Another Man's Wife

A great example would be the fact I was a teenager through the 1970’s, a period where “free love” and swinging was the norm. At the ripe age of sixteen I had my first encounter with a mature female. She was thirty and at that time I thought that was old. One short year later I had a sexual encounter with a woman whom was close to sixty. That is when I became hooked on older, mature ladies. This lady opened my eyes to all the benefits of having sex with women over fifty. Two of those benefits had to do with mature women’s experience and most important I was pretty much assured I’d not be a father before my time.To answer one often asked question. Yes, the stories about my wife’s Grandmother are based on fact. Things that happened between us began around 1995. Other stories are based on women I have met through family and friends or who were neighbors. This story is falls in the latter category.It’s been going on seven years since my retirement and the move out of California was defiantly the right move. Where we settled is of no importance to this story. It could have occurred in any one of the forty-eight states.When the wife and I first moved into our new home I met my neighbor. He invited me to what he called “the staff meeting”. It occurred on every Thursday afternoon at 4pm.The second Thursday in October fell on my one year anniversary of my heart surgery. For the last year I’ve been following my heart doctor’s advice. I had managed to loss twenty five pounds. My beer drinking with my buddies had dropped considerably. Before anyone feels sorry for me I have to say the benefits have agreed with me and my wife. At the young age of 61 I am no fucking like I was 40. For the last five years my wife has been working a part-time job, Tuesday through Friday. Because of that we only manage to have sex only four or five days out of the week. If I had my way we’d be fucking three times a day. If you don’t know by now I tell you. I have become a “horny old man” and most of the time I can keep that under control when I out and about. That wasn’t the case on October 11th 2018. About one month later I would learn more about that meeting.In honor of my health and new lifestyle I decided to have a few beers before our 4pm staff meeting. Looking back I guess I should not have started at noon.It’s not uncommon for some of the wives to show up for our weekly meeting. On in particular is named Marge. Marge is married to Randy. Randy is short and wirily. Marge, at the age of 76 is two years older than Randy. She stands about five foot two and weighs around 160 pounds. Up until yesterday I could not tell you the true color of her hair. She does color it an off reddish color. Marge is your average or typical mature woman. She was never s model but she’s easy on the eyes and has the humor and demeanor of a sailor. Her greatest assets are her breasts. If I were a guessing man I’d say they were at least 40d’s. The majority of Marge’s weight is above her waist. With her hair cut short she truly is your typical grandmother.I don’t recall how many beers I had before the meeting. It was enough that I vaguely recall arriving and sitting down. I’ve been attending these meeting for over five years now and normally they last for only a couple of hours. Since my surgery I had limited my beer intake to two glasses and within a minute I was great by one of the waitress’.“Hi Mark. Do you want the usually?” She asked“Well hey there good looking. A Coors light and a glass of water please.” I replied.I was the first one to arrive and shortly after Randy and Marge showed up and sat down. Randy sat on the opposite side of the large table. Marge sat down next to me, leaned over and kissed my cheek as she said hello. I gave her a one arm hug as I kissed her cheek in reply and felt her left breast press into me and my cock stirred.Shortly after Randy and Marge arrived the table was full. The wood table was 3ft. by 8ft. and we now had at least 12 people around it. Two other wives had showed up with their husbands. My wife was still at work and the only open spot at the table was to the left of Marge. It was around that time my memory leaves me and I don’t recall what happen as we went into our second hour of the meeting.Marge must have moved her chair closer to me and she leaned over and whispered into my ear.“Steve is in love with Betty. He can’t keep his eyes off her large boobs.”I vaguely recall looking across the table. Betty is the Tavern manager. She’s tall and her breasts have to be at least 45ddd. I swear she wears structurally engineered bras. I lean over to Marge and whisper into her ear:“You got nice tits too Marge.” I answer back and as I straighten back in my chair I move my right hand under the table and place it on her left knee.I wait for Marge to move my hand or her leg but she just sits there, looking straight ahead. I leave my hand where it sits and begin to speak with one of the guys across the table. As we are speaking I move my right hand in circles and massage Marge’s left knee. I don’t recall how long this went on but Marge offer’s no resistance and now my hand and fingers are slowly moving up the inside of Marge’s left leg. Only a couple of inches separate or legs and at about her mid-thigh Marge moves her left leg so it pressed against my right leg. The “horny old man” in me has taken control of my body and mind and I feel my cock filling up with blood to the point it’s uncomfortable. Across the table I engage another one of the guys and we talk about the upcoming Super Bowl as my right hand continues north. Marge is silent and acts like she’s in a trance as she feels my hand move up the inside of her leg.Since meeting Randy and Marge I have never seen her wearing anything