Arab Girl - First Time Anal

Very discreet about her private life, she didn’t want to expose herself, out of fear towards the people of her district but also of her family.. Nevertheless, her close friends knew she had an adventure, since many months, with this "French", this "white" who came from another high school in the city and they didn’t see this relationship in a positive light. Without knowing more, they suspected well that the lovers were to meet from time to time.***On a rainy Tuesday, Fatima and her "boy-friend" didn’t have high school for the day. They had then improvised an appointment at the young man's grandparents, who had left the day before traveling. The opportunity was ideal to be alone.Lying on the couch with the television on, they began to kiss each other tenderly. As usual, the young teen couldn’t control his excitement and although remaining very calm, he nevertheless felt that he had more and more an erection. Although she was embarrassed by this situation the first time, Fatima had gradually liked this game and began to rub more and more often to him, while continuing to kiss him languidly.The boy was surprised. Faced with the lack of response and after the long floating moment that followed, Fatima took the initiative to remove his T-shirt, revealing a nice pink bra.Generally, she used to wear rather loose clothes, which broke and hid the shapes of her body. Her boyfriend was then far from imagining the dream silhouette she was going to reveal. His chest, although quite voluminous, was relatively well-drawn.On her way, Fatima began to continue her "show" by removing her bra, dropping her big breasts she hastened to place under the eyes of the teenager. Timidly, he gradually began to touch them and then to lick. Finally, he quickly got used to the chest of his partner, playing with long minutes, while taking the time to insist on his nipples. The young woman seemed quite sensitive to the touch of her breasts, especially when her boyfriend was having fun nibbling them.Fatima was so in love with this white guy. She kept kissing him and then began to caress his chest while descending her kisses along his body until reaching the bottom of her belly. Without asking questions, she took of, with energy, trousers and boxer of her boyfriend.Still a virgin, he had never known a moment as strong and under the excitement felt, his penis gave him the impression that he was going to explode. As for Fatima, also a virgin, she was never going that far with a boy. Having dreamed a few times of this situation, she had suspected that her boyfriend was not going to be circumcised. However, at no time had she imagined that such a piece would stand in front of her.Not daring to look away, she began to grasp the cock rather well maintained his partner. His small hands gave him an impression of excessive size which, although being of very correct size, surprised especially by its thickness.Fatima began to gently masturbate this big cock, retracting it slightly, in passing. After some back and forth, it recracted almost completely, revealing its glans. She covered immediately a few small licks before putting it in the mouth. Then, she tried to dive courageously on the rest of the penis which appeared in front of her but could not suck more deeply. But tenaciously, she didn’t removed the penis from his mouth and tried a second time to exercise, going almost to induce vomiting under the effect provided by this deepthroat. Blocked by the thickness, she retired from the cock of her boyfriend while releasing a lot of drooling on her pubis.Once her breath found, Fatima began again to suck gently but with her small mouth, the young woman had to face the facts: she had to resign herself to give a blowjob as she would have wanted. She continued to suck the sex of the young man, who moaned at the slightest touch with her tongue.Hungry, she was no longer paying attention that the glans of her boyfriend is systematically exit, having fun even playing with his foreskin. Sometimes, she also helped with her big breasts to masturbate that thick dick which she had become so addicted.This time, it was Fatima who, surprised by the proposal and not knowing what to answer, let herself be dragged. She was perplexed. Faced with her reluctance, the young man took the initiative to explain that she feared nothing for his hymen and virginity. Finally, after a few arguments and many kisses exchanged, Fatima decided to accept cunnilingus and removed the rest of her outfit revealing a little pink panties, matching her bra.In view of his rather thin silhouette, she had impressive hips and buttocks, well rounded, moving at the slightest movement.Then she removed her panties and positioned herself so that her boyfriend could contemplate her secret garden. Fatima had a rather smooth vagina where only her clit came out. His labias, small and erased, were already slightly damp.The boy spread his partner's legs and without asking any questions, began to lick her clit while descending from time to time to his labia.Fatima moaned shyly but enjoyed the work of her boyfriend. She had never been so excited in her life and began to wet more abundantly under the great licks she received. She felt a strange sensation from the depths of her body but could not find an explanation for it. Over the minutes, she couldn’t control herself, her heart quickened, just like her breathing.Feeling her body stiffened more and more quickly, Fatima closed her legs rather dryly and suspended the pleasure that offered her boyfriend. After staying a few seconds with her eyes closed, she stared at her boyfriend who did not give him the impression of having realized what had happened. She was at the gates of orgasm.In front of this new proposal of the most astonishing, the young man first wondered if it was not rather a trick to definitively stop the cunnilingus. He looked at Fatima a long time and felt that his girlfriend was still upset by the discovery of his new sensations. Suddenly, she knelt on the couch, in doggie position.Faced with this renewed excitement, which quickly gave way to stress, she remembered the various conversations she had with her friends on the practice of sodomy to remain a virgin. Even if she had total confidence in her partner, the young woman dreaded this moment ...He was still hesitating. But ... too excited by the situation, he spread the buttocks of Fatima, revealing a very tight anus to which he gave a few licks. She appreciated and asked him to continue.To facilitate anal and preserve the young woman from pain, he had the good idea to bring a condom and a small jar of cream from the bathroom, which was going to serve as a lubricant. After this beautiful rimming, he repositioned between the legs of his girlfriend, always on all fours on the couch, and smeared her anus with cream before inserting a finger. Like a suppository, his index finger slid right into the hole of his girlfriend.She didn’t find it unpleasant even if she felt strange sensations, difficult to explain. His anus was now well lubricated and ready to receive more. The glans halfway out, he put the condom. She felt now the cock of her boyfriend down the line. After a slight moan, it was gone: Fatima was starting to be fucked.The young man had only entered his penis but she already felt her anus dilated. His rectum began to relax gradually and after a few minutes, he relaxed completely sinking all at once, quite dryly, on more than half of the penis of his boyfriend. Surprise, still on all fours and head in a cushion, she let out a huge scream.Fatima had felt like a violent burn but insisted not to stop. Indeed, she remained very excited, sometimes shyly touching the vagina to realize how it was wet. Sodomy being painful, she decided to manage the operations, trying to fade the pain to gradually give way to pleasure. She was going slowly enough but impaled more and more on the thick dick of her boyfriend, him so far from imagining it all this morning.She paused a few moments to breathe a little, but the young man, possessed, retired the condom and resumed operations. From now on, he entered in his girlfriend with a disconcerting facility. In ecstasy, and feeling the sauce mounted, he began to accelerate, under the blows and groans of Fatima who felt his anus filling more and more quickly. He continued and will even accelerate again despite the cries of his girlfriend. Fatima was divided between pain and pleasure but what was sure was that her body was starting to stiffen again and this strange sensation emanating from her clit came back. Her body was shared and she didn’t know what to think.The young man no longer thought about the good of his girlfriend, he couldn't control himself anymore. He felt his sperm came in and knew that Fatima didn't want to take any chances. She was afraid of the consequences of this lack of protection and on the verge of tears, begged her boyfriend to stop .. but he didn’t listen.In a last dash of lucidity, he exited, curtly, his big cock of Fatima's hole, who let out a huge cry, throwing himself flat on the couch under the effect of pain. He ejaculated several big jets of sperm aimed at the buttocks of his girlfriend, leaving her again at the gates of orgasm, pussy wet but virgin and anus, wide open ..***Fatima was maybe your first girlfriend, an ex, maybe your current wife ... or finally, Fatima was or she’s you ?