353 Part 5 cuckold by mutual consent

The four sat, three of them stunned by what she had said, Tony of course had seen the film, and the results but even he had had no idea about the actual details of his wife`s two-day outing, she not till then having enlightened him. Gloria, was the first to speak, “And you willingly went back for more, that was real bravery...” Alice`s reply was to smile vaguely and say that “it was that or a short course of pills and goodbye, we owed such a lot and our lives were a misery at that time, were they not mate,” Tony nodded but added that “he didn’t know the whole story and had no idea…” Peter just sat stunned for a while then asked her if she was happy to tell them of the next trip, or was it too traumatic? She again smiled, then said, “now, its history, I have come to… I won`t say `like’ that’s not the word, perhaps need is more the way to describe it, yes, need…need to be used, treated like a commodity, even beaten occasionally, treated like a whore… I don’t understand it but it’s a need, like a d**g, a compulsion!” Tony, added that “She has been to the maker if you include the other film, four times now, just overnights but voluntarily for a night at the makers bidding, he seems to have a degree of control over her and he has told her he needs two women for a k9 film he has on order, and that she would be one of them as soon as he can find another!” Alice took up her story telling again, first asking Tony how she was when she came home. He explained that “he and Mat Had had to quickly get her indoors she being just wrapped in that bloody sheet, and it being early afternoon. There was a package with her, the cash, and some instructions about dealing with cuts and welts, and a spray that was to take the pain off at its worse and she really needed it I can tell you. Her whole trunk was a mass of whip marks and her back, legs and arse wore a purple and bloodstained pattern, it took two weeks to settle, and a week before she could walk comfortably, but she battled on bravely, and was back on her feet which was a relief to me belive me. However, I felt so bloody useless, her having to give herself to get us out of the crap.” Alice began again, “We had over half of the money now, which got the shark quietened, when we paid him. But I knew I had to do it again to get free of the tight bastard.” She shook her head, “I must say knowing was a dread, as Tony not knowing the full details, and trying to bolster my flagging spirits, saying that it `would be only one more whipping’ and we should be free… little did he know.” Anyway, as the maker didn’t want marks, before we began so as soon as I was bruise free, , Mat made the arrangements and it was soon set, this time for a Saturday, again at silly o`clock, and Knowing what I was facing, it was a long wait, very long, belive me my nerves getting to me, especially before Mat arrived to fetch me that morning.” “Unknown to me, he had an advanced cancer by the way, but of course I didn’t know that then, and he didn’t want me to know either, telling me later, as I had enough to worry about. Anyway, on our arrival he was told that I should be collected at 4pm on the Sunday, not to forget the sheet, and to bugger off, which he did giving me a kiss before he went.” “I knew I was on my own, and the spotty faced Herbert that operated the sound boom lead me to the house, where I was given coffee and we waited for the maker.”She paused then went on “There had been some sort of problem on the set so he was about 15 minutes, but when he arrived, he sat and explained that he was very happy with my performance last time especially my screams, saying they were most authentic and so he hoped I would be as helpful on this occasion…!” She smiled, “I can`t remember what I said to that but he went on to ask if I had any areas that I really did not want to stray into, mentioning s**t, and piss gang bangs, k9, branding, d**gs and so on even showing me a long list and giving me a couple of coloured felts saying mark the things that are, for you a definite no in red, and those you are` happy with’ uncoloured, leave things you don’t know about marked green and we shall see if we can extend your vocabulary. He laughed and swept out leaving me with the sound man and the camera men to chat or whatever.” “A longish wait then, as the bull`s had not arrived, the traffic having got them on the motorway.” “The maker returned and looked through my list, then spoke to the men sending them to ready the bedroom set, and the dungeon, and telling me, the filming this time being two completely different short films to drink plenty as he wanted to use me for` a piss piece’ first.” “He left me to it for a while then returned with the two bulls, a massive coloured chap introducing himself as Luke and a shorter lighter built man, calling himself Sid the snake, covered in tattoo’s, and with a disarming smile. They had been just behind an accident on the motorway and were stuck for some time Sid saying he would “still have time to deal with you properly” which struck her like a chill.” “Time was ticking on. The maker, returned and shaking hands with the pair, telling them that Luke`s scenes were today and Sid`s the next morning Carol would show them their rooms and Sid could do as he wished today though Carol was strictly vanilla, at that a tall blonde lass appeared and whisked away the little chap. Who she was, was anyone`s guess, she was the first woman I had seen on the place?” “Luke had been drinking squash since he arrived, a couple of litre`s so he was obviously the piss artist, and we were waiting for his bladder and mine to fill he had been drinking on the way he said but had nearly had to stop, having been delayed, this was greeted with grins and we were soon over at the barn, me being told to dress in a skimpy nightdress and get into the bed.” “The scene started with Luke appearing at the bedside and throwing off his clothes while I feigned sleep however when I was` awoken’ I had a shock, like all big blacks, the dammed thing was massive, like about 10or 11 inches slack and thick as a baby`s arm!”