A gay summer Holiday - Part 14

Christopher kissed Jelmer as he held him very close. "What's the matter, mate?", asked Jelmer. "Nothing! That's just it... I love you, Jel!", sighed Chris. "The coming out of Pieter and Jesse made me happy and think of you. Of us, actually. Sure we have our issues. But I really love you. So I decided I would apply for a permit to buy me a home here on the island. Rather than go to the higher trade school on the mainland. I think I have a good shot at a job at either the ferry company or with the local tourist board."."What? No way! I will not allow it!", said Jelmer surprised by Chris's remarks. "Why not? Don't you want me here!... Do you have another guy coming over during the winter months when I am not around?", joked Chris.Jelmer punched Chris. "Seriously. Don't joke about that... But yes... his name is Maurice, he is a 2 meter tall muscular black guy, twice your strength, and with a huge fat cock.", laughed Jel. "But No! You really need to get your engineering degree first. That's what you always dreamed about. I will wait for you that long! After that, we can get married here on the island.", said Jelmer seriously. Chris kissed Jelmer long and hard. "But won't Maurice mind?", laughed Chris. Jelmer laughed so hard that he nearly choked. "All joking aside, you are not making it any easier on me.", sighed Christopher. "Do you really want to marry me?", asked Chris."Yes, I do. Are you... fuck... Did you... Did you just ask me to marry you?", smiled Jel anxiously. "Hmmm... no, but... Well, actually... why the fuck not. Jelmer Sylvian Theodurus, do you want to marry me?", said Chris seriously, dropping to one knee.Jelmer thought a moment. Looked at Christopher on his knee in front of him and said... His father and mother had seen and heard Christopher propose to their son. And gasped in joy. Jelmer looked at his parents and quickly pulled Chris up. "Well, aren't you going to answer him?", said his dad stern. His mother burst into tears.Jelmer had to think long and hard about it. He replied honestly; "No Christopher. I can not marry you until you finished your education. I don't earn enough to support the two of us. So it would be unfair to ask you to marry me.", said Jelmer without hesitation.Chris smiled at Jelmer. "Yeah, this may be a bit too quickly. I only have known you are in love with me for... what now? 6 weeks? But money should not be an issue. I know how to support myself and earn enough to get us by. And there are jobs enough on the island for a guy with my skills. So give it some more thought, please. In 6 weeks time, I will have to make a decision. Either I stay here. Or continue my education.", said Chris cradling the face of Jelmer with one hand.Ben and Frieda hugged the guys. "If money is your biggest worry, then why don't I up your wages here.", suggested Ben to his son. "Aunt Frieda, wipe away your tiers... It will happen if it is meant to be!", smiled Christopher at Frieda. Frieda gave Chris a cuddle."Tea anyone?", asked Christopher. "I think we all can use a quiet sit down and think.". He invited them inside his cabin. And they drank some tea together to relax them."Christopher, do you really plan to come live and work here on the island?", asked Ben after a while. "I would not call it a planned action. But I could see myself living here if I can get a home and a job here. So there are a few things that I would need to figure out first. I know it is hard for outsiders to get a house here. So there is that. And it's not like I don't have a degree. Not much need for engineers here either. So a change in career would be required too.", sighed Chris making the decision harder on himself."Jelmer,... your awfully quiet.", asked his mother. He got up and walked away. "Let him go, Frieda. When he is good and ready he will come back.", said Christopher calmly.Chris talked with Ben and Frieda about the colors for the outsides of the bunkers. And the way he planned on upgrading the lawns and other paths to the campgrounds. He also said that he would paint the roofs in a sandy yellow color. Chris showed them the picture he had gotten from the lighthouse keepers. When Ben saw the picture he got excited about the project again. "I need you to do me a favor. We used to have a flagpole at the top of the stairs. I want you to put a new one in between the stairs and the bunkers.", said Ben happy. "Cool plan. Order one and I will make space for it.", said Chris to Ben.Christopher made some more improvements to the mixer and the third test run resulted in a very nice soil mix. That day he worked tirelessly to mix the soil and to transport each load to the lawns in front of each cabin. He worked to deep into the evening. Mixing all the clay, horse manure, compost, and other stuff into 3 times as much soil as he actually needed for the lawns. He also mixed some courser soils when he ran out of compost. These he could use behind the French drains to plant some shrubs. He was afraid that the sand would otherwise clog the rainwater collection.He had not seen Jelmer all day. And before he went to bed he texted