Anal Workout

Normally we would find a few minutes in the bedroom but one day our passions were simply too great and after work and shopping we were kissing and tenderly touching one another in the kitchen when she just openly and very confidently said “Give it to me in the ass”. I was quite intrigued and taken aback but turned on nonetheless. “Give it to me in the ass right here...” she said in a softer tone. There was something wrong though. I was too big for her and she knew it. We had tried anal sex a few times but she was simply too tight and I was too much to ask of her! So to get round this she asked me to get her small toy while she already started taken her clothes off, right here in the kitchen. On my frantic return I found her stark naked slightly bent over rubbing her vagina with vigour. “I love it, I really love it” she said as she turned around to the sound of her bare feet making contact with the cool tiled floor. She then spontaneously got down on the floor on her knees and rested the side of her head on the floor, leaving her hands free to reach behind her and grip her cheeks. “Ready?” I asked (why I don’t know as it was pretty obvious!). “Do it babe” was a clear sign. And so I set to work. I placed my hand on her back to steady her body and used my other hand to thrust a small anal toy right into her ass hole. She gave a sudden squeal before settling into a steady building orgasmic moan as I firmly worked her. After a short while with the anal toy I changed to a small dildo that has a different design and I knew would give a more intense feeling. “Here it comes” to which she simply groaned “yeeeahhh” and with that the dildo was thrust into her in a firm and swift way. And so I would continue for a while pumping her with the dildo deeply penetrating her anus with her body a naked and sexually overwhelmed state right there on the kitchen floor.... Eventually she made it clear with a simple but faint “stop”. At which point she began to move and change position. I was ready to do whatever she wanted next but she simply turned and looked at me with sweat pouring down her face and said in a very soft and hushed tone “enough... stop” but was still able to give a smile and slight giggle. After she struggled to her feet she was breathing heavily and still catching her breath when she said “I was going to faint”. “You know how to have a good time though don’t you” I said to which she replied “God I love it, thanks for that”..... She had taken our sex life to a whole new level.... And needless to say she slept quite well after her workout.