other than some sort of pants and tonight she had on blue jeans. I recall thinking how slim her leg seemed as I ran hand over it. From the other side of the table Randy gets up to go to the bathroom and Marge places her left hand under the table and moves my hand off her leg. While Randy is gone I think I may have received my tenth or eleventh beer of the day. I was not counting.A short time later Randy returns and I feel Marge push her left leg up against my right leg. My right arm disappears under the table again and my hand rests on the inside of Marge’s left thigh. Slowly I once again move it north and in seconds my fingers are now caressing the denim fabric that separates my hand and her pussy.I don’t recall how long my hand was in Marge’s crotch but at some point she leans into my right shoulder and bumps my arm enough for me to put it back on the table. Typical our meetings only last for a couple of hours but tonight it goes to three hours. I don’t recall how I got home or much else for the rest of the night.As Marge would later tell me, we were the first two to get up from the table and said our good-byes. The two of us stood outside and waited for our rides. Darkness had fallen and in the dim light of the lone light bulb on the building we swapped spit.It was not until Friday afternoon that I was beginning to feel human again. I had dinner in the oven for the wife and me when she arrived home from work. As she entered and closed the door and she grinned at me and asked:How are you feeling today? What happened at your staff meeting that would cause you to be so horny?” She jokingly said as she pressed her body into mine.“I really don’t know but I do know I had way to may beers yesterday to celebrate my one year heart surgery.” I answered back as I kissed her lips.“Steve gave you a ride home and bill drove your truck home. No sooner than they left you tried to tear my clothes off. You ended up bending me over the back of the couch and fucked me from behind.” She said as she pulled my sweats and underwear down and knelt down to take my cock into her mouth.“Well you must have liked it causes you want some more, don’t you?” I moaned as her lips tightened around my swelling shaft.Twenty minutes later dinner was done and the wife and I were both having orgasms as she was leaning over the back of the couch again.Fast forward to November 2018.Three staff meeting had come and gone since the one in October. I noticed Marge’s demeanor with me had changed but I could not put my finger on just what it was.On Tuesday November 13th 2018 I got up earlier than normal and saw my wife off to work. Winter was fast approaching and I had lots to do around the homestead. Before I could get to the major chores outside my wife had left me a rather long list of things that needed to be done in the house. For that reason I had chosen to only have on my sweats and a t-shirt when someone knocked on the door. Thinking it was my neighbor from across the road I yelled to whoever it was the door was unlocked and to come in.To my surprise in walked Marge and my first thought was she had some kind of fancy meeting to attend in town. Marge stood about five feet from me as we greeted each other and I took in the sight. She was wearing blue slacks and a white button up blouse which was covered by a light blue sweater. We stepped toward each other and as we have done in the past, we kissed each other’s cheek. I didn’t know the name of the perfume she was wearing but it smelled wonderful. As I savored the aroma I looked her over good. She had on makeup and reddish lipstick, something I had never seen her wear since I’ve known her. More importantly the sweater she had on was unbuttoned and the thin white blouse did little to hide the fact her nipples showing through.“Well Marge what brings you to the bad side of town?” I asked as I finished putting dishes away.“I have decided I want to be a bad girl and thought could help me. You don’t recall much of our meeting back in October do you?” Marge said with a wicked grin on her face.“To tell you the truth most of the day past noon is a blur.” I answered back as my eyes fixed on her chest.Marge proceeded to fill in the gaps of that October meeting as I stared at her chest. During the telling of my actions I was keenly aware that my cock was getting very hard. My cock was straining against the front of my sweats and I was licking me lips thinking about how good it would feel to finally taste her hard nipples.Marge was well aware of the effect her telling of our groping and kissing at the meeting had on me and as she neared the ending she looked directly at my hard cock that was protruding down the leg of my sweats.“Would you like to play with my tits and fuck me?” Marge said as she stepped toward me and grabbed my cock through my sweats.“I thought you’d never ask.” I answered back as I pulled her into me and began kissing and licking her neck.Marge moaned as she continued to play with my cock. I wasted no time and slipped the sweater off her shoulders and attacked the buttons of her blouse. Marge pulled my sweats down enough to free my hard cock and for the first time in a long time she hand in her hand one stiff dick and she knew where it was going to end up at.As Marge played with my cock she was constantly moaning. In no time I had her blouse off and was now working on the snap of her bra. I was no stranger to this type of obstacle. With the use of two fingers and a flick of my hand the snap gave way and as I took a small step back I pulled the bra from Marge’s chest.What a view! Marge’s nipples were rock hard as her breasts hung low. What surprised me was I had always assumed Marge had belly. This was not the case. She was a bit pudgy but not fat and my