BabySitter's Advances

Marie was a new sitter as far as we were concerned. Our old sitter had out-grown the job and one of Heather's friends had recommended Marie. My personal opinion was that she was a little young for the job, the way she dressed seeming to underline her youth, but Heather was quite happy. One thing that did surprise me was that Heather told me to be careful around Marie. I was rather surprised at being warned off as I wasn't in the habit of groping our sitters. Or groping other women, come to that. I was quite happy with my marriage and didn't need to go looking elsewhere.Heather told Marie we were having coffee before we retired and asked if she wanted one before we ran her home? Marie said she would indeed enjoy a cup of coffee and a short time later we were sitting at the table in the kitchen, drinking coffee, nibbling on some biscuits, and discussing the show.Marie had already seen the show and had some decided opinions on what she thought of it. She wasn't backwards about saying so either. Don't think I'm denigrating her opinions. She made her points clearly and logically. She and Heather were having a great time discussing the show. That was the situation when a hand slid along my leg and started stroking me rather personally. I blinked at this, a little startled. The reason I was startled was Heather was across the table from me, both hands on the table. I flicked a glance at Marie, not really believing she was doing that. It was even harder to believe looking at her, her face sweet and innocent, not even the slightest glance in my direction. It finally dawned on me that Heather hadn't been warning me off Marie, but warning me to beware of Marie. I was quietly appalled. She'd unzipped me and her hand had darted inside and was gently stroking what was now a fairly hard erection. OK. I'll admit she was stroking what was now a very hard erection.What the hell was I supposed to do? What I actually did was lift the arm furthest from Marie and make a little waving motion. As soon as Heather looked at me I started opening and closing my hand, while I gave a gentle nod towards Marie and then tapped my chest.Heather gave a little frown and then her eyes widened a little and she gave a little nod. She actually looked amused. She finished off her coffee, but instead of putting the cup down on the table she stood up, turned, and put the cup on the sink. Turning back to the table, she grinned at me, took hold of the table and jerked it away from Marie and me, revealing me with an erection and Marie's hot little hand holding it.Marie snatched her hand away so fast that I was lucky not to get a friction burn in a very tender area. Her face was bright red and she wasn't looking at either of us."Really, Marie, how could you?" demanded Heather. "Why on earth would you want to grope Nathan, of all people? He's not actually Tom Cruise, now is he?""Hey," I protested, feeling slightly insulted. "I'm not that bad. And I'm taller than Cruise.""So are most people, me included," drawled Heather, "but that's beside the point. Marie had no right to be groping you. And you had no right to get an erection just because she was.""Bit hard not to," I pointed out. "Biology and all that.""Very hard, from the look of things," sniggered Heather, and then turned to glare at Marie, who was trying to look very small."Well," she snapped. "What have you to say for yourself?""I'm sorry," she muttered. "I guess I'd better leave now.""The hell you will. You need to be taught a little lesson. You unzipped my husband's cock. Now return the favour. Take off you panties.""Ah, Heather, she might be a little young for anything like that," I quickly pointed out, much to Marie's relief."Nonsense," came the quick reply. "She turned eighteen a couple of months ago. Annabel told me so when she recommended her. Annabel knows that I prefer slightly older sitters. Marie just looks young for her age. Probably the way she dresses. I bet once her clothes are off you'll be able to make a better estimate of her age."Marie was back to looking slightly appalled. Personally, I found myself interested. She was cute the way she was dressed but I was quite sure she'd be a damn sight cuter once she was naked. Heather just looked determined. And amused. I could spot the amusement, even if Marie couldn't."Ah, you can't seriously expect me to get undressed," she protested. "I haven't really done anything.""A matter of opinion," Heather said sweetly, "and if you don't get undressed I'll fucking undress you myself, you little bitch. Strip, now!"Hesitantly, Marie started taking off her top. Once she started she went faster and faster, wanting to get the whole horrible episode over with as quickly as possible is my guess. In very short order she was starkers, standing there with her arms held in front of her."Good. Now put your hands by your sides and turn and face Nathan."Reluctance showing in her every movement, Marie dropped her hands to her side and shuffled her feet around until she was facing me."Very nice," I murmured. "I'll concede that she's older than I thought. She has a very nicely developed figure."And breasts that were surprisingly large for what I had thought was a small young woman. She hadn't actually been wearing a bra, but a boob tube that had flattened her breasts. Without the tube her breasts stood out proudly."I must say that there is more of her than I thought," said Heather, sounding very thoughtful. "Now, why don't we sit down and you can finish your coffee.""Ah, no, Marie," she added when Marie reached for her clothes. "You can finish your coffee the way you are."We settled back down at the table. Marie and I finished our coffee. Quite quickly, too. Heather politely asked if anyone wanted a second cup but we all declined. Now I was sitting next to Marie again, and she was naked, so it would have been ill-mannered of me not to stroke her leg. It turned out Marie might have been keen to touch but being touched was something else. She