Beth's Predicament Ch. 02

As his mother got ready to walk the two blocks to the Caldwell house, Robert pulled a bottle of champagne from the fridge and put it in a shopping bag with two crystal flutes he had wrapped in washcloths for protection. He handed the wine to his mother and said cheerily, "now go show Michael a nice time, ok?"Beth was overwhelmed by the strange situation her son had gotten her into. Pausing at the threshold, she turned back and asked him with a hopeful tone "Michael's a nice boy, isn't he, Robert?""Of course he's nice, Mom. He's my friend, isn't he?""I-I m-mean, he's not going t-to, ... expect me ... to, well, do anything, is he?""Holy shit, Mom! How old are you? ... You're not going to get all prudish on me now, are you?""Honey, I'm just asking. We'll just be watching a movie tonight, right?"Her eyes pleaded with her son to reassure her, but she seemed to succeed only in making him more irritated with her and she certainly didn't want to get him angry or upset. Although she was apprehensive about this whole "date night" thing, she was more worried about provoking Robert's wrath if she didn't go along with his plans."Mom, its supposed to be a date, for Christ's sake. And it'll do you good to loosen up a little bit anyway. You don't have to sleep with him, but at least make him happy you came over, ok?""Um, ... can you be a little more specific?" she asked in a tiny voice."Oh my God, Mom. I don't believe this. ... Are you k**ding me? He's a teenage boy with a crush on you! A little bit of cuddling and kissing with you looking like this will make his whole day.""I-I ... have to ... k-k-kiss him?" she stammered."You are un-fucking-believable, Mom. Is this Victorian England? ... Hello? ... He's my best friend and he thinks you're quite the Milf. ... You mean to tell me that you're so prissy and straight-laced that you won't let my friend have a couple of kisses? I don't believe this!"Robert was getting worked up and Beth desperately wanted to calm him down and get back on his good side."Honey, I was just asking. Don't be angry. ... Of course I'll let Michael kiss me if that's something you really want. Just don't be mad at me, ok?"Somewhat mollified, Robert pouted a little. "Now you've got me worried that you're gonna be all uptight and stilted. Can't you just relax a bit and pretend that you're not repulsed to be there? ""Of course I can, sweetie. It's just that its been been so long since I was out in the dating scene and I'm a bit nervous and rusty, I guess. Plus, you have to admit that Michael's not really appropriate for my age ...."Robert scoffed disdainfully. "Jeez, you should just be grateful that a high school senior thinks you're a hottie. It's pretty lame of you to decide who gets to be together. ... Listen, I just don't want you coming across like a prude or have you make him feel embarrassed. Just don't, like, slap his hand away or pull away from him if he puts his arm around you or something, ok? Understand? Be nice to him. ... Let him have a little fun. Promise me.""All right, Robert.""Like I said. It's supposed to be a date. Be a little romantic, alright? Would that kill you?""Ok, I'll try."With that Beth set off into the dusk with the small shopping bag. Her heels clicked on the pavement and her pulse got faster as she approached the familiar house that tonight seemed to be ominous and somber. As she mounted the front porch the only light inside came from candles flickering in the living room. With some trepidation, Beth knocked on the front door and almost instantly it opened. Michael must have been watching at the window for her, she thought to herself.And, in fact, he had been observing her approach through the side window after receiving a call from Robert alerting him she was on her way. Robert had reassured Michael that he had "a little talk" with his mother and that she understood "who was boss." He also reminded Michael to be sure and turn on the little hidden spy camera that he had loaned to him for the evening.Michael escorted Beth into the house and guided her to the living room. He was wearing jeans, loafers and a button up shirt. He politely took the shopping bag from her and motioned for her to sit down on the couch. There were candles everywhere. Multiple votive candles were lit on the mantle and on several side tables as well as the coffee table where he set down the champagne flutes. He began untwisting the wire cage around the champagne cork and, with surprising deftness, Michael eased the cork out so that the pressure was released in a hissing sigh.With her long legs in the stiletto pumps, the low couch elevated Beth's knees so that her short hem gave the boy a wonderful view of her pantyhose shimmering in the candlelight. Beth felt self-conscious and a bit nervous as he openly studied her legs with a wry smile. She also noted