him; "Love you Jelmer. Sorry, if I overwhelmed you with my proposal. Sleep well. Kiss.".Jel did not respond back. So Chris went to bed. Tossing and turning, not sure on what to do, or where his life would lead him.On Wednesday he got the delivery from the roof coating company. The color additive was very expensive. And it looked exactly the same as the stuff he could get on the island in different colors at the local paint and DIY shop for only a tenth of the price. He sent the additive back to get a refund.So he went to the shop just out of town. With the buckets of white rubber coating and some empty once. Chris had them mix him a few dozen buckets of sandy yellow. He also asked for a bucket of lights and dark brown, moss green, dark green, bright yellow and gray. But these were only have full. He had an idea he wanted to try out. Camouflaging the back half of the roofs to make them blend even better into the dune-scape.At the builder's yard, he ordered some cleaned crushed rock for the French drain and some geo-textile to prevent the sand from clogging up the system. The materials were delivered and placed where they would be needed. Chris spent the day filling up the gully with the first layer of cloth and the rocks. Digging out some plant holes and filling them partially with the coarse soil. He also painted the roofs with the thinned out version of the rubber coating. Taking care to pay more attention to the roof penetrations like the skylights and ventilation pipes. That worked much better this time. The roofs got a nice coat of yellow rubber. And that alone worked out nice. He tested the other colors. He thinned them out even more and drizzled them onto the wet undercoat as a test. They flowed into each other, leaving a perfect camo-effect. Frieda came by to measure up the bunkers for new privacy curtains. When she saw the test she immediately called Ben over as well. They took one look and were excited. "That looks really nice, Chris.", they told him. "Talking about nice... Have you seen or heard from my boy?", asked Christopher. "He did not answer my calls all day.".They called Jelmer. He did answer their phone call. His mother gave Chris her phone. "Hey, buddy. Chris here. Is everything okay? Can you drop by? I'd like to talk with you some more if you are okay with that?", asked Chris shyly. "Sure, I have a few things I have to do first. But I will be over tonight.", said Jelmer resolute before he hung up the phone. Chris raised his eyebrows. "What did he say?...", asked Jelmer's father. "He had some things to do first, but he would come by later... Not sure what he is up to. But he sounded... well, serious.". said Chris nervously. "Let us give you a hand painting the roofs with a second coat.", said Ben. Ben took a few pails to the upper cabins and placed some at the other lower cabins as well. Ben and Frieda painted the roofs a second time as Chris coated the backs of the roofs in the camo colors.After dinner with Jesse, Ben, and Frieda, Christopher went back to his cabin. Walking past the camouflaged bunker roofs he looked pleased with his work. He saw his vision come together nicely. He sat outside in the evening sun, contemplating what he would do after his working holiday on the island.Jelmer came walking over. He also looked at the roofs. "That is looking nice, Chris! You made a lot of progress, man".Jelmer handed him an envelope. It was an envelope with the municipalities logo on it. Addressed to Chris. He looked at Jelmer in surprise. "What did you do buddy?", smiled Christopher. He opened the envelope and found the necessary paperwork for him to buy a home on the island. Chris let himself fall back in the deckchair. Jel crawled next to him. As he watched, Chris read the letter out loud. It was signed by the mayor Silvia. And had an official stamp of approval signed by the cities secretary. Chris wrapped an arm around his lover. "Thanks, bud.", he said as they hugged.Pieter and Jesse came over. "Eww... Get a room!", joked Pieter and Jesse. But the guys ignored them and started to kiss each other. "So what's the big news?", asked Jesse curiously. "Hmm, can I tell them all of it or just about the letter?", asked Christopher of Jelmer. "Tell them all of it! Love.", said Jelmer. "Well, somehow I may have asked your brother to marry me. And he got me a permit to buy a house on the island.", said Chris. "But keep it to yourselves for now. Don't even tell your parents yet, Peet! I still have to inform my folks first!", warned Christopher to the guys."Oh,... That is very nice!... Congratulations are in order then... Dang, you two don't waste any time!", exclaimed Jesse happy. "Let's celebrate!", suggested Pieter. The 4 of them went to town and drank a few beers in a local pub. "What will you do?... Will you go to the Higher technical school?... Will you get a job here?... Will you...", asked Pieter and Jesse. "Okay enough with the what-if questions! I did not even have time to process this myself. Life is full of surprises. This is a big one that needs careful planning.", sighed Chris as he downed another beer. "Tomorrow