Black Dicking

I stopped and leaned against a car paying no attention to the sleek black painted metal of the Audi 500 with the stainless steel rims and tinted windows, as I adjusted my hose from where they had slid down into the toe area of my shoes causing me great discomfort. My skirt was black and fairly short, showing off my long slender legs. My 34 D cup breasts where never able to be completed covered up no matter what shirt I wore, and with the blouse I was wearing the cleavage was topping over at the edges of the top part of the blouse. My long blond hair swung down into my face as I tried to adjust my stocking with my shoe in my hands and standing on the one foot that still had a shoe on.I lost my balance, as I was suddenly startled from the sound of a man yelling in my direction as he came out of a building, which the car was parked in front of."What the fuck do you think your doing bitch! Can't you see that you are leaning against an expensive damn set of wheels and marking up the paint with your fucking finger prints"! I could not gain my balance as I looked up at the man totally stunned. I wavered on my one foot as I struggled to put the shoe back on and at the same time remove my supporting hand from his car.I started to apologize and found the man standing right in my face. "Who the fuck are you bitch?" He asked as I stood there smelling his breath filled with the smell of beer and cigarettes.I started again to stammer and speak to him, to tell him how sorry I was. As he heard me stammer out the word sorry he again barked at me, "you sorry alright, what the fuck does sorry do for me?" He looked at me with a sneer and began to check out my overflowing tits, as I watched his eyes travel down the front of my body checking out my long legs."Damn bitch you given me a fucking hard on, you sorry for that too?" I was in shock for the way he spoke to me, and then out of nowhere came two more guys from the bar. They had been listening to the noise of the guy yelling at me and came out to see what was going on."Damn babe, you gonna lick those fingerprints off the car, and then you gonna lick this fucking hard on I have in my drawers, and you gonna do it now!" he exclaimed.As he spoke he did not give me time to move an inch before his right hand was on my head and his left hand was on the small of my back as he pushed me towards the cars black metal body. Smashing my face into the spot that my hand had been resting he began to command me to lick the fucking car clean. I did not know what to do other than whimper as he took control of me. His buddies stood there laughing and cheering him on."That's it get that bitch under control Eddie!" Eddie was over 6 ft 3 and towered over my 5'5 frame. He had to weigh over 200 pounds. I on the other hand might weigh about 120.He pulled the back of my head by my hair and turned me around to face him. He took his large callused black dark skinned hand and reached inside my cleavage pulling my right tit out and taking his large fingers he began to squeeze the nipple shooting pain right through me. I felt the sharp pain as it shot strait through sending a surge to my clit. He still held me back against the car as he began to fill my milky white titties with his large black firm hands. He stepped in closer to me spreading my legs wide and raising my skirt out of the way, then rubbing his crotch against my covered pussy. I could feel his hardness in his pants as he shoved it against me making my pussy wet with want.I had never felt such hot desire before, but I did not want him to know that I was beginning to go into heat like the bitch he was calling me. He pulled back a few inches and looked me dead in the face before speaking again."You need to show me how sorry you are now, then you gonna show my friends how sorry you are for disrupting things around here, so get ready to get the dicking of your life"I did not say a word as I stayed there in the position he had placed me in. He did not say another word as he took my hand and placed it on his zipper. I knew he wanted me to take his dick out myself, so I slide the zipper down showing my submission and pulled out a thick 12" cock that was dark black with a dark purple mushroom head. The mushroom was at least 3 inches around and I knew he was going to have to split my slit to get that monster inside of my tight cunt lips.He pulled his firm ass back as I watch his giant salami point in my direction. He lifted my ass up onto the car so that he would have direct aim at my snatch, then pulled off my panty hose and took his long thick middle finger and pulled my white panties crotch to the side, slipping his finger inside. He took his finger and twiddled on my pussy lips before spreading my slit wings aside and slipping his finger into my wet tight hot quim. He stuck that finger all the way up inside my satin white pussy and twisted it around inside of me feeling my cunt walls as they began to let loose my juices all over his finger slicking things up inside.Pulling his finger out he held it to my lips and ordered me to be a good bitch and lick his finger clean of the mess I was making. I held my tongue out and lapped at the thick finger as he poked it in between my rose red lips. Then he let me know that he had something else for my lips to wrap around once he was done dicking me good.He aimed that giant penis at my tight clean shaven snatch and spread my pussy lips with the huge mushroom head as he began to lean into me and sticking that dick inside of me slowly. I could feel my cunt lips strain to part wide enough for that monster pole of his, and his hands wrapped around to my back as he lifted me up a little to get a better angle to take his dick deep inside of me. He filled my insides up to where I swear I thought his penis was going to come out my throat. He stuck me on his rod and then began to give me the hardest fucking of my life. I had nowhere to go, all I could do was stay in position and take the fucking he was giving me.He poked my pussy in rapid strokes as I remained still and spread to receive the fuck he was urgently giving to me. I was there to take care of his a****l needs, and he was going to satisfy himself until he would unload his hot sperm deep inside my womb. My pussy wrapped around tightly massaging his throbbing member, as he worked it in and out of me humping his ass in and out. I began to scream as he continued to tare my snatch up with that thick long black poker. He backed up and stood there with his hands on his hips in front of me, as I lay back on the car with my pussy spread and filled with his dick he stood there just sliding his thick black meat in and out of my hairless white pussy.His friends stepped up close to watch that black snake slide in and out of my white pussy. They made comments on how hot it looked and how they could not wait to have their turn at me. Eddie told me to sit up some and watch him put it to me. I could see the long wet pole as it pulled out of my hot hole, and then watched it disappear between my pouching pink pussy lips. I could feel my orgasm start to build, and I could feel his dick start to jerk inside as he began to blow a hot wad of dick snot inside my womb, in hot jets he sprayed my snatch down soaking it good as he grunted and got off inside of me. I began to come all over his thick snake as it spit inside of me, unable to hold back my screams, I let loose all over him, my pussy grabbing and twitching wild all around that thick black cock buried deep inside of me. I felt his thick rod begin to go limp as I came back to reality from the crashing orgasm I had just had all over that black piece of awesome meat. Finally he slipped out of me and I could feel his sperm overflow out onto my inner thighs and down into my ass crack and onto the metal of his car hood."See the mess you made on my Johnson bitch, get on your fucking knees now and clean this mess up". I jumped up as quick as I could to eagerly please him and found myself on my knees there on the sidewalk in front of the bar with his limp 9" cock sliding down my throat for me to suck off and lick clean. I stuck my tongue out as he pulled his meat out and had me reach for it with my tongue for everyone to see. I lapped at it like a happy well fucked bitch, which is just what I was. He then held my head in his one hand and took his tool and aimed it at my face then I licked his pole dry for him. He ordered me to put it back inside his pants and then zip him up and kiss his crotch. I had to thank him for taking care of me with his cock, and then turn and take care of his friends hard tools as well. The took turns fucking me in the mouth and the pussy for the next hour as I allowed them to service themselves with my body. I was their white bitch for the next two nights. When I finally left I could hardly walk from all the dicking my soar snatch had taken.