Alexis’ slumber party

He was sitting in his office working one day when he heard his wife come home. He looked at the clock and wondered what she was doing home early. She walked in and smiled “hi sweetie”. He looked over to the door and smiled back “hey, you’re home early”. She nodded and walked over. Smiling big she blurted out with excitement “I had to run home and tell you the good news. I got the offer to go work with “Doctors Abroad” one of the other doctors pulled out at the last minute…. I leave next week “. Chris stared at her not sure what to say at first. He was excited for her but also sad because he knew she would be gone for 3 months. He gave her a half smile “Th.. that’s great hunny” she saw the slight disappointment in his eyes. “I know you’ll miss me but at least we have a week.” She grinned as she removed her scrubs top. “Let’s make the best of it” she turn and gave him a seductive look as she left heading to their bedroom. Chris followed closely behind her.The next week seemed to go by so fast. Before he knew it he and Alexis were dropping Ashley off at the airport. They kissed and hugged and then she was gone. The next couple month dragged on slowly. Ashley called every few days. She was having a good time so when they asked her to stay another 3 months she agreed (much to Chris’ disappointment). Which would also mean she would miss Alexis’ 14th birthday but she promised to make it up to both of them.Alexis walked in from school towards the beginning of month 4. She saw the door to his office open and walked in. Chris was sitting behind his desk working. Alexis cleared her throat. Chris looked up and smile she was dressed in a pink collared shirt and plaid skirt. “oh hey baby girl. How was school? ” she giggled “I’m not a baby anymore daddy… im almost 14”. She smiled, she liked when her dad called her that but it was their usual back and forth game “you’ll always be my baby girl” he smiled back.“It was good” She stared at him, hands together in front of her as she rocked slightly from heel to toe making her skirt sway a little. He knew she wanted something. She always did that when she wanted to say or ask something. Finally he spoke up. “Well? Out with it. What do you want, and how much is it going to cost?” He laughed. She gave him her little girl smile and walked over. “Well Daddy, you know how my birthday is in a couple weeks?” He smirked then gave a fake shocked look . “Birthday? Is that in 2 weeks?” She giggled again “very funny daddy.” She leaned against the desk “I was thinking… since my birthday is the same weekend as the teacher work day… could I maybe have a weekend sleep over? “He looked at her “who are you wanting to invite”“Just a couple girls. Hannah, jenni….and maybe staci?”Chris sighed. He didn’t much care for her friend Staci. She was the oldest in the group and always seemed to be the one to instigate trouble. “Staci? Lexi you know..” she interrupted him “daddy… pleeeease” she gave him her best pout and puppy dog eyes. He sighed again ” fine, if that’s what you want” she squealed and hugged him “thanks daddy, I promise we’ll be good” she almost skipped out of the room. He smiled watching her. As her skirt swayed and bounced,he caught a quick glance of her pink cotton panties. I just shook his head and went back to work.On Thursday 2 weeks later Chris came home from work. He walked into the living room he saw Alexis sitting on the floor doing her homework. She looked up and smiled “hi daddy.” He looked at her giving a half smile. “hi, how’s it going? ““Good just finishing up my homework… daddy? The girl want to meet at the mall tomorrow to do some shopping before coming over. Is it ok if I join them? Staci’s parents are letting her borrow the car so she can bring us all home when we’re done” Chris just looked at her and nodded “yea… sure” she tilted her head a little “something wrong?” He shook his head “nothing, just a rough day at work” he gave her a forced smile then turned and left.A hard day at work would have been a better way to say it. It had been 4 months, 1 week, and 5 days since Ashley left.(he kept count) So it had been just as long since he’d had sex. Most of the time he was able to keep his mind on work to distract himself but for the past few days every woman he saw reminded him of her. He tried jerking off a few times but it just wasn’t the same, no satisfaction. Just the sight of a beautiful woman would set his manhood to react. Today though one of the girls at the office noticed. When he saw her blush he got embarrassed. She slyly walked over and whispered to him “I know it’s been a while and men have needs. I’ll be in my office if you need anything… no questions asked” then she left. In a moment of almost weakness he found himself about to enter her office then he stopped. Coming to his senses he shook himself and left. He had a bad case of blue balls