Anne gets spanked by old gardeners

After six months of marriage I lost my job and Eddie suggested I take a break from working and stay home for a while before looking for another job, which I agreed sounded like a great idea. But after a month or so of being at home alone, I tended to get quite bored. One of the things I looked forward to each week was the seeing the gardeners, two elderly men, Billy and Albert who were both in there early 60s. Billy was quite tall, probably just under 6ft; he had a friendly but weathered face with grey hair and longish grey beard. Albert was a little shorter than Billy, and he also had a friendly face but was clean shaven, wore glasses and was bald on top. They had both taken early retirement and did gardening to boost their pensions and keep themselves busy.When they came round I’d make them a cup of tea or coffee and we’d have a chat. If it was nice out we’d have our little meetings in the garden, but if the weather was lousy, as it often was, I’d let them sit in the kitchen for their drinks. They seemed like two nice old gentlemen and I enjoyed the company. That was until one afternoon my opinion of them change.It was around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Billy and Albert were packing up for the day. As they were leaving one of them dropped something. I went out of the house but was to late, they had already driven off. I picked it up and was shocked when I realised it was an erotic magazine. I took it into the house, sat at the kitchen table and flicked through the pages. I had never seen anything like it before, it mainly featured women being spanked or whipped. I was amazed, I had never thought of spanking as a sexual pleasure before, and I was a little shocked to find these elderly gentlemen were reading such things. One picture showed a blonde woman bent over a man’s knee with her skirt pulled up and her knickers down being smacked on the bottom with his hand. Another showed a series of pictures that started with a woman in a room with three men. As the pictures progressed she was first groped, then they bent her over a chair and pulled her knickers down, then they took turns to spank her. But the pictures that really turned me on though were towards the back of the magazine. They showed men with their dicks out, masturbating while women were being spanked. A few showed the woman sucking the men’s cocks while being spanked. It made me so turned on that I took the mag into the living room and settle down to have a proper good look. It made me feel very excited and it fascinated me how these women let themselves be treated like that. I could feel my pussy becoming wet. Something about the whole idea of being spanked intrigued me, it was very kinky and unusual.The following week when the gardeners were here, I made them a brew and we chatted, but I didn’t say anything about the dropped magazine. When the men had finished for the day, Billy knocked on the door for payment. I invited him into the kitchen and gathering up courage and handed him the magazine saying, “You dropped this last week.”He was shocked and spent the next couple minutes apologising to me. He seemed more embarrassed I was.I told him “It’s okay, I must admit I had sneaky peek and found it, hmm, intriguing.”“It’s just for a bit of excitement that’s all. You won’t tell my wife will you?” He asked looking half embarrassed and half worried.I knew his wife from my previous job. It’s how I found Billy and Albert to do our garden.I assured him I wouldn’t, somehow this secret between us made me feel very naughty. Before he left he told me he was glad I wasn’t angry with him, and as soon as he was out of the door I dashed went upstairs to the bedroom, unbuttoned my jeans, lay down on the bed and shoved my hand inside my knickers. Over the next few days I kept thinking about the erotic magazine and the secret me and Billy had. I had never really looked at porn before, but this magazine had a strange effect on me. It excited me, more than just pictures of nudes and sex would have done.The next time the gardeners came, I found I was rather excited. I wondered if Billy had told me Albert that I knew their kinky little secret. Then I heard a knock at the door, it was the Billy. He apologised yet again and said that he hoped I wasn’t to disgusted at what I had seen. I reassured him that I wasn’t and it was quite alright and that I had found it quite interesting.“Did you look at all the magazine?” he asked.“yes”, was my answer, which seemed to get his attention.“What did you like the most about it?” Now it was my turn to be embarrassed, I told him “I hadn’t thought of spanking as being a sexual pleasure before, let alone knew they was specialist magazines on it. I’m surprised that these women like being spanked so much. But my favourite part was, probably, the reader’s letters section, I found them, interesting and sexy.”Billy told me that lots of people indulged in spanking and without thinking I blurted out, “Have you ever done it? Spanked someone I mean?” It was really only a thought and I knew I shouldn’t have asked but my excitement had overcome me.