“I had to act overjoyed and give it a blow job, not one of my favourites, as it stretched my jaw, to get his mushroom into my mouth and within seconds he was pissing into my throat. Well it was a new one on me and I was told to drink it all down. I near threw up that first time, but somehow, I managed, and that part of the scene ended. We had to do three takes before I got it without retching, and a lot of film was wasted, but we finally got a good take”. “Now it was my turn, Luke lay on the floor and I straddled him pissing on him, his mouth, his great barrel of a chest and back to his mouth, just as I had been instructed, oh and before you ask yes, I enjoyed it, getting my own back!” That was greeted with smiles, a comment from Peter that “he may well enjoy that too” and Gloria asking, “what did it tasted like, as she thought it sounded revolting!” The reply being that “it was all in the mind, there was worse to come tomorrow and drinking a drop of piss I knew was a nothing to compare, that Sid he frightened me big time, Luke drank from the fountain like it was nectar, I could see he enjoyed it” She smiled then went on, “In the next bit I was to be screwed, think of it, I had taken 7 or 8 inches before but 10, or 11 and thick… now that was a different ball game. Anyway, while he was still on the floor, they had me straddle him and slowly sit down on the biggest tool I had ever met. My god I thought I would split, as slowly, oh so slowly that bloody great thing slid up into me, pain tore into me and the things head seemed to hit bottom. Once he was fully in, instead of beginning his ride he just simply pissed, right up in me, I could feel that bloody fire hose filling me, who knows how big his bladder was, I should think it was piped to the mains my belly began to bloat, intense pain began as my body stretched, a smaller Dick would have let it ease by leaking out but his and the tight fit, meant my inside were stretching big time like a balloon.” “He began to smile, I began to scream, and as if he was enjoying my discomfort, he began to ease back and forth in me, in reality he was lifting and dropping me onto the bloody thing, so my pain came in waves as the pressure came and went.” Gloria by this time, looked a little flushed, obviously enjoying the whole idea in her imagination, both men by this time had smiles and bell tents in the crutch department! She began once more, “Slowly with every stroke the leakage allowed the pressure to ease, and the pain too, or I got more acclimatised, whichever, he then fucked me like only a giant stallion can… sorry boys but it slowly became fantastic. We rolled around that floor, and he screwed me, on and on and on, I came like a blessed train, time and time and time again, till with a roar he filled me once more but this time with the content of his big balls.” She looked distant, then collecting herself continued “After that I was like a rag doll, tired, worn-out, and in need of sleep, and to my surprise they showed me to a room with an on suite and other than an evening meal they didn’t bother me again all night, though I knew the next day would be a different kettle of fish. Even so I slept well.” By this time Peter and Tony, were so rampant, they decided to take the two women, Alice falling to the floor where next to Gloria the two men raced one another to the finishing line, it was memorable, huge and filling, both women holding hands as they came, fingers gripping tight to each-other`s hands. After it was over, they had more coffee, naked now they sat once more, and begged Alice to continue her story. She began again, “at breakfast a late meal after a nice shower, and dressed in a dressing gown, we sat, the maker, Luke, Sid, the two set men, and myself all served by Carol.” “During the meal, the men discussed the days shoot, discussing each step of the coming pain that I would be expected to suffer, the Master, (Sid,) was to drag me handcuffed into the dungeon, beat me by hand, especially my breasts, screw me, then secure me, clamp my tits, hot wax to be next, and then use the needles! Now at that point I had never heard of the wax or needles being mentioned, but Sid being Sid nodded, enjoying the whole idea, smiling at me like a snake about to strike and saying he had been hoping to screw me since he set eyes on me! My blood froze, Tarzan had whipped me to u*********sness, but this man, I knew would give no quarter, the best I could hope was to live through his games!” “Finally, your to hang her up by her tits and whip her as we talked about, her transport is to arrive at 4pm so we need the climax at about ten too, so she`s ready to take away.”