and needed to do something about it.He went straight to his office, closed the door and turn his computer on. He started surfing some porn sites. He pulled his swollen member out and started stroking. As soon as he felt the pressure in his balls starting to build he grabbed a tissue and blow his load into it. He sat back in the chair for a minute. The blood soon left his cock and he pushed it back in his pants. He sat there still unsatisfied but at least he didn’t ache anymore.Alexis watched her dad as he left the room. She could tell something was bothering him. She finished her homework and headed to her room to call her friends. She saw her dad’s office door closed as she walked down the hall. She was just about to knock when she heard heavy breathing from inside. Something inside her made her stand there and put her ear to the door. From the other side of the door she could hear soft grunts. Her eyes went wide. “Is he…?” She thought to herself. Listening closer she was sure of it. “He’s masterbating” A few seconds later a deep groan…then silence. “Poor dad” she thought. She stepped back and quietly padded down the hall to her room blushing a little.The next afternoon Chris and Alexis were in the car heading to the mall. He look over at her “we have to make a stop on the way to the mall, I hope that’s ok” Alexis nodded. Chris pulled into the parking lot of the local cell phone store. “So your mom and I have talked and I’ve got an early birthday gift for you.” She looked around and her eyes lit up. “Daddy? Are you serious? ” she stared at him. He nodded and she was out of the car before he even turned the key off. She picked out a phone and case. She gave him a kiss as he paid. “Thank you SO MUCH daddy” he nodded and laid down all the role. She agreed and they left.He dropped Alexis off at the mall I little while later. She kissed him on the cheek as she got out. “Have fun baby girl” She smiled “I’m not a baby any more daddy” he smiled back “you’ll always be my baby girl” she turn and went to meet her friends.Chris was sitting in the living room a couple hours later when he heard the sound of car doors then voices. The 4 girls came in and he turned looking over at them. “Hey girls” a choir of voices came back “hi Mr. White”. He saw the girls all carrying a few shopping bags. The 3 girls sleeping over were also carrying backpacks.“Daddy, we’re going to all sleep downstairs in the basement” Chris nodded “that’s fine. I’m sure you girls will be up all night and I won’t have to tell you to be quiet when I go to bed.” They giggled then headed down stairs. Chris couldn’t help himself and watched their young bodies move as they smiled and turned. He knew the basement was the best place for them. It was a full finished basement with a kitchenette and bathroom.A couple hour later Chris’ phone went off. He looked and saw Alexis sent him a text “can you order some pizza please” he responded with a simple “yes”. The pizza arrived a little while later. As Chris started down the stairs carrying the pizza hears giggling and muffled voices. As he reaches the bottom he called out “pizza delivery” he hears screams and a voice say “Staci give me that” as he turns towards them he can see Alexis and Staci both grabbing at something. He walks over setting the pizza down “what going on down here?” Alexis and Staci turn to him. Alexis has something in her hand. He looks down at it “what is that?”Alexis looked at him and smiled “nothing daddy” her cheeks are a little flush. He held out his hand “let me see”. She looked at her friends, Staci was grinning big. Alexis steps forward and puts a small black remote in his hand. He looks at it trying to figure out what it’s for. Its plain with no markings. On the front are 4 button 3 numbered 1 to 3 and the last just says off. curious he presses number 1… nothing happens. He presses 2 and looks up. Giving each girl a confused look. Hannah, jenni, and Staci are standing a few steps away staring at Alexis. He looks at his daughter she has her eyes close and is biting her lip. “Girls what is this?” Staci speaks up ” it’s nothing.. press 3 and see” Alexis’ eye go wide “no” she starts to reach for it but hannah is over in a second “it’s mine. It was in my bag. I don’t remember what it goes to so we were just kinda playing pretend with it.” Chris looks at her curious but gives it to her. He notices she pressed “off” before tossing it towards her bag of clothes. “You girls are silly” he turned and left. He hears laughing and muffled voices as he gets to the top of the stairs. He hears jenni’s muffled voice “Staci you’re terrible. What if he pushed 3?”