“Yes,” he answered calmly, “Many times when I was young man, not so much nowadays though. I don’t get so many chances. Would you like to borrow another magazine to look at whilst we do your garden?”His answer made me blush, my face felt hot, and without speaking I nodded. He pulled a magazine from his inside jacket pocket and put it down on the table. I unfolded it to reveal the front cover, it showed a brunette lady being smacked on her bare bottom with a riding crop, while a man stood in front of her with his very large hard penis hovering in front of her face. I went fiery red with embarrassment and gasped. Billy smiled and laughed softly and said, “This one’s a bit stronger than the other one. If you want to have a read I’ll get it back when we finish this afternoon.” Then he went back to the garden leaving me stood there stunned.My mind was racing? This nice old gentleman that did our garden was turned on at the punishment of women by spanking and whipping them. He’d even actually done it. So, I wondered, did he prefer sparking or whipping? I imagined it was him in the pictures, naked, or with his cock in his hand. I wondered how big his dick was and did he like women to suck him or did he like to fuck them from behind? Did he know women that liked having group spanking and sex session’s? With men using her and making her to do dirty things? I was becoming aroused thinking about it. Especially the biggest question of all. Did he want to spank me? The magazine was a lot stronger. It even show a blonde having anal sex while being whipped by a second guys, while she sucked on a third guy, and I had never seen cocks so big! On one picture a woman knelt on all fours with sperm from three men running down her face. And this old man who did our garden had given me this to look at! I was shocked and stunned.Over the next couple of weeks Billy lent me similar magazines and I fantasised a great deal. I began to dress sexier wearing short skirts and bending over sticking my bum out in public, allowing strangers have a good look at my arse, and I’d imagine the spanking me. The magazines were having a strange effect on me, I thought of the men spanking me all the time. Whenever I was in a mans presence, whether it be my husband, a friend, or a stranger, I found it arousing to bend over while they were in the room with me, and pretend they were about to spank me.Then one day I called Billy in from the garden for a cup of tea.“Where’s you’re friend today?” I asked.“He has an appointment so I’m on my own.” I didn’t know if Albert knew about Billy lending me the magazine whilst they worked. Billy would normally pop it into me on arrived and I’d give it back as they left. But this time he handed it to me and pulled up a chair to sit next to me. I was a little surprised but said nothing. He said “I not seen this one yet, I can have a look together, if you don’t mind?” I told him I didn’t mind. It felt very strange looking at a porn mag with someone else, let alone an old man. It was one of the stronger ones and featured more than spanking. It had lots of anal sex and shots, as well as ropes and whips.Billy smiled at my embarrassment and he asked, “Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to try some of the things you’ve seen and read about in the mags?”Reluctantly I told him, “Some of them get me thinking what it might be like.”“Wouldn’t you like to try it? See what it feels like to be spanked?”Without thinking I said, “Yes.” thinking he meant to try it with my husband. Then I realised he meant do it for real, here, now, with him, let him spank me!“Stand up,” he said quietly but firmly.“No, I misunderstood, I didn’t know what you meant!” I told him, but found myself obeying.“It’s okay. No one will know, just try it to see if you like it. Lots of housewives do.”The old man moved behind me and putting his arm around my waist he gently started to rub my breasts through my shirt. “Good god, your boobs are huge! What size are they?” I should have stopped him but my mind wasn’t functioning properly “Double D’s” I told him.“They are wonderful. Tell me, did you like looking at the pictures of men having their hard cocks sucked?”I didn’t know what to say. He asked me again a little firmer and squeezed my breasts harder, “Yes.” I answered.“Do you like sucking cock?”“I do”“Come on,” he said, “Bend over the table and let me give you a little spanking.”I half heartedly protested but let him push me over the table, standing behind me he tried to lift up my skirt.