I will first have to give my parents a call. And then I will have to go see a few other people. I guess I would need to go to the bank for a loan and see if there is a job for me here. The rest will have to wait until I have more certainty.", told Chris them. "In the meantime, I will keep working on the bunkers as well. I could use a hand building the brick sides for the lawns."The next morning Chris called his mother. She was not pleased, to say the least. She ordered Christopher to continue his education and get him a nice girl to take care of him. Chris had made that phone call from Frieda's kitchen table. With Ben, Frieda and of course Jelmer listening in on the one-sided conversation. "Mom. I love you. But I have to do this. I am gay and I am in love with Jelmer! I will talk to you some more tonight. I have to get back to work. The bunkers are coming along nicely. Goodbye. Love you, speak to you later.", said Chris as assured of his path as he could manage to bring across.A small group of volunteers joined Christopher again that morning. He told them what he wanted help with. And together they set out to build a curb around each lawn area. They mixed the concrete as Chris placed some boards as a straightedge to brick up against. Once each side of the square lawns was bricked they moved the boards to the next lawn. Going down the line of the bunkers the first 12 lawn edging curbs were put in that day. "Tomorrow we will put in the top layer of bricks on the stairs to the dune and between the bunkers to the campgrounds. We need to get that path open to the public a.s.a.p.!", suggested Chris to the guys. Some more volunteers were arranged for the next day.Chris's parents never called back. And Christopher was not about to make that call himself either. That evening Silvia came by. She chatted with Christopher and Jelmer. They told her the news that they where also thinking about getting married on the island at some point. She was very pleased with that announcement. The guys showed her the progress on the bunkers and the lawns. And told her the stairs back to town would be open within the week. Silvia wanted to arrange the wedding right then and there. But the guys said she would need to keep it to herself for now. They did not get officially engaged yet. Chris told her he would only buy a home if he could find a job and get the finances going for it. Other ways he would have to rethink the future plans. She apologized and never the less left elated.The volunteers and masons from the builder's yard helped Chris to put on the finishing touches to the brick stairs. The handrails were put in and the lights were connected up. Some of the guys were asked to start mixing up the grid, coarse sand, seashells, and cement. While others carted the dry mix to the paths along the newly formed lawns. The dry mix was put in and tamped down well. Once the first lift was put in it was watered in. That repeated itself several times until the top of the concrete and seashell paths where nearly a the top of the brick curbs around the lawns. The result was a strong concrete path that still had the look of a crushed seashell path that could be found all over the island. But this was much stronger. And required much less maintenance.Christopher connected the rainwater sprinkler system and placed some homemade miniature kilometer markers in the corner of each lawn. The markers had lights on top of them as well as the number of each cabin. 1, 3, 5, to 19, 21, 23, for the 12 odd numbered cabins on one side of the main path. The other side would get even numbers.That weekend Christopher used the mornings to finish up the lawns. He saw that he had used way to much soil and had to dig away stuff. He pushed it over the side of the dune. Fertilizing the side of the dune as well. It did finish up the look though. The final layer of the seashell paths he would put on later. That would be done once the furniture had been put in and the lawns had gotten their grass seed.The afternoons in the weekend where spend with the guys either to go swimming or sunbathing. The evenings where spend at Wessel's beach club or in one of the many pubs or cafés in town. On Sunday Ben came over to Christopher in the evening. "Your mother called us.", he told Chris. "Ah... I have been trying to reach her but she did not answer", said Chris. "They are coming over... So brace yourself! But Frieda and I support you. No matter what.". "There is some bad news for you as well though. I need you to stop work on the lower bunkers and finish up the upper bunkers first. We need to get them ready to rent them out soon. That means you will have to move. Sorry.", said Ben a bit ashamed. "Ah... No worries... I will see that it gets done. Everything apart from the lawns could be done in 2 weeks as planned. The grass won't grow up in time though. And the renters would need to stay off it at least a month.", said, Christopher. "Can I stay in one of the lower cabins until the end of my holiday. Or do I need to move in with Jelmer?", he asked. "Oh, you can move into cabin number 1. So you can keep an eye