Beths visit to aunts house

The table was already set for dinner and they sat down for a quiet meal. Half way through Ann had to excuse herself to relieve some of the pressure in her breasts. Beth squeezed her thighs together and rubbed her self through her jeans. After dinner Beth cleaned the table while her mom and aunt had an after dinner drink. Ann said she ordered an entire room full of baby furniture and thanked her sister for letting Beth come over to help put it together. After a couple of hours Ann walked Beth's mother to her car. Coming back in, her and Beth went to Robert room. Beth seemed a bit disappointed Ann didn't ask her to help drain her breasts. It was nearly midnight when they finished with the dresser and baby bed. Ann said, let's take a break and start over in the morning. Beth had finished changing into her nightgown and was about to lay down when Ann knocked on the guest room door. Coming in, she sat on the side of the bed. Stroking Beth's hair, she thanked her again for helping her. Beth could only think about Ann's full tits as she sat beside her. She could see them hanging free under Ann's gown. She thought about sucking them, how wonderful she felt as she drank the warm liquid coming from them. How excited she was as Ann rubbed her all over. Her pussy tingled as she remembered Ann's hand pushing in her pants and rubbing her fingers over her wet lips. Bending down to give Beth a good night kiss, Beth reached up. She pressed her hand against Ann's breast as she reached around to hug her. Ann smiled and said softly, maybe in the morning. Beth watched Ann as she walked out the door and turn off the lights. Beth had just turned over when she heard the door open again. Feeling the bed move as Ann sat down, Beth smiled turning onto her back. Ann said, you know what we did the other day can never get back to your mom. I know that aunt Ann, Beth said. Reaching up Beth ran her hand over Ann's right breast. Moving it, Beth felt the side, then down to her nipple. Ann threw her head back as Beth circled her aching nipple. Ann moaned softly and pressed her hand against Beth's. Standing Ann pulled her gown up and over her head. Beth's eyes widened as her breasts were in full view. Ann sat back down and said, we shouldn't be doing this. Beth reached up and pulled Ann down. Sucking her swollen nipple into her mouth, Beth sucked hungrily on it. Giving in to her emotions, Ann pulled the sheets back and pulled at Beth's nightgown. Lifting her hips, Beth let her gown be moved up. As she sat up on her elbows, Ann pulled Beth's gown off her. Beth sucked Ann's left nipple in her mouth. Ann stroked Beth's hair softly as she watched her niece feed on her breasts. Ann moved her hand down and moved across Beth's shoulder. As she moved down to Beth's firm young breasts, Beth opened her eyes and placed her hand on Ann's. She bit softly as she guided Ann's hand to her own breast. Squeezing her erect nipple between her thumb and forefinger Ann tugged lightly. Beth moaned softly.