Best Friend's Wedding

His best bud pulled the 7¾-inch shaft out his mouth. “Better than Whitney?”“Way better, boo! Get that mouth back on this dick, dawg!”Reece Jamison loved sucking the dick in his mouth. It was very close a daily occurrence. And on a fair share of those days, it was happened more than once. He cupped Elwood “Trip” Felton, III’s low hanging hairy balls in his right hand tickling them to provide added pleasure. He clutched Trip’s firm, left glute. He felt his lover tighten his buttocks. This indicated Trip was going to nut.Reece worked his head in circular motion as he moved along the shaft - back and forth. “Dammit, man,” barked the attacker. He placed his mammoth hands on Reece’s head. His long fingers gripped his cocksucker’s short sponge twists which steadied the cum slut. “You got mad skills, nigga!” Trip humped making his rod go deeper. He felt the warm spittle dripping down his balls, still musty from practice. “Oh shit, nigga,” he shrieked almost inaudibly.Trip released. His semen shot out in seven strong spurts.Reece kept sucking until he pulled out every last drop. He swirled the slightly salty, but faintly sweet tasting baby batter in his mouth before swallowing.Trip was breathing heavily and fell onto the bed. He lay there lifeless with with his size 12 feet still on the floor.“Did you like that, nigga,” asked the physics major.“Hell...Yeah,” huffed the student athlete. “Come back tonight. I need summa that ass.”“I should be able to. Where’s your roommate gonna be?”“Probably asleep, but you know he don’t pay attention.”“True,” Reece left the room.The dick fiend came back with two warm, wet rags. He tossed one to Trip.“Thanks,” the future chemical engineer said wiping his nuts. “I need to ask you something.”“What’s up,” the five-eleven, deep-brown guy from Indianapolis braced himself.“Will you be my best man?”“You serious?”“As a heart attack, mane!”“You don’t wanna ask one of your frats? Or, your actual brother?”“He’s too young. Everybody knows we’re tight. Whitney’s good with it!”“Then, yeah! Yeah I can do that!”“Thanks! What you about to do?”“Chapter meeting. Then, do some work in the lab. I’ll be back around 11:00 or so.”“Bet. Keep that ass tight for me!”“You got it!”Trip stood and walked behind Reece down the hallway. He studied the bounteous, solid ass belonging to his roomie from freshman year. “See you later!” He closed the door and locked it. He grabbed a towel set from the linen closet and went to shower.Reece started his dark 2008 Nissan Maxima. It had once belonged to his mother. He drove back to HBCU campus for his meeting with his black-and-gold wearing brothers.Trip dried off and put on gray Under Armour performance pants and random T-shirt. He texted Whitney to see if she wanted come through for a bit. She said she could come over for a little bit. He looked in the fridge. There was expired carton of milk, two cans of beer, a little fruit juice, and a partial bottle of white zinfandel. “Shit,” he bemoaned.-Hey Whit. Gotta run to store. Back in 20.-OK <kiss mark emoji>Trip’s complex was situated behind a grocery store so he walked right past his black 2013 Honda Accord coupe. He picked up a few essentials - ground chuck, shredded cheese, whole wheat tortillas, salsa, taco seasoning, a can of black beans, lemonade and a bottle of white zen. He used Apple Pay to checkout. He reached his building just as Whitney was arriving in a Lyft. He waited for her to get out. “Hey, baby,” he said then gave her a quick lip smooch. “Where’s your car?”“I let Tatianna borrow it,” shared the five-foot-five, cocoa-colored woman with a nice shape.“Bet! I got some stuff to make tacos. You want?”“Sounds good to me.”“Got you some wine too.”“Are you trying to get me drunk Elwood James,” she called him by his first and middle names.“Naw! We were just almost out.”“Awesome!”Whitney plopped on the couch while he prepared the food.“Hey,” Trip called out. “Reece said he’ll be my best man.”“Perfect,” she ran into the kitchen and hugged him. “Our wedding is going to be amazing.”“Yeah!”“I’ll reach out to him tomorrow so he can coordinate with me, my mom, and Yazmine.”“That sounds intense.”“He’ll be fine. How’s your mom?”“She’s good!”“Your dad?”“They’re all fine. Will you open those bean?”After eating, Trip and Whitney cuddled. She sipped on the blush wine. As usual, she was acting frigid and not putting out. This is why Trip kept sticking his dick in Reece’s warm mouth and phatty snackwells.As the drew on, Whitney left. The other occupant returned. He promptly went to his room and shut the door. Trip hopped on his bed and waited for Reece.A little after 11:00 p.m., Reece texted the third generation alumnus letting him know he was outside. Trip opened the door and led his best bud down the hall. They could hear reggae blasting from the roommate’s room. Trip turned on some hip hop and bolted his lock.There wasn’t much time wasted before Trip’s dick was down Reece’s throat. The blue-and-white prophyte guided his cocksucker’s head and coached him too. “Go ham on that dick! Slurp it up, nigga! Massage them balls! Spit on that shit! Get mean on this dick. Ahhhhhhhh! Oh shit! Lick them balls, baby! Fuck yeah! Taste that hairy taint!”Reece dribbled saliva all over the meaty rod. He pulled away momentarily, “You wanna fuck this dooky booty?”