. He ignores it and closes the door. He thinks for a second as he sits back down on the couch. He swears he heard I faint humming when he pressed the buttons but no idea were it was coming from.Chris must have nodded off to sleep, waking up a few hours later. He decided to check on the girls one last time before heading to bed. He opened the door to the basement but to his surprise he didn’t hear and thing at first. He creeped slowly down the stairs but paused halfway down hearing whispers, “mmm. Right there” then giggles. Taking the last few steps he slowly peeked around the corner. His eyes went wide and he quickly leaned back. Chris stood there frozen. The image of what he saw still in his mind. He looked back to make sure he didn’t imagine it. Sure enough, Hannah and staci were standing next to the couch. Hannah had on a long black night shirt to her mid thigh. Staci was wearing a green tank top and matching panties. What shooked him though was the scene unfolding on the couch. Jenni was sitting on the couch, Alexis was on the floor between her legs wearing a pink nightie gown. Jenni’s legs were d****d over Alexis’ shoulders with her blue panties hanging from one ankle. She had her face buried in Jenni’s crotch. Jenni had her hands clamped over her mouth. He could hear her moaning. Then he body started to shake. He couldn’t believe his eyes. His daughter was eating her friend’s pussy.Alexis always seemed very innocent. She dressed very conservative and never seemed to have any hint of sexuality. But there she was. As jenni’s orgasm subsided he saw her legs relax and Alexis sat back on her heels. Jenni dropped her hand gasping, “fuck lexi. Are you sure you’ve never done that till today?” He just saw her nod. She looked up at Staci “is that good?” As he looked at Staci he saw she was holding the remote from earlier. Staci nodded at Alexis “yes you’re doing great, only an hour left” Alexis looked at her blankly “y..yes ma’am “. Chris’ mind was a flurry of confusion. Not knowing what else to do he went back up stairs. He poured himself a drink to help calm his nerves. His cock was rock hard and aching as he replayed the scene in his head. He had to go to bed and jerk off, but as he reached the hall way he heard the basement door open.He turn back to see the girls all coming up stairs, Jenni was dressed again. They all looked at him waving, Jenni’s cheeks were still slightly flushed. Alexis looked at him “h..hi daddy. Still up?” He nodded as he looked at each of them “yea, but I’m heading to bed” Staci whispered something in Alexis’ ear. Alexis looked at the floor then nodded. She walked over and look up at Chris. “Daddy? We were going to go swimming you should join us”. Chris looked down at her “oh, you girl don’t want an old man barging in on your fun.” He looked at her seeing her pupils were dialated. “Is she on something?” he thought to himself. Alexis’ eyes roll a little and the girls behind her giggle. She whispers a faint “please”. He looks at them all, “ok” he said. Alexis hugged and kissed him in the cheek. He could swear he smelled the hint of jenni’s pussy on his daughter as she kissed him.He turned back down the hall going to his room. He changed into swim trunks and grabbed a towel. His erection slowly waning as he walked outside onto the back deck the girls were already changed and in the pool splashing around. He set his towel down walking over to the hot tub. He turned the jets on and climbed in. It was a small jacuzzi barely big enough for 4 or 5 people. He sat down facing the pool letting the jets cascade over him. He closed his eyes relaxing and enjoying the water. A couple minutes later he sensed someone near then the water sloshed. Opening his eyes he saw Staci climbing in. She sat down across from him “hi Mr. White can I join you?” He gave her a slight smile and a nod “hey” she smiled back and he closed his eyes again.“Why dont you like me?” She asked bluntly. He opened his eyes looking at her “what?”. She looked back at the other girls still in the pool as she moved closer to him. “Lexi said she had to beg you to let me come over”“Its not that I don’t like you… It’s just that you’re the oldest and I think you’re a bad influence on the younger girls” he glances at the pool. He feels her hand on his knee “I’m sorry Mr. White. I’m just trying to have a good time. We might get into trouble sometimes but I promise that we’re safe” . He looked at her and even in the dim light he could see her pupils were as dilated as Alexis’. “Safe? So you mean to tell me that you girls aren’t on something? ” she moves her hand away. “What do you mean?” She flashed him an innocent look. “Staci I’m not dumb. All the giggling… Alexis’ and your eyes are so dilated I can almost see into your souls”She looks away then back at him putting her hand back on his leg. “Its just a little ecstasy” she saw a hint of anger in his eyes. “Come on Mr. White, you’ve NEVER experimented?”