Against All Odds

For the most part it started out how I’d guess and honestly rather boring but the woman retiring was closer to me then most I thought I at least owed her to hang out to it’s end. It was two hour in and now looking back I’m sure it to make sure any not invited would have made their way home for sure. For now off from a distance music was heard and getting louder with each beat. The door was all but kicked in, at least that’s how I expanded it to my husband already in bed. I told him how I was startled at first, a very large black man bursting in on twenty or so timid female workers. Well maybe I was the only timid one as most who I can say must of been in the know better then I started to cheer and the young gentleman. The next thing that caught my eye was the bell that was attached to his very stretched out banana sack. As he swung his hips the bell would ring upon hitting either his belly or to upper part of his round firm ass, a monster of a cock to be sure. He was introducing just how big it was when a second guy entered the room, barely dressed also but light of skin and a hairless body as I could tell. No bell but clearly very well hung and already firm for action. The two staring at opposite end started to work their way down, response ran the gambit from a look, touch, lick or swallow. Of course as the chocolate man made his way past me I could appreciate him but I allowed him to pass without touch or taste. Jenny (whom my husband knew) took the other side taking his swollen manhood in her mouth. I could tell she wanted me to aid but I held strong. I explained how she sucked on his big balls as she stroked his long member. That’s when I noted my husband was stroking himself under the covers as I spoke. And also why I didn’t whitewash what happened next. The two continued their way which for a guy it must be the best job ever, scores of women wanting to suck your cock and lick you sweaty/salty body. I watched with great interest as the second dancer made his way closer and I was very much looking forward to Jenny sucking his cock too, my pussy already the cause of soaked thighs. Finally there he was shaking his ass in front of Jenny and I, she reached around and began stroking his meat. Rubbing her breasts upon his back he seemed in full agreement shaking his head yes to whatever she whispered in his ear. When she walked past me and him close behind my mind went quickly to the possibility the two of them going off to fuck somewhere. But in a surprise move she gathered my arms behind my back holding captive, their secret shared when she ordered me to suck his cock. (The blankets started to really pop as I explained how wide I had to open my mouth to fit his fat cock in) I explained how anything worth doing is worth doing right, relaxing my throat to take him balls deep to the cheers of the other ladies in the room. Jenny asked just how much I’m loving his big dick and didn’t believe a word when a muffled “I’m not” escaped from me. It was then when she joined in sucking his balls, soon our lips were running up and back as if an ear of corn. But as she came she stopped but that wasn’t her end, she reached down parting my legs wide, I could feel the conditioned air lapping at my pantiless pussy. Jenny reached between my legs, my puss had a mind of its own gobbling up fingers offered. She’s ready to be fucked she said, to my answering back no he can’t. Soon the whole room was chanting “fuck her, fuck her” leaving me the only one screaming no! With the aid of others I’m stripped naked still claiming no as they turn me for attack. With a last attempt I gathered all the air I could screaming NO! Thankfully enough to catch their ears. I explained “he’s far too big for my pussy, he’ll have to fuck me in the ass!” With that six or more lotions were tossed our but as my husband knows I keep some lube in my bag. I must say I enjoyed Jenny stretching my hole but my God his cock felt incredible. “So honey, why don’t you stop stroking that cock of yours and come get some sloppy seconds” All’s well that ends well.