uncomfortably that the outline of a large erection was clearly visible at the front of his Levis and she tried to avoid looking at it as he handed her one of the glasses.Michael's obvious arousal and the quiet confidence he exuded were daunting and intimidating for Beth. It was clear to her that she was on his turf now and that in spite of their age differences the teenager was the one holding most of the cards now. Nevertheless, she continued to cling to the hope that she could keep the evening casual and platonic so she immediately launched into a series of inane questions asking him about school, sports and high school life in general.Michael didn't mind her rather clumsy attempt to keep things light and wholesome and he was happy to play along by answering her questions. In actuality, he found her obvious discomfort to be quite a turn-on. The way she nervously chattered away in contrast to his easy aloof demeanor gave him a strong sense of having the upper hand. He felt like a predator of sorts, with the leggy brunette he had lusted after for so many years now his prey.As Michael sat down beside her Beth couldn't help but notice there was no tv in the room and she wondered if there ever had been any real plans for a "movie date." The candles and couch suggested that, instead of a movie, she was going to be the focus of the evening. Nervously, she kept remembering her son's admonition to be "romantic" and she tried to suppress the notion by asking Michael more questions about his favorite teachers and classes.Michael gamely made small talk with her but he nonchalantly let his hand fall to his side where it rested between them briefly until Beth felt the light touch of his little finger as it began slowly brushing her leg through the sheer nylon of her hose. The boy continued conversing with her while his fingernail continued leisurely traveling up and down the side of her leg.It all seemed so surreal and strange to Beth for her to be letting her son's teenage friend touch her like this. She felt dizzy and her heart was racing at a gallop. She wanted to gently take Michael's hand and guide it back to his own lap but, remembering Robert's rebuke, she did nothing and simply pretended not to notice Michael's wandering touch. The last thing she wanted was to risk her son's ire by having Michael report her as acting overly "prudish."Beth was having difficulty holding onto the thread of the conversation as the boy's roving fingertips kept distracting her. Michael's fingers made larger circles and slowly moved further up her thigh while she did her best to pretend not to notice. She kept stumbling over her words and Michael could sense how nervous and tense she was, which only served to stoke the fires of his own libido. Since Beth was not putting up any resistance, he slid his hand up the top of her leg and began trying to push the hem of the already short dress higher up her thighs. The task was made difficult by how tight the garment was and, of course, because of her seated position on the couch. Nevertheless, the young man was determined to see more of her luscious legs.Beth was in a quandary. She knew she knew she should pull Michael's hand away, but her son's stern lecture still echoed in her ears and stopped her in her tracks since she knew Robert would be getting a full report from his little friend tomorrow and she desperately wanted to get good reviews. She had always wanted to be viewed as a "cool" mom willing to have a little fun with the boys. She told herself that Michael was just a typical "handsy" adolescent acting under the influence of raging hormones. After all, could she really blame him for taking advantage of the situation? Wasn't he just behaving the way any horny teenager would? He'd surely never been on a "date" with a full grown woman before and wasn't she the one who had practically served herself up on a platter tonight in a short dress, nylons and high heels?She also genuinely didn't want to embarrass the boy or make him feel self-conscious by pulling his hand away. She felt a sudden pang of empathy for the teenager as he clumsily struggled to tug her tight dress higher. She rationalized to herself that there wouldn't be any harm in showing a little more leg. Besides, it even seemed rather cute how smitten he seemed to be with her and it was flattering to be his private crush. So, rather than fending off his efforts, Beth impulsively decided to follow her son's request to be a bit flirtatious by lifting herself up from the couch and making it easier for the 18-year old to push her hemline a bit higher.Michael made the most of the opportunity. With both hands, he gathered the material of her dress and pulled upward in a single motion, leaving her dress bunched up around her waist with nothing but her pantyhose left to protect her modesty. Surprised, Beth gave a startled