. Chris looked at her and sighed a little. “Maybe a little, but I was in college… I was older and understood the consequences better.” “Well Chris…. can I call you Chris?” He didn’t react “you know I’ll be in college next year. And what safer place to try new things than here?” Her hand moves up a little higher on his leg.Chris felt his blood get warm as it flowed and filled his cock. He put his hand on her’s. She leaned in close to him “it’s ok, Lexi told us you’ve been a little…blue since your wife has been away. I can help you with that…. it might also help lighten you up a bit. ” she grinned moving her hand higher, now only inches from his crotch. He froze like stone. His mind was a flurry. Know what was happening was wrong but torn by the need for some relief. His deep need winning out he let go of her hand letting it go higher. Her hand gently moved over his crotch along his swollen manhood. He was so focused on Staci, he didn’t notice the girls in the pool were watching him.Staci glanced at them grinning as she slipped her hand inside his shorts grabbing his shaft her eyes wide, “wow, so big” she whispered. His brain was having trouble keeping rational thought. He heard whispers but couldn’t understand them.“Staci.. what are you doing?”“Shh. Just let him enjoy it”“But…”“No buts.. keep quiet… god lexi i didn’t know he was so big”His mind was racing as his breathing increased. He felt Staci stand up then her hand let go of him tugging his shorts down. Even in the warm water he felt the heat of something touch his cock then it wrapped around the head. “Mmmm god damn” he heard staci say.“DADDY”His eyes shot open hearing his daughter. It took him a second to take in the scene. Sat on the edge to either side were Hannah and Jenni. Across from him was Alexis… and in his lap facing away was Staci. She had the head of him inside her and was slowly working down the shaft. Alexis was staring wide eyed. “Staci stop. He can’t control it” she pleaded with her friend. Chris finally realized what was happening and reached up grabbing Staci’s hips. “Staci stop. This is wrong. Your Lexi’s friend” he tried to lift her but she put more weight down unexpectedly. Taking him by surprise his hands slip along her smooth skin. She instantly slide all the way down. He groaned. “Oh fuck” was all he could muster. The girls looked on as Staci leaned back against him rocking her hips. Hannah spoke up “Staci, He’s lexi’s dad. Stop” Staci just shook her head. “Feels…to..good” he felt her body shake and her pussy squeezed him tight as she came. She relaxed and slid off him “who’s next? You girl have to try it”. Alexis stood up looking at Staci “no… no more. He’s not thinking straight”Staci reach under the water pulling her bottoms back into place. “Shut up…. go get the remote” Alexis shook her head, “no.. please no more” the 2 girls stood in the middle of the hot tub for what seemed like forever not speaking then Alexis lowered her eyes and nodded “y. .yes ma’am” Chris looked at her as she climbed out and went inside. He looked back “what was that about?” As he looked at the other girls jenni was in front of him now “I have to make this quick before she gets back” he watched in shook as jenni climbed into his lap. She reached down grabbing him and guiding his cock to her pussy. “Jenni, no you’re only 15” he tried to stop her but as he felt he inner labia envelop his gland all he could do is moan. She held his shoulders and started bouncing taking more in each time. “God you’re right Staci he is so big. He’s hitting my spot” she started to moan as she moved faster. Chris could feel her bouncing off his balls. She screamed maybe 30 seconds later as she rocked through her orgasm. Chris was so close feeling the pressure starting to build. Then Alexis yelled “Jenni… how could you?” He opened his eyes as jenni fell back, his cock pulling out of her. Staci and hannah caught her. She was breathing deep and looked at Alexis. “I… I’m sorry lexi”. Staci held a hand out to Alexis as she walked over. Chris could see tears in her eyes as she stood there. Chris looked at her “L…Lexi i’m so sorry. I knew this was a bad idea”. He reached down pulling his shorts back up. Alexis handed Staci the remote as she stared at him “don’t worry lexi. He didnt cum. It doesn’t count”Chris stood up and Staci put her hand on his chest. “Wait don’t go yet”. He shook his head. “This has already gone to far. I should go”Staci looked at him as she held up the small remote towards him. “Chris, you wanted to know what this was earlier? Well I’ll tell you” she looked at Alexis then back at him. “For her birthday I got lexi a little gift. This controls a mini egg vibrator.” She leaned in close “which since just after we got here has been inside your daughter’s pussy.” Chris’ eyes went big as he looked at her. All Alexis could do was nod. Hannah step up next to him. She was the youngest and the smallest of the girls. She put her hand on his arm. “M…Mr. white. Please don’t be mad. It was all just for fun. Lexi just wanted to let go of herself for just one day. Thats