mouth zeroed onto one of her hard nipples. As I took the nipple into my mouth Marge shivered and moaned but never let go of my hard cock and continued to stroke and caress it.For several minutes I continued my assault on Marge’s breasts and hard nipples. I was telling her how good they felt and tasted in my mouth and Marge was telling me how good I was making her feel. I straightened up and stared into her glazed eyes and said:“Let’s move into to the living room and get out of the rest of these clothes.” I said. I led her from the kitchen, leaving her sweater, blouse and bra on the floor. Once in the living room I removed the rest of her clothing. Marge now stood naked in front of me and I took a deep breath as I took in the sight.Marge’s skin was almost white and she had numerous wrinkles across her body. Now that she was naked I realized just how big her breasts were. In her younger days she would have been a good candidate for breast reduction surgery. Her waist and legs were slim and her bush was large and for the first time I learned her true hair color was brown. Granted there was quite a bit of grey mixed in with it but that only made me want to fuck her even more.“Spread your legs.” I said as I knelt down in front of her.Without warning I drove my nose into her thick bush as I rammed my tongue into her pussy and Marge put her hands on my shoulders.The aroma of her perfume still lingered in my nostrils but my tongue detected the flavor cherries. Later on Marge would confide in me that she enjoyed using flavored lubes on her vibrator and after fucking herself she’d use her mouth to clean the vibrator.Still on my knees and my tongue lapping away at Marge’s now wet pussy I moved one hand up and slipped two fingers as deep as they would go into her pussy. As I pushing my fingers up Marge pushing her ass down. Both of us increased the tempo and I was beginning to find it difficult to keep my tongue in place. Marge took one hand off my shoulders and began pinching and pulling on one of her nipples. Her breathing became ragged and her moans louder as she told me she was close to coming. It was only seconds later Marge grunted and moaned even louder and her orgasm arrived.I was still trying to give her some tongue action and my nose was still buried in her bush when juices flowed like wine from a bottle. I was fighting to get my mouth in on the action but was a bit late as the majority of her cum ran over my hand and down my forearm to puddle up the floor below me.As Marge’s orgasm subsided I removed my face and hands from her drenched pussy and stood up.As our eyes made contact I licked my fingers and hand and savored the taste. Marge reached for my hand and guided it to her mouth and proceeded to clean it with her tongue.“Is it wrong for me to love the taste of my own pussy?” Marge asked as she cleaned my hand with her tongue.“Not at all, in fact I love the taste of it too.” I replied as I stepped closer to her so she could feel my hard cock against her naked body.“It your turn, but first we need to get these clothes off you.” Marge said with a smile and helped me remove my t-shirt and sweats.The couch was only a couple of steps away from us and Marge backed up to take a seat she pulled me along.“I’m too old to get on my knees like you did, but I am still able and willing to suck a hard cock.” Marge giggled as I watch my cock disappear into her mouth.I wasn’t sure what or how she was doing with her mouth but I truly wanted her to teach her technique to my wife. My cock tingled and got harder than I ever remember. I just stood there and threw my head back and began moaning in pleasure.For several minutes, maybe even ten minutes Marge worked her magical mouth on my cock.“I really do want to taste you’re cum but it’s been years since I’ve had a proper fucking.” Marge said as she briefly stopped sucking my cock.“Well who am I to ignore a lady in need. Stand up and bend over I can’t wait to feel my cock in your pussy.” I answered back as I help Marge to stand up.Marge stood and quickly turned her back to me while placing her hands on the back rest of the couch and presented her ass to me. The angle and height were perfect and I moved forward just enough for the tip of my cock to touch the swollen lips of her pussy.Marge was slowly moving her hips to the country music that was playing on Pandora through the television. Wasn’t just perfect and fitting that the song playing was “Another Man’s Woman” by Conway Twitty.Marge was doing her best to force my cock into her pussy as I stared at her back. The lines from her bra which held her large and yummy breasts were slightly reddish, a stark contrast to her white skin.A mid-morning crisis now caused me to stop and ponder my next move as I looked down at my hard cock that was glistening from Marge’s slobber. Should I fuck her fast like a passenger train or slow like a freight train. My balls were hanging low and full and as long as they didn’t tighten up I knew I could last for ten or fifteen minutes.Marge’s urgent plea made the decision for me as her words brought me back to the present.“Oh lord fuck me, I want to feel that hard cock in my pussy.” Marge said in a lustful tone.Slowly I slipped the tip of my cock into her wet and warm pussy. I didn’t stop until the entire length was buried in her. Now I’m no “Johnny Holmes” On a good day my cock is close to seven inches long, about average. What I do have going for me is my cock has a girth of over six and a half inches. I know this for a fact because one night about three weeks ago my wife commented on it one night before I fuck her and she got out her cloth measuring tape and measured it. Another example of why it pays to stay healthy. Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah.Now every woman is different as is their pussy. There are times it can feel tight and there are those times it feels loose. Marge’s pussy was tight feeling and she was flexing her muscles down there. It’s one of those feelings no one can reproduce with one of two hands and judging from the sounds coming from Marge’s lips, it was one she enjoyed. I truly believe if I had been able to see her face, her eyes would have been rolled back into her head.Slowly I pulled my cock back and then pushed it forward again. Each time I did this Marge would moan and tell me how good my cock felt. After about five minutes her moans turned into language a sailor would use on shore leave. I increased the tempo of my thrusts and Marge was matching them and then it happened.As I was thrusting forward Marge’s pussy let go a “fart” and then another. Each time I thrusted forward her pussy would fart. I was no finding it harder to concentrate and my mind wandered back to the first time I had fucked my wife’s Grandmother. She too was a “pussy farter” if there such a term.The noise coming from her pussy was loud but not near as loud as when Marge told me she was going to come.When Marge’s orgasm hit her pussy went into spasms and it was all I could do to fight off dumping my load. This orgasm was twice as hard as her first. The amount of liquid that flowed from her pussy soaked my cock and balls, as well as the seat of the couch. In order to hold off my own orgasm I had stopped thrust and held her hips and ass tight to my crotch. Even my feet were now covered with her pussy juice. Marge was no longer yelling or moaning. Now she was purring as if she were a cat and I slowly pulled my hard cock from her pussy and took a small step backwards.Marge stood up and turned to face me. The look on her face was one you might see on someone in an insane asylum and as she sat down in the wet spot she grabbed my cock. As she pulled my cock to her face she said:“Fuck my mouth and give me all you got. I’m not going to waste a drop.”As my cock slid past Marge’s lips I grabbed her head with both hand and began thrusting. Marge kept her head perfectly still as I fucked her mouth. Looking down I watched as my cock moved like a piston in an engine. I also watched as Marge took her right hand and placed her index finger into her soaked pussy. I was thinking Marge was going to make herself come a third time. I was wrong.Once Marge’s index finger was soaked with her pussy juice she took that hand and moved it up between my legs. Her finger lingered for only a moment before she plunged it into my asshole as hard as someone driving a nail into a board.The sharp pain only lasted a moment of two before she found the “sweet spot” and when she did I know for a fact my eyes rolled back into my head as my orgasm it. The load I delivered to Marge’s mouth was one an eighteen year old would be proud of. Right before that first spurt I felt like I had the cock of King Kong. Maybe it was only thirty seconds, it felt like minutes as I flooded her mouth. Marge never quit and never let a drop escape.Marge continued for several minutes sucking my cock. Once it had the appearance of a wet dishrag she let it slip from her mouth. My eyes had returned to the front of my head and my vision cleared. I looked down and saw Marge was looking up at me with a grin on her face.“How was that?” Marge asked as licked her lips.“That was amazing. I have not come that hard in years.” I replied to her question.“Well I only use the finger in a guy’s ass for special occasions and this seemed to be a special occasion.” Marge said as she ran her right hand over my ass.“When do you want to do this again?” I asked as I reached down and pinched her left nipple.“Well I come to town once a week, whether I need to or not and it seems from now on I need to.” Marge said as I took a seat next to her on the couch.The two of us sat in silence for about five minutes when Marge asked me to help her up off the couch. I reached down and grabbed her pants, shoes and socks and helped her put them on. I quickly slipped on my shirt and sweats and I walked her out to the kitchen.In the kitchen I picked up her bra, blouse and sweater and sat them on the counter. “Are you going to help me put these on?” Marge asked as she picked up her bra first.“I will give you a hand with the front of the bra but the back is your job. I know how to unsnap them things but not how to snap them.” As we both laughed.Right before I let Marge slip her arms into her bra I leaned down and sucked on each of her still erect nipples.“Careful there or we will have to do this all over again and I think both of us could use the rest right now.” Marge said as she pulled my head from her breasts.I escorted Marge to the door and before she left, we each kissed each other on the cheek and as she opened the door she grabbed my cock with her hand and gave it a squeeze before saying:“See you at the staff meeting on Thursday and next Tuesday or Wednesday”“You bet.” I said with a grin as I slapped her ass as she walked out the door.Around 3pm I put dinner on for the wife and me in the smoker. I also took one of those wonderful blue pills I saved for special occasions. A little after 5pm my wife arrived home from work. Fifteen minutes later I had her bent over the same spot on the couch and we were fucking like we were teenagers. Hours later after fucking and eating the two of us were relaxing in the living room when she mentioned the rather large wet spot on seat of the couch.“The next time we fuck in the living room we better use a towel on the couch or we will ruin it.”“That a good idea honey.” I answered back and made a mental note of it and thought about how many towels were going to have to be washed each week.