pubic area while using his tongue to tickle strategic placeson Kevins now visibly throbbing cock.Kevin forcing his body closer to Deans face so Dean could put it in his mouth.Kevin desperately need release after taking both of his best friends loads, it was his turn now. Dean put his hands on Kevins hips, pulling him into his facehe enjoyed the feel of Kevins hot meat against his cheek and forehead. You could hear the smack of his cock hit Deans forhead from the weight of his huge tool.Dean felt Kevins cock swell to full erection from rubbing his cheeks and lips on it.Dean then tilted his head back and nibbled atthe head of Kevins cock with his lips. Kevin, feeling Deans presence morethan ever, lunged at his opportunity to lose his frustration. Dean wasready as Kevin buried his meat deeply into Deans wet,warm mouth, moaning loudly which spurred Jay on and increased the speed of his tounge fucking into Kevins backsideDean then felt Kevins cock thicken inside his mouth, built up pressure as he finally ejaculated, shot after shot of thick cum into Deans mouth. Jays tongue was burrowed deep in Kevins ass, twisting this way and that as Kevinsejaculation contractions squeezed it. Kevin finally quit trying to holdhimself up, and he let all of his weight down on Deans face who was still taking spurts of cum into his mouth , but as Kevin collapsed, The last few cumshots landed onto his face.As Jay withdrew from Kevin, moved back to see Deans face slde out from under Kevins body , with a face covered in cum. Dean squirmed out from under Kevin and rolled Kevin over on his back, Kevins huge cock still partially erect and very slick with his cum and spit.Dean smiled like an idiot, his face covered with gobs of Kevins cumJay laughed as he got on his knees to look at Deans splattered face closerJay leaned in to kiss Dean, but Dean put his hands up to Jayschest to stop him. Jay looked hurt, but Dean still resisted. "It'sokay," Jay said, his voice somehow breaking the peace but at the sametime reassuring.Deans arms gave way, and Jay leaned into Deans face wonderingly. Jay opened his lips and took Deans whole mouth in hisown, his tongue pushing between Deans soft and sticky lips. Jay then licked up Kevins leftover warm cum into his mouth, making Dean and Kevin chuckle.Kevin reached and pulled Jay to him and french kissed him, wanting to taste himself on Jays mouth. Jay chuckled and rolled over onhis back, finally letting a sigh of total relaxation.Kevin and Dean joined Jay lying down.Wow, that was fun Kevin said, and Jay and Dean both agreed,But next time, i want the both of you to suck my cock at the same time until i blow my load as Kevin cock twitched to the side heavily in be continued?.?depends on up to whoever reads ityou read, please leave a comment