“No!” I shouted, “Do it through my clothes.” His hand squeezed my bottom a little then I felt a slap. It was followed by more, each harder than the last. He kept telling me, “You’re a naughty girl! What would your husband say? Repeat after me, ‘I’m a naughty girl!’”Feeling silly I refused and was about to tell him to stop when he wrenched my skirt up revealing my pink cotton knickers. I shouted “No!” and then I felt a really hard slap across my rump which now had a lot less protection, the sound seemed to echo around the kitchen. He held me down and delivered more smacks, first on one cheek then the other. My bottom began to throb and burn as each stinging blow found its mark. I cried out but my pleading was ignored. Then the pain started to be replaced by a warm glow as though my bum was in front of a fire. The slaps came regularly and stung then the burn would follow. I found my yelling had turned into a moan and realised I was becoming quite aroused.I was startled when I heard Billy say, “I think you’re ready for my belt now.”The tone of his voice was quite threatening and I listened to him in buckle his belt. I didn’t moved, I stayed bend over with my red arse cheeks on display. I found myself wondering if his cock was hard? And did he want to fuck me? I felt myself starting to get damp between my legs at the thought of this old man fucking me. I mean I hardly knew him and I was bent over with my skirt pulled up letting him spank me!There was a slight pause, my body began to shake as I braced myself. ‘Why?’ I asked myself, did I not stop him? The first blow was straight across both buttocks and made me cry out in pain and my buttocks tense. The second came harder and was followed by others, alternating each cheek. Between blows my arse muscles tensed then relaxed causing my knickers to ride up my bum crack. I thought to myself if it was Eddie spanking me, I’d want him to fuck me now. The blows were still caused stinging pain, but overriding that was a hot glow that seemed to induce sexual arousal. It grew in intensity and I wanted to him to touch me! Anywhere would have done, stroke my arse or grope my tits. If he’d tried to finger me, I would have let him. I found that the noises coming from me were now sighs and moans of someone sexually aroused. It didn’t bother me that Billy knew I was aroused, wanted him to know!It came to an end when he pulled me up and said, “That’s enough for a first time.” He smiled and kissed me on the cheek making me blush.I made an effort to resume normality and when Billy prepared to leave I found myself saying, “Thank you”. The old man smiled and said with a glint in his eye, “Anytime”.Sex with my husband was great after that and Eddie wondered why? I told him I thought we should be a little more adventurous as some of our friends relationships had gone stale. I thought about my little secret a lot and looked forward to the next time Billy was due to visit. I knew it was wrong but I was fascinated at how the pain had turned to pleasure and was beginning to understand what motivated the people in the magazines. Maybe I’ll just indulge once more then stop, I reasoned with myself. I still couldn’t believe I had allowed a old man in his 60s to squeeze my tits and lift my skirt to reveal my knickers; and how he had squeezed and smacked my bum.When the day came for the garden to be done. I was nervous and a bit jittery. I found myself dressing a little more sexy than usual with a tight low cut top showing plenty of cleavage and short skirt that could easily be pulled up. Then I chose a pair of knickers. I used the mirror to see how each pair looked when I was bent over with my skirt pulled up. Would these be too see through? Will they cover my bum? With one pair I shocked myself by thinking, I bet those would make his old man hard! I had dressed for a purpose and I debated with my conscience whether I should get changed into something more covered up. Giving in to my feelings I told myself to be honest with myself, I wanted to be spanked again, and why not give the old man something nice to look at? I ended up chose a pair of black lace knickers that were quite see through and when I pulled them up they got lost up my bum crack. Bending in front of the mirror I thought the view was outrageously sexy. Would I dare let the old man see me like this?I became more nervous and jittery as the morning went on, then just after 11.30 they arrived. I still felt a little embarrassed when I saw Billy but his easy nature relaxed me. I looked for signs that he wanted to spank me again, I noticed him eyeing up my outfit and I hoped he was still interest in me. Soon after they arrived, it began to rain.I thought to my, “Oh well, Albert will be coming indoors as well now. Looks like no magazine and no spanking for me today!”I put the kettle on called them in for shelter. They sat at the kitchen table and we talked and drank tea, watching the rain run down the window. I caught them both admiring my figure and was glad I hadn’t got changed. It was nice to have the attention, even from men in their 60s.“Well it doesn’t look as though it’s going to ease up, dose it?” said Albert.I thought they were going to call in a day and leave, and I felt a little disappointed, then Billy placed a magazine on the table. I blushed when I saw a picture on the cover of a big hard cock pressing between the cheeks of a woman’s bottom.