little "oh" and tried to cover herself strategically with her hands, but Michael pointedly took her wrists and pushed her arms back down to her sides, applying a gentle but firm pressure that emphasized he was in control.Poor Beth felt conflicted, confused and more than a little guilty from knowing that her predicament was one of her own making. She felt dazed and in an almost dreamlike state as her face flushed bright red with the embarrassment of finding herself so exposed with her teenage neighbor. She had only intended to tease the boy a little bit, figuring things wouldn't go too far and now she was beginning to wonder how much trouble she had gotten herself into.Her deep seated need to please her son was making it difficult for her to disappoint his best friend since she knew Robert wanted her to be "nice" to him. Foolishly, she had assumed her age and her status as a mom would let her put the brakes on if necessary and she hadn't anticipated Michael would be able to so easy dominate her this way. Now she found herself automatically reacting to him as an alpha male and she made no effort to pull her dress back down while the boy enjoyed the sight of her exposed this way.The pantyhose Robert had picked out for her were of the sheer-to-the-waist variety so that Michael could easily see the neatly trimmed strip of pubic hair under the center seam that ran down and disappeared beneath the cotton gusset at her crotch. Michael's cock throbbed at the sight and he mused to himself that he would soon be grinding himself against that little patch if the evening played out as he hoped.Beth could read the lust in his eyes as the boy ran his eyes over her crotch and she tried to defuse the situation by getting him to focus on another subject.She swallowed hard and was able to get out "Are your folks out of town for long?""Another week," he replied without elaboration. He had other things on his mind at the moment."That's nice," Beth responded weakly. Her own breathing was becoming progressively more ragged and labored with the rising sexual tension in the room.Michael began running his hands up her legs, letting both thumbs extend to probe her crotch each time he reached the top of her thighs."Doesn't that feel good, Mrs. Haley?""Um huh," Beth murmured, her eyes glassy as her breathing turned shallow."Could you lift your arms for me?"She realized that Michael was again tugging at her dress. He had worked it up her sides with both hands and had gotten it mostly over her formidable rack but now needed her assistance. She did as he asked, lifting her arms so he could pull it over her head. After getting her out of the dress he casually wadded it up and playfully pantomimed shooting a basket with the balled-up garment, tossing it towards a small trash can adjacent to the kitchen. His shot "scored' and Beth's expensive minidress came to rest indecorously in a heap on top of a mound of coffee grounds.He now had the tall beauty stripped down to her pantyhose and bra and the sight made his cock throb achingly in his jeans. He loved the way she looked in the candlelight, the nylon encasing her impossibly long legs shimmered as she moved. She was a delicious sight and he had to take a few seconds to adjust his jeans to accommodate the growing volume between his legs.Beth knew she couldn't let things continue down this path and she was frantically trying to think of something to say when, without warning, he leaned over and used his free hand to hold her head tight as he planted a passionate kiss on her lips. Beth's eyes flew open wide. She gasped and her hands fluttered awkwardly in the air, but she didn't push him away keeping her promise to Robert that she'd let his friend kiss her if he wished to do so.Michael worked his lips on hers until she responded by dutifully kissing him back. Not expecting him to be skilled in the art of osculation, Beth was startled when he expertly maneuvered her into a deep passionate french kiss before she fully realized what was happening. He kept his grip on the back of her head as he continued to explore her mouth with his tongue. Reluctantly, Beth slipped her arms around the boy's back more as a token gesture than a true embrace. Still, she couldn't ignore the fact that her body was responding to his attentions in spite of her attempts to remain detached. The simple truth was that it had been more than a decade since she'd been kissed by anyone and, in spite of the scandalous context (or perhaps because of it), she felt herself becoming unwillingly aroused.The 18-year old was not the innocent neighbor boy she had imagined. He was a young Lothario who had been lusting for the 5'11" beauty for months and he now reveled at the opportunity to finally get his hands on her. That she was almost twice his age and the mother of his best friend only made her all the more covetable as a