Bumping into Hailey

After dinner and once in bed, I laid thinking and wondering what Hailey's body would look like without any clothes on. As well as what lingerie did she by. The thoughts got my cock hard and throbbing. I stroked my cock thinking about being with and fucking Hailey as well as memorising my cock in Gabby's tight ass. I soon exploded while imagine how Hailey's ass and cunt looks like. My cum landing on my belly and chest as I perved over her. After a well needed cumming I cleaned myself and then fell asleep in wonder. A few days past by and it was just after 8 on a quiet Wednesday morning. Only having a afternoon class I was still floating around the house in my sleeping shorts when I recieved a picture. The picture was from an unknown number but needless to say I opened the picture. It was from Hailey, with an attached message saying if you'd like to see this in person here is my address, I'll be waiting. See you soon I replied as I quick ran to shower dress and out the house within a few minutes like a HORNY DOG. Arriving at her house, she opened the main gate for me. As I parked I received a message saying the front door is open and I'm upstairs in the 3rd bedroom on the left. I made my way up and on entering the bedroom I was greet with a sexy site which immediately made my cock grow. I walked up to Hailey who was standing with her back towards me in her new black and white poker dot lingerie and black Hilled boots. A perfect sexy ass I got to look at and on approaching her I placed my hands on her hips and let my lips meet her neck as I gave her a few caressing kisses. She soon turned around, her arms around my neck as my hands gripped her as while our mouths opened letting our tongues meet. Once our lips aparted she looked at me and said hope you know I invited you over for a good hard rough orgasm. I smile and replied no problem I look forward to delivering. Immediately pushing her onto her bed, I gripping her thong and removed it. Spreading her legs I took a good look a sexy wet pink pussy which almost looks unused, virgin like, and without hesitation I moved to have a taste. Hailey moaned as I ate her beautiful cunt. Sucking her lips and licking her clit and I could taste her juices as she became wetter and reached her first orgasm. Standing up after she finished she sat up and within seconds my clothes had been stripped. My cock deep in her throat as she sucked me for a few seconds before stopping and handing me a condom. As I stood putting the condom on she removed her bra, and fuck did she have nice natural sexy tits. Looking at her hard nipples as I pushed her onto her back. Lifting her legs up against my chest I push my throbbing hard cock slowly into her beautiful tight pussy. So hard and rough you want it I asked and she smile at me. I immediately started pounding in and out of her cunt, looking at her face as she moaned. Her moans kept increasing as she neared orgasm again and she climaxed I pulled my cock out her cunt and rubbed it as her body trembled.Moving her onto all 4s and kneeling behind her. I shoved my cock back into her cunt, grabbing onto her hips as I started fucking her rough deep and hard. Making her scream from pleasure as I fucked her. My cock throbbing as my balls loaded with cum, I pounded even harder in and out her cunt as my load exploded into the condom. Pounding her till every last drop, moaning together till I pulled out, and she then said Gabby sure was right you are a good fuck. I looked at her and smiled with confusion and she then told me that Gabby gave her my number and said she must give me a try. Awesome I said in my head and then I replied to her say Hmmm that was just a start next time I'll do better. Hailey replied saying how do you know there will be a next time as I do have a boyfriend? I replied, Judging by the way you scream as you orgasmed he does fuck you as well. She smiled as she grabbed my cock and said size seem like it does matter and your definitely fitted my pussy better. Smiling back at her we exchanged 1 or 2 kisses before i said goodbye and made my way to varsity wondering if I'm gonna be Gabby and Hailey's sex slaves which will be ironic as initially I was just using Gabby for sex.