“What’s your first name lass?” asked Billy.This made me realised just how little we knew about each other, giving that we shared such naughty secrets.“Anne,” I answered coyly trying to avoid looking at the magazine.I forced a smile but that soon turned to horror as Billy told Albert, “Anne here is interested in spanking and she likes to read our magazines when we come round.”I could have nearly died of shame. Billy turned a page of the magazine. It depicted a filthy scene of a blonde woman on her knees open mouthed with two mens cocks being wanked onto her tongue and face. The next showed a woman with bum in the air being caned, with red lines across her buttocks. “Anne had a little spanking last week, didn’t you?” I gave him a look to kill but he just laughed.“It’s okay don’t be shy, Albert’s alright. It’s going to be a rainy afternoon so we can’t do the garden, do you want to have another go?”I was tongue tied at his question and held my head down.“There’s just us here, if you want to we can have a little fun? I know you enjoyed it the last time.” I was red with embarrassment, nervously I said, “I’m not sure it’s a good idea, it’s different with two of you here, so perhaps not.” They both laughed, “But that makes it better, being chastised in front of someone else. You did enjoy it last time because I saw how wet your knickers got.”I was so embarrassed and I covered my face with my hands. “And you must have wanted more today? I mean look how you’ve dressed!”I shyly nodded my head and looked up at them, they both sat looking calmly at me. “Anyway, we won’t pressure you, but if you were looking forward to bending over the table and being spanked, well that would be a nice way to spend a rainy afternoon.”His words send a shiver through me, that’s exactly what I wanted, to let him lift my skirt exposing my rear and spank me. It’s what I’d been thinking of all week and why I’d dressed the way I did that morning. Why didn’t I just tell them the truth? Just thinking about it was making me aroused. They were leaving it up to me. I mean, did it really matter that a second old man, was here to watch? or would he want to join in? I felt a little thrill and Billy noticed my uneasiness.“Well, I suppose we had better be off soon, unless? His voice tailed off and he reached for the magazine, “I can leave this if you like, there’s some good reading in it.” He flicked through a couple more pages, and opened it on a particular picture, “Do you ever wish you could have had more of those before you got married?” he asked, holding up a picture of a guy with a big cock, being sucked by a red head woman on all fours.His question took me by surprise and I answered without hesitation, “Maybe, yes!”The honesty in my voice made us all laugh, Billy winked at me and said, “Why don’t you be as honest like that all the time?” I looked bashful and nervous, then he continued, “Come on, Anne, stand up and bend over the table for us.”For the next couple of seconds you could have heard a pin drop as I thought about what I should do. I was feeling scared but also very horny. What if my husband, Eddie, found out? I mean it was only a bit of fun and it’s not like I was having sex with anyone! I’d may my mind up. I stood and cleared the table, then moving chairs out of the way, I stood against the edge of the table and leaned forward. The two old men watched and when I bent over the table they moved behind me. My legs felt like jelly and butterflies filled my belly it seemed like ages until I felt a hand start to lift up my skirt, last time I had forbid it and it had to be yanked up without my permission, this time I was allowing it to happen. My body trembled. I thought about my choice of knickers and the view these 2 old perverts would get. They were 40 years older than me.I felt really exposed as they pulled my skirt up over my hips and folded it over my lower back. What must they have been thinking? To have a 23 year old married woman bend over the back kitchen table with her sexy arse exposed wanting to be spanked by them.“It’s nice of you to dress sexily for us,” said Billy looking at my choice of panties.A hand stroked my bottom cheeks, and I took a deep breath in anticipation of the first slap. Then it came, a firm smack from Billy’s rough hand, my arse jumped and I let out a yelp. There was a short pause and I closed my eyes, waiting for the next slap, then they came firm steady, but if I tensed my buttocks expecting the smack to come it didn’t. He would wait for me to relax before delivering the next. He would occasionally keep his hand in contact and stroked my bottom. As I wriggled my arse I found I was helping the fingers of the old man’s hand to touch me in more sensitive places between my bum cheeks. My knickers ridden up my arse crack and I was shocked and let out a gasp when I felt Billy’s finger run up the length of my pussy through the thin material it my lace knickers. I wondered just how much they could they see?As before the slaps became harder, shared between cheeks, then I heard the sound of a belt being unbuckled. My heart pounded and mouth felt dry and I shook from head to foot. The first stinging blow made me scream and writhe about; the next was softer and more bearable and I moaned with pleasure; as the following blows came, some were soft, some were hard. My bottom wriggled and squirmed and tensed and relaxed of there own accord, it felt as if my anus was stretched open wider than I thought was possible.