All day cross-dressing twosome

We got together one Sunday morning and transformed ourselves fully into hot sexy sluts. We were both wearing well stuffed bras, suspender belts, crotchless panties, stockings and high heels.We lay on the bed together kissing and stoking each other. We had made sure we had full balls for each other, so we were very horny.I got a pair of handcuffs and we closed them tight around our genitals, joining us closely. The twist was that the handcuff keys were in my car parked outside on the street. So we would be joined at genitals all day until late at night when we could go and get the key. The thrill was intense. We kissed each other passionately. Hands exploring each others bodies. Our hard clits pressed together. We had no choice but to be locked together intimately for at least the next 12 hours before facing the delicious risk of going out into the street in our lingerie, handcuffed together, to get the key.We spent the next few hours kissing and edging each other. Driving each other to the edge of orgasm over and over again. We were both drowning in a mutual sea of slut delirium.By early afternoon we switched to penetrating each other with a vibrating dildo. This drove us to even higher levels of ecstasy, with both of us leaking precum.By mid afternoon, we had a rest and just lay there holding each other. I could feel the slut hormones coursing through my body, making me feel so good and so horny. I had never felt so horny before. I relished the situation we were in, two horny, slutty trannies, dressed in sexy lingerie, handcuffed together in the most intimate way - with no way to free ourselves and having the most mind blowing sex.By late afternoon we were back to edging each other and dildo play.During the course of this my mobile rang, it was my mother. She wanted to know how I was, etc. Whilst I was talking to her my partner was kissing my neck, nibbling on my ear and stroking my clit. It was incredible talking to my mum and she having no idea that her son was in the middle of an all day extreme transvestic fetish session. She would be horrified to know what a degenerate her son had become. It made me realize how far I have gone to satisfy my lust, and that was way beyond what my mother could even begin to comprehend and what any normal son would contemplate. I was close to the edge and finding it hard to talk, so I ended the call as quickly as I could. We got stuck into each other again. Talking to my mother just then made me realize how many taboos I have broken and how much I how much I am turned on by that.It was now early evening and we were both so high with slut hormones that nothing elsemattered apart from our mutual pleasure. We both knew that we were sharing the mostintense sexual experience that either of us had ever had. The feelings were beyond description.It was starting to get dark, so we decided to move things outside.We carefully shuffled out onto my rear deck and got onto a sun-lounger. I had put the deck lights on so if anyone happened to be looking out their window they would see us. We got down to it again, with the additional thrill that we were on show. I knew that our lust had made us cross a line. It was a crazy risk and the consequences if caught were bad. But we so much wanted the thrill that we didn't care about the consequences. The thought that someone was watching was such an additional turn on. The thought that they would think we were disgusting faggots was enough to send me over the edge. Anyway we put on a good show kissing, edging and dildoing each other.It was getting on for late evening and we had been having sex for 12 hours. We decided to go over the edge. We synchronized ourselves so we would go over at the same time. Just a few more strokes away and bam! We both came together with a huge shower of cum shooting up between us up the front of our bodies and onto our chests. It was a mind blowing orgasm. We just held each other close kissing while the electricity coursed round our bodies. We felt so close. Whispering our love for each other. Kissing each other tenderly.Soon enough we were back to sex. We were still very horny. We kept at it for a few more hours. Cumming over and over until we were dry.It was well after midnight and time to get the key. We got up and shuffled through the house to the front door. I looked down at our cum soaked bodies and clits hard at the thrill of going out into the street like this. We took a deep breath and stepped outside. All was quiet. My partner stopped and started kissing me deeply. She whispered in my ear - I love you I don't care who sees. So we stood there in the street kissing with our hard clits and lingerie clad cum soaked bodies pressed together. It was so intense. After five minutes we opened the car and got the key. We unlocked ourselves and kissed some more.Eventually we went inside, undressed each other and took a shower. We took our time soaping each other, giving extra special attention to our intimate areas. This drove us horny again. So we took turns penetrating each other while the warm water ran down our bodies. We both came inside each other. Finally we stopped showering and toweled each other dry.We went to the bedroom and put on our sleep wear - sheer black Babydoll nighties, black g-strings and black lace top hold up stockings - and climbed into bed together. We lay there in each others arms. Totally spent by our day long sexual activity. Neither of us had ever indulged our transvestic fetish to this degree before. As a consequence we were bound closer to each other now having shared in such an extreme sexual experience. We both knew that our future sexual encounters could only get more extreme as we sought ways to satisfy our insatiable lusts. Anyway we will see what tomorrow brings!