on things.", suggested Ben.The next early morning Jelmer walked up to Christopher. "Hey what are you doing Chris?", asked Jelmer as he saw Chris move furniture into Cabin number 1. "Moving shop, honey. Your dad wants to rent out the bigger cabins in two weeks, so I needed to move out.". answered Christopher. "Why don't you move in with me?", asked Jelmer surprised. "My work is here love. It's easier this way.", suggested Christopher. Together they filled the cabin and moved Chris into his new room. The other 12 lower cabins were filled with the furniture as well. And the masons finished up the area between the stairs up the dune and the stairs to the campground. The huge flag post was put in and concreted in place as well. The lights of the lower cabins were connected and the curtains hung. Apart from the finishing touches and the grass seeds the first of the 12 cabins could be rented out.That night Christopher and Jelmer were together in their new love nest. Jelmer got up to shower but had to make do with a tub of water in the kitchen. "Dang... once you get used to a shower you will miss it when it's not there.", he joked. "I will come to scrub your butt... I'll be right over...", laughed Christopher.They ate a late supper and picked out the photo's for the posters on the walls. Chris had made a deal with a local photographer to print his pictures on large poster-boards. "These will get stolen right away.", suggested Jelmer worried. "Never mind... Super glue will make it harder to take them off the wall.", joked Chris. "And you can sell them cheap in the campground store as posters.", suggested Chris.That evening Chris and Jel slept together in the new cabin. Making love into the wee hours of the night. Content with each other, and with their lives. Christopher had put on his leather chaps and put on a leather harness. Chris made himself look tall and stood in front of Jelmer. "Are you ready for this? boy...", he asked Jel. "Yes sure, tonight until forever. I am yours, Sir.", he answered. Christopher pulled his guy close and grabbed his head under the chin and on top with two hands. He turned Jel's head to one side and ate his lips. He kissed him extremely rough. Even biting on the upper lip of Jelmer a bit. Jelmer started to moan and breathe heavy. And Christopher pushed his tongue into his man as if it was a hard cock. Licking every millimeter and letting him play with his lover's tongue. He bobbed in and out of his mouth. Spitting in it, then mixing the saliva, before sucking it out again. Chris ordered Jel to lick the drool off his chin. And Jelmer obliged gladly. Knowing that the game had only started.Christopher pushed his face to his chest and told him to suck on his nipples. Jelmer did it and playfully took it between his teeth. Christopher slapped his guy's buttocks with his leather gloved hand. "Careful boy! You do not want me to punish you! I am in a bad mood tonight!", he barked. Pressing Jelmer's mouth into his armpit. "Lick the sweaty pit clean boy... Yeah... Do you like the taste?... Clean the other one as well, boy!... Play with your cock... but don't stop licking... Clean me up good, boy... hmm... lick, dirty boy!", groaned Chris.He pushed him to his knees and Jelmer looked up hopefully at Chris. "Clean my boots boy.", he ordered after he sat down on the edge of the kitchen table. Jelmer bent over and started licking the tip of the boots. Seductively gyrating his ass. After he cleaned both boots he moved up. Christopher had pulled the cock out his jockstrap and was jerking off his meat. Jel licked the insides of the chaps. Inching ever closer to the hot prick he wanted. He licked the hairless balls. Sucking on them a while. Chris kept playing with the shaft. Then pushed Jelmer's head back and pushed the 22 cm toy into Jelmer's yearning mouth. Jelmer sucked the cock good. "Make it nice and wet boy!", told Christopher him. He pulled Jelmer off his cock and off the floor. He grabbed him under his knees and back and carried him to the bed. He dropped him from a height onto the mattress. Turned him so his ass would stick out over the edge. Chris pushed his lover's legs back and Jelmer presented his ass. Chris spit on the rose butt and rimmed him for what felt like an eternity. Jelmer moaned loudly and was enjoying every second. Doing exactly what Christopher told him to do. Listening intently to his commands and his body language.Christopher pushed his cock in Jelmer's butt crack. Sliding it up and down as he bent forward to kiss Jelmer. After a while, he stopped kissing and just looked into Jelmer's eyes. Not saying a word to Jelmer, but Jelmer understood the question. "Yes, sir... You may fuck me... Push that rod in my hole... It's yours! Sir.", moaned Jelmer.Chris pressed his raging hard dick into Jelmer. All 22 cm in one go. Only stopping once he was fully inserted up his lovers bum. He kissed the painful face of Jelmer. "What do you want boy?", asked Christopher stern. "Fuck me please Chris... Fuck me hard!". He pounded the crap out his lover. And Jelmer let it happen. Playing his submissive role with full commitment.