conquest in his mind.He planted soft kisses down the length of her long neck and onto her bare shoulder before lightly running his tongue over the ridge of her collar bone, making her shiver as goose bumps rose on her flesh. She moaned weakly as he exhaled warm air into her ear and then took her earlobe between his lips, using his tongue to toy with her earring while lightly nipping the lobe with his teeth. Beth whimpered pitifully as she recognized how much trouble she was in. He commenced another session of deep soul kisses, which she submitted to subserviently. She let him probe the inside of her mouth with his tongue while waves of shame and guilt washed over her.As he pushed his tongue deeper into her throat he deftly slid the fingers of his free hand directly on top of the gusset at the crotch of her pantyhose. Once there, his fingers began exploring her contours as though reading Braille and Beth's hips bucked in response. The boy discovered the thin cotton panel was warm and damp to the touch, which pleased him immensely. Soon, his fingers were slick and wet with her juices as he sawed them back and forth, pushing the soft fabric into the cleft and Beth squirmed spasmodically when his fingers applied pressure to her clit.Finally, she was able to break off the kiss and she hung onto his shoulders panting while the boy continued his mission of charting her unexplored territory."Um, ...M-M-Michael ... we should stop," she pleaded weakly."Not just yet, Mrs. Haley," the boy responded in a whisper. He put a fingertip up to her lips to shush her protests. Her heart sank and a small tear pooled at the corner of her eye, then ran down her cheek."Ah, don't worry Mrs. Haley. I won't keep you out too late," he said with a chuckle.She looked up at him and nodded to him with hopeful eyes.He brushed her tear away then he pressed his finger again to her lips, holding it there as he addressed her in a calm, soothing tone:"I know you want to get home, but I just couldn't live with myself if I let you get away now. Let's get to know each other a little bit better, ok?"He placed an open palm against the sides of her breasts and pushed them together, fondling them hard with his thumbs as he did so. Beth moaned in surprise and looked down watching his hands mauling her through her bra. She felt numb and overwhelmed as the boy pulled the lacy top of her bra cups down to expose her nipples that stood taut like little sentries on top of each mound. She whimpered and threw her head back as he pinched and twisted the swollen nubs painfully. It was as though he knew just which buttons to push and she found herself surrendering to him."These are amazing Mrs. Haley," he gasped.He took her right hand and maneuvered it until her fingertips were less than an inch away from his massive hard on. He then withdrew his hand, leaving hers right next to his throbbing cock as he returned his attention to her breasts. She knew what he wanted so she slowly advanced her fingers, letting them slide up the side of the mountainous denim bulge.As Beth discovered the enormity of Michael's girth she felt panicky and lightheaded. She petted and patted him tentatively — almost warily — not quite knowing what to do. He reached down to show her how he wanted to be touched and she began dutifully stroking the length of his shaft with her cupped hand.As she attended to his erection, Michael fumbled with the clasp on her bra. He grunted with pleasure as he finally liberated the heavy globes and tossed her bra into the far corner of the room. He played with her boobs like a happy c***d, lifting each in turn and bouncing them to feel their heft. He squeezed them mercilessly as though they were giant stress balls leaving pink handprints on them when he finally let go, enjoying how she yelped when he squeezed too hard.He then paused for a moment so he could unbutton his jeans and, after pulling his zipper down, he hoisted himself off the couch so he could quickly slide his jeans and boxers down to the floor. The tip of his enormous 10-inch cock poked out and wobbled beneath his shirttails like an angry cobra and as he sat back down he fished Beth's hand back and clamped it onto his bobbing shaft.The pretty Milf was in a trancelike state. She truly was ashamed to be immersed in such a scandalous mess — with the neighbor's teenage son, no less. But she knew she had no-one to blame but herself. She allowed herself to think that at least her son would be pleased that his friend had a good time with her. She kept working her hand up and down Michael's hard-as-bricks erection and looked up at him with pleading eyes, hoping he might be satisfied with a simple hand job. The expression he returned said everything and her heart sank with the realization that Michael was making plans to put her to good use and that the evening was far from over for her.