Came home unexpected

This story is linked with my mate Ray mentioned in previous stories who by this time was also married but we also used to see each other regularly, in fact we remained best mates and when the opportunity presented itself we would often pleasure each other and had many great adventures. Needless to say our wives didnt know about all our activities.One evening I went to rugby practice leaving my wife at home watching her favourite tv show of the time. When I got there I found that rugby had been cancelled so I went with the other lads who had turned up for a quick drink. Anyway had a couple then went home. Drove onto the drive and noticed that the lights in the living room suddenly came on and the curtains were tightly drawn which was unusual. After grabbing my sports bag I went to front door and was just about to step inside when my wife appeared.Well what a surprise greeted me. My wife was dressed in stockings, suspenders, G string lace panties and her highest stilleto heels. She always new that this get up always got me going. She looked fantastic and very flushed. I grabbed her but she tried to push me away and asked why I was home so early. After I told her what happened I was all over her and asked her what she had in mind. She said she was just trying on her playclothes and seeing if she needed to get anything else sometime.. I was now very excited and pulled her to me there in the hallway and pushed my fingers between her legs and was shocked to find that she was very wet . By now I was as hard as a rock and dropped my tracksuit trousers grabbed her hand and wrapped her fingers round my cock. She was playing hard to get which I couldnt understand but I knew I wanted to get in her straightaway, as I pushed my throbbing penis into her between her thighs with her legs wrapped around me as I lifted her off her feet up against the wall.She was wetter than I ever remembered and so sticky inside, she felt wonderfullly sexy and I thrust into her as deep as I could and knew I was going to cum very quickly as she pushed her pussy back at me I felt my balls boiling with sperm and then I felt it gushing gallons of spunk into her. Truly one of the best orgasms I had ever had with her which had made my knees buckle. I wanted to make her cum and knelt between her legs and started to lick her pussy but she pulled my head away and ran upstairs saying she was going to get a shower.I went upstairs and heard the shower and a few minutes later she came out wearing a bathrobe. She smiled and said boy were you excited and noticed my cock was still hard as I had stripped off and lay on my back on the bed and was slowly rubbing myself. I asked her what had got her into the mood. She said that while trying on her lingerie she had come across a the flexible life like vibrating dildo I had bought her sometime back and she had used it for a while which had made her wet. Well we had another session and she got on top and lowered herself down onto my now very stiff cock and ground herself onto me until we both had a good cum.A few days later I met up with Ray for a drink and we chatted about this and that, I mentioned to him what had happened when I had got home the night of the cancelled rugby evening and the session my wife and I had. He was very interested and wanted all the details. He then grinned and said you know we have talked about fucking each others wives, well I have to tell you and hoped I wasnt angry but he had managed to talk my wife into a session with him.Well I was shocked but also wanted all the details