why Staci had to come.” She looked at Alexis “we all tried the egg but. Something about it is different for lexi. She… well see, she’s never…” Alexis blurted out “I’ve never had an orgasm.” She treared up again. He looked in shook. “Never?” Alexis shook her head her eyes staring down at her feet. Staci grinned proudly “And we’ve been edging her all day. We figured the best gift ever would be to let her have her first real orgasm at midnight”Alexis was almost crying. “Daddy… I’m sorry. We took some ecstasy. I don’t know why….I just… I’ve always been a good girl, getting good grade, staying out of trouble. I’ve never even done anything sexual not even masterbated. I just..” her voice trailed off as jenni and hannah went to console her. Staci stepped closer to him. “But we woke something deep inside her. I’ve never seen someone so sex starved. she will do anything to keep the pleasure going. Even though we keep her just on the edge.” She looked back over her shoulder then back at him, putting the remote in his hand as she mouthed “ANYTHING”.Chris looked at the remote thinking back to earlier. He was giving her pleasure and don’t know it. His mind was a fog with everything happening. He glanced at his watch 11:45.To this day he’s not sure why. As if controlled himself he looked up at his daughter. Alexis had stopped crying and was just standing there next to the hot tub watching him. He pressed the number 1 button. Alexis gave him a slight confused look as she felt it start. “Daddy?” It was almost a whisper. She stared at him for a minute bitting her lower lip a little. then he pressed the number 2. She grasped and her eyes shut. He could hear a faint hum. Hannah and Jenni were slowly looking back and forth between them. He glanced down at her bikini bottom where he now knew the sound was coming from. He watched as she stood there. He could hear her breathing, she was talking slow deep breaths. Her legs tightly together. D…daddy? P…please”Chris looked at each girl as they watched jaws open. He looked back at his innocent daughter and smiled he hit the off button “Lexi sweetie? Take it out”. Her eyes opened and she nodded. Reaching into her bottoms she fumbled around for a second. Then looked at him a little worried “I.. cant.. I can’t find the pull cord”. Staci climbed out and stood in front of her. She push Alexis’ hand aside and reacted into her bottoms. Feeling around for a second then removing her hand. “Yea, it’s up in there good. But I got an idea” she whispered something to Alexis. Alexis looked at her dad and nodded as she crouched down slowly and spread her legs. Staci looked at Chris. “Ok push level 3” chris nodded and as he pressed Staci pulled Alexis’ bottoms to the side. Alexis’ eye shot open and she gasped loud “HOLY SHIT” then she fell back on her heels. Staci stood up and walked over holding it up. “She laid an egg”. She laugh at herself. Hannah and jenni were wide eyed. “Damn lexi. You shot that out of your pussy” they help Alexis back to her feet. “I.. wow. It took me by surprise I guess I clenched”. Staci handed it to Chris. He smiled looking at it. It was a little smaller than his palm. Staci stood watching “its water tight so she can have it in anytime. Showering… swimming”.. staci looked down at his watch”8 minutes”. Alexis sighed “Staci I don’t have it in anymore, It’s over.” She hung her head “Daddy, it’s late can they at least stay the night? They can go home in the morning”. He looked at her as she stared at the ground. “Girls? Can lexi and I have a minute?” He motioned his daughter over as her friends went inside. Alexis looked at him and slowly walked over. As she got closer he noticed her bottoms were still pulled to one side. Her young mound on display with just the hint if peach fuzzy at the top.He reached out taking her hand and helping her into the hot tub. She sat down beside him. She folded her hands together putting them in her lap under the water. Finally she looked up at him. “Daddy… i… ” Chris stopped her “sweetie.. it’s ok, I understand. I’m not mad at you. You were just trying to have fun and fit in with your friends. Infact I’m not even mad at Staci for supplying d**gs and.. stuff to you younger girls. As bad as those are she meant well.” She nodded “so they can stay?” He smiled and kissed her cheek “of course they can.” He could have left it at that but something in him couldn’t resist “but only under one condition” she looked at him “w.. what’s that?” He hesitated for a second “well… it seems that both of us have a problem that needs to be fixed. They can stay.. but only if we help each other”.Alexis didn’t understand. She looked at him little confused. “Problem? What do you mean?” Chris reached his hand over putting it on her knee. “baby girl we both need to cum” “I’m not a..” Chris leaned over kissing her on the lips. His hand slowly started up her thigh. She was a bit