“Hell yeah, nigga! Bend over!”Reece stood and leaned over the bed. He spread his legs and poked out his breathtaking, bountiful, solid, fatty back. Trip slapped the brown cheeks. The sound reverberated. “You like this big, firm ass,” asked the astronomy buff.“Oh yeah, nigga! It’s so round and thick,” approved Trip.Trip stuck in his tongue in the crack while he parted the sizable cakes with his hands. He munched. Reece cooed, “Get that hole ready for your dick, daddy!” Trip stood up straight. He worked his member inside the hot rectum. He held onto Reece’s waist.“Owwwwww, daddy,” whined the bottom dude.“Shit! You tight, nigga,” remarked Trip.“Open it up, sexy!”“Hell yeah!”Soon, Reece was throwing himself back on the hard dick. “Fuck this dick, Reece,” ordered Trip.“Yeah, daddy! You like this big ass?”“Hell yeah!”“Fuck this manpussy! Fuck it hard!”“You like being my bitch?”“Yes, I do. Do you like me being your bitch!”“Hell yeah, nigga! You treat my dick the best!”“Oh shit! Fuck me, Trip!”“Own this dick, man! Grip it with that tight beehonkus!”“You fuck me so good!”“I don’t like them soft niggas you let take you out,” admitted Trip in the throes of passion.“What, nigga?”“You heard me. This is my pussy!”“Yes, it is!”“You turned me out, nigga! Made me a fuckin’ butt pirate!”“I’m sorry, boo!”“I’m goddamn tail gunner over here fucking your gay ass!”“Yeah! My D.L. booty bandit!”“Fuck,” howled Trip. He nutted with gusto and collapsed.The days turned into weeks. They all graduated and the wedding was closing in.The night before the ceremony, the guys planned a great bachelor party. There was a party bus for the guys. The hostess for the night was local drag queen and aspiring comedienne Devine Tension. They started out at a cigar bar with a signature cocktail.Next, they moved on to a dinner at a midscale restaurant featuring a curated menu. They were served a Caesar salad to begin. The entree selections were Asian short ribs with sticky rice & bok choy; balsamic orange grilled chicken breast with wild rice & green beans; or a seafood mac & cheese composed of lump crab meat, lobster, & shrimp. The dessert was a hot fudge sundae made with vanilla bean ice cream and moist chocolate cake.They ended up at a gentlemen’s club after watching dancers. The bus took the drunk dudes back to the hotel at the end of the night.“I got us a room,” Trip whispered to Reece. “Here’s the key. It’s Room 913. Meet me there in ten.”“You what?!?!?”“I gotta fuck you tonight. I’m marrying her tomorrow, but I need them cakes.”“Give me 15 please.”The guys filed off the vehicle. Many of them were sharing rooms to save money. Reece was no different. He was paired with Trip’s line brother, Taj Williamson. Taj was a year older and got his degree during the previous spring commencement exercise. He had grown up in Jacksonville, FL. He now worked as a junior business analyst for a retail clothing chain. The five-foot-nine man worked out daily giving him a hard body most people found irresistible. Taj had a girlfriend, but she was unable to travel with him. He was the last to get off the bus.“Yo, Devine,” he slurred. “You look good as fuck!”“Thanks, cutie,” the female impersonator smiled.“Let’s go round back real quick!”“What?”“I’ve always had a fantasy about fucking a dolled up sissy in public. No offense.”“Saying ‘no offense’ doesn’t excuse every crazy thing you say.”“My bad,” he belched.“What the hell! You’re sexy,” the drag queen said. “Let’s go!”Taj followed the five-eleven fierce chocolate vixen who was wearing a huge bright yellow wig, red sequin gown, and platform heels that added another five inches of height. Devine’s hips swayed.They ended up behind the building. Taj leaned against the wall. Devine sucked the stiff eight-inch dick. “Oh fuck,” roared Taj. “That shit feels good! This is so hot. Big flaming faggit as drag queen suckin’ my dick!”Reece rushed into his hotel room. He grabbed a bag and ran to the secret spot. He douched out to clean himself for Trip.Trip opened the door a few minutes later. Reece was laying across the dressed only in a turquoise jock strap. “Shit, nigga,” burped Trip as he pounced on Reece. He licked the smooth brown asshole while undressing. Reece ate his hairy butt too. Trip fed him the dick as usual.Outside, Taj was now banging Devine.“Your pussy tight, baby,” he huffed.“Fuck me, nigga! Gimme that big dick!”“Oh, faggit! I always wanted this!”“It’s so good!”“Ahhhh! Fuck! Yeah!”Taj ejaculated and pulled out. He pulled up his pants and stumbled back to his room.In Room 913, Trip was on top while Reece lay on his stomach. Trip slammed in and out of the beefy bootay with fury.“Gimme this juicy ass butt, nigga,” ordered Trip.“Ah yeah, Trip! Fuck me,” whined Reece.“Throw them cakes back on this dick!”“This is my dick. I don’t give a fuck about tomorrow!”“You gonna keep taking my dick even after I get married, nigga?”“Hell yeah! I love this big Black dick, daddy!”“Fuck that dick, bitch!”“Tear this manpussy up, baby!”“You’re my bitch!”Trip and Reece both nutted before passing out. The next day, the church was crowded. The bridal march began to play. The doors opened and Whitney began down the aisle. She wept tears of joy. Trip and Reece shared a knowing glance.