kept pushing at my hand, trying not to let on as to what I was doing. When I managed to sneak my hand past hers and poke her gently in the pussy she'd had enough and protested."Ah, Heather, can you please tell Nathan to stop trying to touch me?" she finally pleaded."What? Don't be silly," said Heather, sounding surprised at the thought. "I mean, you groped him, and started giving him a hand job, and then stripped in front of him so he could enjoy looking at you. Why are you surprised that he wants to touch you? Anyway, you're going to have to do something about that erection you gave him. I only take care of erections that I give him."There was a moment of stunned silence, to which I contributed my share. Surely she didn't really mean that? I gave Heather a firm look and she just smiled and gave me a slight nod. She certainly meant it. Things were looking interesting."Just what do you mean by that?" Marie finally asked."Just what I said. You caused his erection so you'll have to service it.""Do you really expect me to give your husband a hand-job with you right there watching us?" Marie asked with an outraged shriek."No. I expect him to spread your legs and give you the right royal fucking you've been begging for," came the serene answer. "Isabel warned me that you tried to put the make on her husband. I decided that if you tried any of your little tricks on Nathan then he could have you. Teach you a lesson.""You can't do this. I'm a virgin. I've never had sex with anyone.""If you're a virgin," I said quietly, "I'll be very, very, surprised. I'm willing to take the chance."Marie jumped up off her chair. I took the opportunity to rise as well. As soon as she was standing I put a hand on her back and pushed her towards the table, forcing her to bend forward over it."Wrists," I said to Heather and she promptly grabbed hold of Marie's, holding her leaning forward over the table.I leaned up against Marie, my erection pressing against her buttocks. Reaching around, I cupped her breasts, getting the feel of them. Her nipples, I noticed, were already hard. I rolled them around with my thumbs before pinching them lightly. From the squeals of protest you'd think I'd snapped mouse traps on them. I ran my hands from her breasts to her sides, down along her flanks, then around until they were cupping her bottom cheeks. To the sound of more protests one hand slipped between her thighs, cupping her mound, lightly massaging it. Marie tried to prevent access by bringing her legs together. I couldn't have that, not could I?"Marie," I said softly, "You're going to stand with your legs nicely parted like a good little girl. You can do this with or without a smacked bottom. Your choice."Marie made a growling sound deep in her throat, and I'll swear she gnashed her teeth. She also moved her legs further apart, giving me better access. I took immediate advantage, touching and stroking before gently invading, slipping a couple of fingers past her lips to check her out internally.I was totally unsurprised to find her hot and wet. She was squirming under my touch, swearing at both Heather and me, but not really struggling. I wasn't sure if she was resigned to what was going on, or eager for it to happen but trying to put up what she considered the correct reluctance.Whatever, my fingers slid into her quite smoothly. Virgin, she was not. It may not have been a cock that popped her cherry but something certainly had.I glanced past her to look at Heather, who was still holding her, smiling quite happily."Not a virgin," I told her. "Shall we proceed with this little adventure?"There were simultaneous replies of "Yes" and "No". You can guess who was saying what. "He's a liar," protested Marie. "I'm a virgin. He's just saying I'm not so you'll let him take me.""Listen, sweetheart. As far as I'm concerned he has my permission to fuck you even if you were three times a virgin. Just smile and take it. Deep."By this time I was brushing my erection back and forth along her slit. Her mound was swollen and her lips were pushing out to greet me. I eased the head of my cock up against her, ready to push home."Do you want to come and watch this?" I asked Heather. "I don't think she's going to struggle any further."With a smirk, Heather released Marie's wrists and came around the table to observe. "Ha," she snorted. "She can't claim that her pussy isn't ready for what's coming. It's doing everything it can to grab you apart from biting."Heather wasn't too far off with that statement. Marie was most definitely pushing towards me. If I hadn't eased back a little she'd have already speared herself on me. Now it was my turn and I pushed firmly forward.With one long firm push I slid neatly into place, with Marie squealing another protest but also pushing firmly back against me, taking me. Deep."Virgin, my eye," muttered Heather, receiving an angry look from Marie. "I was," she insisted."Just not recently," I said with a laugh. "I wasn't the first.""The other time didn't count," came the furious reply. "We were interrupted. So you are the first.""Ah, hold on a moment. You mean that if I'm interrupted and don't finish fucking you, it won't count, and you'll still be a virgin?""Right. Are you going to stop?" The last sounded rather hopeful but there was also a tinge of disappointment in her voice."I don't know. What do you think, Heather? Should I withdraw and restore Marie's virginity?"Heather was looking at Marie as though suspecting that she was an idiot. Then she looked back at me."That would be so unfair to Marie," she said softly. "Then she'd have the trouble of defending her virginity yet again, when the next husband decides she's gone too far and wants to fuck her. No, you'd better go through with it."So I'd switched from a punishment fuck to a mercy fuck. How nice to know that I was doing the right thing by Marie. I pulled slowly back and then thrust in firmly, eliciting a loud squeal. With that I got down to some serious fucking.After the first few