surprised as his tongue parted her lips and slipped in. It wasn’t the type of kiss a father should be giving his daughter but neither cared. As Chris’ hand moved farther up her thigh he was a bit surprised to find her hands were already moving along her crotch. She broke the kiss and smiled a little whispering “W….We shouldn’t do this. We aren’t thinking straight”. Even as she said it she knew the was no going back. She moved her hand away and Chris replaced it with his.Under the water he gently moved a finger up and down her slit.She took a deep breath and leaned back a little as his finger started small circles around her clit. She looked at him and reached her hand over rubbing the crotch of his shorts. “Staci was right you are big” she slide her hand inside running her fingers over his gland. “Will it fit?”. He nodded as his finger parted her pussy and slipped inside her. She let out a soft moan. She held his wrist as he moved his finger in and out of her working more in each time. She wrapped her hand around his shaft slowly moving up and down along it stroking him. “Mmm. That feels good” he said closing his eyes.He reached under the water with his other hand and tugged his trunks down letting his cock spring free giving Alexis better access. After a minute she let go of him and pushed his wrist away. He opened his eyes watching her stand. She bit her lip as she climbed into his lap putting her knees to either side of him. He put his hands on her hips pulling her closer. She could feel the under side of his cock pressing against her slit. She smiled as she rocked her hips along it. She gasped as she felt the tip brush her clit. “Mmm daddy, it feels so good” she raised up and reached down with one hand. Steadying herself she guided it to her opening.She wiggled her hips a little as she slowly applied pressure. Chris watched as her face distorted a little trying to get it in. “Daddy it wont fit”. He smiled “just try to relax.” she took a deep breath trying to relax. He felt her muscles slowly loosen and they both gasped as it entered her. She smiled leaning in “you’re inside me daddy” she wiggled her hips slipping down a little more. He could feel her walls gripping tight. She grunted a little. “Daddy it’s to big it hurts”. He frowned a little in disappointment “it’s ok baby girl. Daddy understands you’re too little” she scrunched her face. She put her hands on his shoulders. Lifting her knees one at a time she planted her feet next to him.She looked into his eyes as another inch slide in “I’M..” then another “NOT…” then another “A BABY…” she grunted as she took the rest in, their pelvis’ meeting. “ANYMORE”. Her eyes went wide as his cockhead hit deep inside. She sat still for a minute letting her body relax and get use to it. She slowly lifted up till just the very tip was still in then plunged back down. She let out another loud gasp. Chris smiled as he gripped her hips guiding her up and down slowly. She moaned each time. Chris closed his eyes as he felt her helping to speed up. They were in heaven. All that could be heard was grunts and groans as she impaled herself over and over again. “Daddy.. I can’t take much more” he nodded “mmm, Me either sweetie.” She slammed down harder and harder.It was just then a single rational thought crossed his mind. He opened his eyes “lexi…. your not on the pill” her face was down as she moved faster and harder. He felt the pressure building. He had to stop her. He gripped her hips tighter holding her still. She let out a whimper “NO.. please… dont make it stop” she used all her weight pushing down. Her smooth skin slide between his hand as she took it all in. She let out a scream. And Chris’ eyes closed. He tried to think of anything else but what was happening. He felt her pussy clamp down and release. Every muscle in her body pulsed as she shook through her first ever orgasm. ” Chris’ balls were aching for release. He couldn’t hold it any longer. The first jet of cum shot from the tip of his cock like a cannon. She gasped feeling it as hot cum shot into her. She rocked through another orgasm. Chris groaned as his balls emptied into his once innocent daughter. He let go of her hips as he felt the last bit released. She stopped moving and fell into his chest. They were both gasping for air. He wrapped his arms around her holding her tight. He spoke between breathes “that… was amazing” Alexis couldnt speak. She laid there, her arms around his neck.As their breathing came back to normal. She lifted herself up to look at him. “Oh my gawd that was….” her eyes were wide as she stared off. Chris turned to follow her stare. Standing a few feet away were all 3 of her friends smiling. Almost in unison they they clapped “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEXIS”. Chris lifted his hand looking at his watch..12:01.“happy birthday baby girl” they both smile. MOORE ON