“What a lovely sight!” I heard Albert say. Sure enough my glowing arse must have been a sight to behold. The belt came down time after time and the pain became intense. I felt tears roll down my face and I yelped at the blows. Then it started to happen again; the growing burning sensation that covered the stinging pain. Now I found myself moving my arse in a provocative manner, pushing it up and trying to spread my cheeks so I could feel my anus open up. The belt struck me again across my cheeks making the familiar load cracking sound, but I also heard another sound, the sound of a zip being drawn down. One of the old men was getting his cock out!The thought of an old man pulling his cock at the sight of my bum would normally have made me run for cover, but today it made me hornier than ever. My exposed bottom was only few feet away from a man who was masturbating at the sight of me being spanked. As more strikes fell, my yelps and whimpers turned into moans of pleasure which I didn’t disguise. Now I felt something else, through the burning and stinging sensations. It was the belt again but this time it was being used to play between my legs, running between my bum cheeks from my anus down my slit to my clitoris. I wanted to shouted “No!” but the pleasure overruled my voice and I let out a gasp and a moan. I could feel the rough leather against my knickers and realised I was very wet. Then I heard Billy’s instructions, “Spread your legs wider,” and I obeyed him.He continued to use his belt to pleasure me and I moved gently as he did. Now the spanking and thrashing had stopped I was consumed by the warm burning sensation and a feeling of delightful sexual arousal. Even though I was nervous about what I would be asked to do, I didn’t want them to stop!Billy’s fingers now replaced the belt making it was more intimate. I felt a tingle I hadn’t felt for years, I was giving in, allowing another man to touch my pussy.“Do you like this Anne?” I was asked. “Yes I do!” I panted, not seeing the point of pretending any more.“Can we take your knickers off?”“Yes!” My answer making my heart pound.It felt weird knowing that I was going to be totally exposed to two old men that were practically strangers. Good wives shouldn’t be doing this sort of thing whilst they husbands are out at work. My legs drew together and then I felt my knickers being pulled over my sore arse cheeks and fall to the ground. I felt incredibly excited. Where was his cock?I jumped when I felt it and Billy asked, “Are you alright Anne?” “Yes!” I stammered as I felt a cock masturbating against my pussy lips, it was Billy’s.“Reach behind you with your left hand, Anne.”As I reached behind my hand was guided to take hold of a rather small but very stiff dick. Slightly turning my head I could see Albert to my side and I started to wank him! My moans let them know how much I was liking what was happening and I moved myself against the cock at my rear.“Do you want it, Anne ?” I heard Billy ask.I was about to be fucked by this 65 year old man, “Yes please!” I pleaded.“Then spread your legs wider.”When I felt Billy’s cock enter me I was in seventh heaven and eagerly matched his thrusts. To make it easier for us Albert came to the front and I continued to wank him wishing I could reach him with my mouth. I was fascinated with his dick, even though it was small I had a desire to taste it. To lick the pre cum from the tiny slit at the end of it. The purple helmet of his knob-end would feel lovely in my mouth.Billy was older and more experienced than my husband, and he knew how to make it last. For a long time we fucked away, and I vowed this wouldn’t be the only time. I was about to orgasm and Billy sensed it. His own climax was about to explode, he began to slap my arse again; and then he did it. The dirty old bastard had cum inside my unprotected pussy, and it felt good. His cum felt hot inside me and was intensified by the stinging pain from my arse. I became vocal again and moaned loudly and when Billy withdrew his cock I was free to move. I moved to take Albert little dick into my mouth. With Billy still spanking me I sucked greedily on Albert’s cock until I felt his hot salty sperm hit the back of my throat and I drank it all down whilst massaging his balls.It was a while before we recovered our composure and to my surprise I wasn’t in the least guilty, embarrassed or regretful. In fact we had a coffee, commented on the weather and discussed the garden. Waving goodbye they promised to return to sort out the garden when the weather was better. All was normal and I went about my usual routine only with an old mans sperm dripping down my legs.