strokes Marie was moving in time with me, pushing back hard each time I drove in. She was a voluble little thing, squealing and squeaking and protesting and pleading, all at the same time. (The pleading, by the way, wasn't for me to stop, unless "Oh, please, faster," is a new way of saying no.)The protesting stopped first, then the squealing and squeaking was replaced by a series of "Ahh," sounds that were timed to match my driving into her. These gasps were interspersed with the occasional "Yes," and seemed to indicate satisfaction with the way things were going.Things were hotting up as far as I was concerned. My balls were hot and bloated, telling me that it was about time I put some effort into finishing this. At the same time, Marie started squealing again. The difference now was that her squeals were high and excited and eager. I settled down to some serious pounding, ready to blow my load. From the sound of it, Marie was past ready.I hit her hard and fast, finally groaning and just cutting loose. If she didn't make it, bad luck. I could feel her passage closing around me, clamping down, then while I was helplessly jerking she convulsed and gave a godawful shriek. Then everything went silent. Marie leaned heavily on the table, taking no notice of the world around her. I leaned on Marie, regarding Heather. Heather was standing with her head turned to the side, listening."If she woke the k**s with that scream, I'll kill her," Heather quietly informed me, still listening for untoward sound from deeper in the house. Satisfied that the k**s were undisturbed she relaxed.I quietly disengaged from Marie and tidied my clothes. Then we just stood and waited for Marie to get her act together.After a while Marie stirred, then straightened with a jerk. She turned and looked at us."My god, I can't believe you did that," she said, sounding shocked. "You ****d me.""Excuse me," I said in protest, sounding highly indignant. "I did no such thing.""What? What would you call it? You made me strip, bent me over the table and fucked me. What was it if it wasn't ****?""I was merely satisfying your curiosity when you explained to us that you really wanted to know more about sex and would I please demonstrate," I said, all injured innocence.She stared at me, her face a wonder of astonishment. Then it cleared as realization dawned."You're a bastard," she said softly."And you're a bitch," said Heather, equally softly. "You're the one who started the ball rolling.""OK," I said softly. "I think it's time to call it a night. Let's cool out tempers. There's been enough abuse. Next one to call someone names gets spanked, and that includes you, Heather." Both women looked rebellious but they also both shut up. I had no doubt that Heather would make me pay for that spanking remark, but for now, things were quiet."Would you like me to call you a taxi?" I asked Marie. "I'll pay for it. If you'd prefer, Heather or I will drive you home. It'd be faster if we drove you.""Could you drive me, please?" Marie asked, smiling sweetly, looking incredibly young and innocent again. Odd how she could manage that look, standing there, still naked."No problems. I'll take you as soon as you're dressed."How the hell could she have forgotten she was undressed? She gave a gasp and jumped towards her clothes."Thank you," she called, as she picked up her top. "I don't trust taxis and I wouldn't want to put the bitch out," she added, glaring at Heather.I sighed and sat down, giving Marie a resigned look. Heather giggled, giving Marie an expectant look. Marie looked at us, looking at her."What?" she asked."You're a slow learner," Heather said softly.I glared at Heather to shut her up then turned to Marie."What did I just say about calling each other names?"I could see her running back over our last few comments, then she went red."You wouldn't," she said, horrified.I just smiled and patted my knee. "This isn't fair," she protested. "Heather was calling me names.""But I stopped when told to," Heather pointed out smugly. Damn it. I wanted to spank her, too, and she knew it. She was going to be on her best behaviour for a while. Photos I patted my knee again and Marie slowly came over to me. She was still protesting weakly as I put her over my knee. Why the hell she didn't just ignore me and continue dressing is beyond me. It's not as though I was going to tackle her and drag her over my knee.My hand came down sharply and Marie let out a sharp squeal."Ah, Marie," I said, "do try to keep the noise down. We don't want to wake the k**s, now do we? We've already risked this once.""Oh, I'm so sorry. I'll try to suffer in silence," she said, sounding slightly bitter."Thank you," I murmured, bringing my hand down on her bottom again. After a few hard spanks to her bottom my hand sort of drifted about. My spanks got faster but seemed to be slapping against her pussy rather than on her bottom. Marie was making little squeaky sounds, hand pressed against her mouth to muffle the noise. I speeded up the spanking, now concentrating wholly on her pussy, which was flushed and swollen. (More so than when I started.) Marie now had both of her hands pressed against her mouth, trying not to scream, I think.Marie suddenly shuddered and bucked, and I knew damn well that if she wasn't gagging herself she'd have been screaming as she climaxed again. I ceased spanking, my work done.Heather, I noticed, was trying her best not to collapse on the floor, laughing. I winked at her, sitting there, my hand resting comfortably on Marie's back. It took a few moments, but she came back to us. She pushed herself up off my lap, face flushed, still slightly out of it. "Interesting spanking," murmured Heather, watching as Marie finally got dressed. "One does one's best," I murmured."Come along, Marie," I said. "Time to get you home.""A mad house," she muttered as she went with me. "No-one warned me that this place was a mad house.""Don't let it worry you," I soothed her. "You fitted in very nicely."