BABYLON STAGE 34 A Midsummer night's dream ~

b**st: "It's fine at a good time, fine."b**st "You're right"b**st "It was pretty easy, was not it?"b**st (pointing to the wild b**st house) "こ ↑ こ ↓"Tono: "Wow, that's awesome big ..."※ Two people go into the wild b**st house※ Gachan! Gon!b**st "Enter, please!"Tono: "Oh, Ojamasama"Tono: I'm in the house ...※ Gee, Guttan!b**st "† repentant †" (good go up)Tono: Oh ... I'm sorry.Tono: It's really big ~ ...2 people sitting on the sofa in the wild b**st houseTono "I got really tired today ..."b**st "I did not practice hard today"Tono "Fuai ..."b**st "Because it's close to the well, it can not be helped."Tono: That's right, right?b**st "How about today 's tamaim has grown?Tono: "It's not a big deal ..."b**st "If you get nervous, you will not gain power"Tono: That's right, right?b**st "to give it the best"Tono: Yes ...b**st "You should do it better.TOHNO "Yes"b**st "First of all, it's rooftop ... well ..."Tono "Flies"b**st "Can you burn it?"Tono: "Oh ~ that's good ~"b**st "Un"※ Change the scene to the rooftop. Two people swim swimming pants (b**sts are made by SPEEDO)※ Bronze Rollo ... Boloro Rollo ...Mean Mean Mean Mean Mean Mean Mean (True)Tono: You can not see it ...?b**st "Are you OK? Well, somewhat?"※ Two people lying on the roofTono: It's hot, is not it?The b**st "It's hot, Oil painted" (I hear that the tongue is bad and "oil n rocker")Tono: "Oh ..."b**st "I'll paint"Tono: "Oh, thank you"※ touching the crotch while painting oil on juniorsb**st "I'm getting stiff, I'm stagnant Oy"Tono: No, that's not it ...Tono: Senpai is bad ...b**st "Are not you doing it?"Tono "About 2 months ..."b**st "2 months ... a lot of troubled Azerbaijan" ("Dangerous" or "That 's it")* While denying, looking at the reaction of Tono's crotch to dirty wild b**sts. The eyes of the b**st shine glearly※ Replace, Tono paints oilb**st "I am getting pleasant because it's so good ..."A wild b**st (touching my groin) "It got rushed ..."Tono "Huh (smile)" (Puzzle or another meaning, Tono smiles for a moment)※ Hold Tono's hand and stop itb**st "You will feel pleasant when you do it any more.※ Break for a whileb**st "I am thirsty ... are you thirsty?"Tono: Ah, I am thirsty.b**st "I will bring something to drink, wait a moment"TOHNO "Yes"* b**st, pour ice tea into the cup in the kitchen"Jororo Rororo Roro ..." "Donku ... Kapp!"※ In addition to white ice mixed with iced tea and sleeping pills"Ss! (True)"※ To the roof with b**st, iced teab**st "Sorry"Tono "Ah"b**st "There were only iced tea, is not it?"Tono "Hi Hi!"Tono "I do not mind"b**st "Dozo"* At once, drinking ice tea (with sleeping pills) drows out Tono as a false b**st, once again with a creepy smile, a manifestation of actors who continue acting outside the screen.b**st "Are you burned? Hey ..."b**st (see yourself) "I do not know this anymore, how about you?"b**st (see Tono's burning condition) "Good, clean beautiful"b**st "You are getting whitish, you can see it clearly"b**st (tracing a trunk of a pant in Tono with a finger) "This neighbor is sexy ... erotic!"※ The sky becomes slightly cloudyb**st "You are getting cloudy. Are you going in the middle soon?"※ Tono, the medicine turns and wandersTono "Shishit ..."b**st (supporting Tono) "Are you okay, are you OK?"Tono: It's okay ...* Supporting Tono as it is and going indoors ... and seniors finally turn into b**sts ...※ Lay down Tono restraining both arms on the sofa of the basement where you saw somewhere, and lick the whole body with a rough breathb**st "Ha ... Hua ... Chupa! Kyuk! Kishun! Kishu (sound sucking nipples)"Tono wakes up on the wayTono: Senpai! What are you doing? Please do not do it!b**st "Rampage! Do not go crazy ..."* Press your face gruelly on your bellyTono "Mr. Terminal!? (Mr. Tadashi) Hey, that's bad!"b**st "Good Tono Ten!" (It is difficult for you to hear the voice of the two people overlapping)Tono "Please stop it ..."b**st "Nothing, go crawling!"Tono: "Whoops !?"* In order to silence Tono which is raging, immerse the rush in a handkerchief with a taunt and a magicichi face (called a "soft smart" from hands like tapping a smartphone)Tomo "What are you doing !?" Really a little !? "* Press the handkerchief on the mouth and nose of Tono.Tono "U, feathers"* It is exactly like a wild b**st and licks Tono stopped movingb**st "Tono, are you comfortable? Do you feel good?"Tono: Well, yeah ...b**st "I liked you! (True)"Tono "!"b**st (Remove the pants, blame it with skillful tongue use, then look at Tono by ass licking) "Good ka ~?"※ Take off your pants upright (it is called "Homo Step" because of its unique way to undo), will be a horse riding in Tonob**st (bring the bottle with the rush close to her junior) "Try this suck"A wild b**st (letting a wild b**st of its wild bear in Tono as it is) "Oo ~, it feels good ..."Pulling the ass muscle to pull out the waistb**st "Please use my tongue ..."b**st "Feels good ..."b**st "Move it yourself"b**st "Ah that's okay ..."※ Penetrating inserted in Tono. At the time of insertion, the b**sts murmured as "Chot Matteo" and Tono said "Un" in a loud voice. It is clearly Japanese.* And the b**st and the harmony of Tono's gasping echoesb**st "Are you comfortable?"Tono: "Chimoi ..."b**st "Are you comfortable?"Tono: "I'm sorry, I am cheerful ..."* Insert Tono in the horizontal directionb**st "Feeling ... It feels good ..."※ Tono ON horse riding machineb**st "Feels good ..."※ insert again at the normal positionTono "Ann, Ann, Ahnong (bass)"b**st "I feel comfortable, it has become comfortable ..."* Digging Tono back with desperate look (Peng senpai)b**st "Ikuwa!"Tono "Ann! Ann! Ann! Ann! Ann! Ann! A, Ahn! (World level) Abo ..."※ ejaculation by removing rubber as it is!* It suddenly shifted to the normal position while straddling Tono at the woman on top posture. A b**st that opens the insertion of Tono like a frog and looks like a face as if it reached Nirvanab**st "Oh, it feels good ... I'm good ... huh, huh ... (kissed to Tono as it is) Ah, uhhhhh ... oh, ooo, oh oh! U-U-Ah, U-U-A, Huh ... "b**st "Ahhh! Ikisugi! Ikuikuiku ... A ... ... um!" (Second ejaculation)※ Tanno will accompany his hand to help the b**st who was shivering his own thing vigorously, but shake off the b**st with his left handb**st "Ah ..., A-hu ... Ah ..."b**st "Eun, Eun, Eun, Eun, Hung, Eun, Eun, Eun, Eun Ha! Eun! Unexpected ..."Tono "Ikigo ... Senpa (I)"※ "I" is covered with the pant voice of the b**st, so it is difficult to hearb**st "Okay, come on (114514)! Chest and chest!"b**st (Tono, launch launched) "Ah, chest up, Ah! ... hey?"Tono "Oh ..."Beyond breasts ※ and saying that it hangs on the pillow and face, a b**st that makes the face slightly cloudy~ The two ended a happy kiss ~