“Sid looked delighted, I doubt I looked anything but horrified, but his smile was like a cat with a mouse. Carol was told to make up my bag, ready for 3.45, and to keep Luke entertained, to which she smiled and said ` like Sid yesterday? Which caused a laugh the maker saying with a grin “exactly, and that they would stop for coffee about 2pm on set and not to get distracted!” then to me he said “Start time will be 12 noon and missy make sure you empty yourself first I don’t want you shitting or pissing with the pain. Then the meeting was over, saying he was so looking forward to using me and the three male staff swept out leaving me and the slippery Sid, Luke and Carol slipping away together. Sid sat and surveyed me, usually he only got to screw when the woman was u*********s just before the end!” “He asked if I had ever been restricted in my breathing, I said I hadn’t, but he reassured me I would find the sex enhanced because of it and he would control it all properly, he asked if I was shaved, I said not and he laughed saying that the wax he would leave to me to remove as hairs tended to be a nuisance and he didn’t want to hurt me unnecessarily! I thought `well thanks a bunch, you`re going to whip me to being out of it but won`t remove wax…what a bloody gent!’” “It was 11 by then so I went off to the toilet, then showered again, thus I was ready just before 12. Dressed in a thin dress, and nothing else” By now both men were erect again, Tony fingering Gloria he kissed her and her husband now sat on the chair arm playing with Alice`s tits, her left hand holding his tool as she carried on saying how “her heart missed a beat when they were called to the set, the only difference from the last film being a clock a large ticking thing easily seen from the set, and for Sid, the master to time my pain! I looked at that blessed clock as he slipped on the handcuffs pining my arms behind me, it read 12.08, I knew I was about to endure nearly four hours of continual pain or at best discomfort.” She hesitated, Peter felt the grip tighten as she remembered the feelings passing through her brain as she waited the cameraman finally focusing his camera, he knew it was almost real.She continued, “We took our places, the maker shouted action, and my ordeal began. I was dragged onto the set, struggling as if I could break away, he tore the dress from my body, had me kneel then began boxing at my tits, until tears fell, each blow adding to the bruises I knew would soon form, the blows reigned down for quite a while my head swinging from side to side with the pain, unable to run off or even fall to one side, he keeping me up on my knees by handfuls of my hair. Finally, he stopped, released me by throwing me onto my back on the hard floor. He dropped his trousers, and I realised why he was called Sid the snake, the revealed tool was uncut, thin and stiff, but it easily exceeded Luke in length by easily an inch or two. The thing slid into me easily, I was oh so wet, I don’t understand why but I was. That strange shaped tool hammered into me, it battered at whatever it is it hit, god it hurt, I suspect it bruised me it hit my guts so hard, it made him smile the bastard, I thought he was going to break through whatever he was hitting, it was a very real worry, I felt him stiffen and his seed splashing about inside me. he withdrew, laughed, then first threw off the rest of his clothes before hauling me from the floor, then throwing me on my back on the doctors examination couch”, beside which bubbled a saucepan of something on a small stove. “He ran a rope under mattress, up over my throat then round again securing my top end with a knot under my breasts. He lifted my hips, tilting me so my hips were above my body a second rope trussing my feet beside my head then lit a number of candles, after a moment dripping a trial drip or two on the back of my legs. Wow, tiny burning splashes of boiling wax fell and rapidly cooled on my skin. it was ultra-painful for a tiny second, I knew what was coming, Here, was I, trussed up like an open receptacle, my tenderest parts open to the fall of the hot wax, and the closer the candle the hotter that wax would drip… shear terror ran through me I can tell you. Laughing, knowing I was completely at his mercy and trembling with the anticipated pain I knew would soon be happening to my poor pussy he made me wait, gently opening my lips and blowing on my clit which did nothing for my nerves, he was telling me the places he would be aiming for, the first drip when it did arrive landed at the base of the slot, and it was everything I expected, burning hot but lasting only milliseconds, I began to scream, partly with the terror, partly as I knew that was what he wanted, and a lot with the pain. Drip after drip fell building a dam then slowly it rose up the length of either lip, un known to me was the height he was dripping the wax from, well away the wax had cooled a little before it struck, I only knew it hurt. How long this went on for I have no idea, it was an art form the way he prolonged the first coat.” As in her mind each drip struck her grip tightened on peters tool, relaxing a little each time the saga moved on it was agony for him but ectasy as well as he fingered the places she was talking about.She continued; “Satisfied with that, he looked close at my face and whispered that he was going to fill me with boiling wax, , plug my cunt so I had something to take home, but first he needed to cover my clit with a `protective layer.’ My mind nearly blew a gasket though I doubt I really believed him as he reached for another tapered candle, a red one this time, turning -out the tiny stove as he did. I was fixated with that red wax as holding me open he dripped from quite a height. The first drip fell I swear I could hear it, some covered a place that was already coated with cool wax…he adjusted his aim, he was spot on this time, to me what was apparently screaming hot wax hit my most tender part it was agony my clit, received a stream of hot red wax and for an instant I lost my reason struggling and screaming as the wax went from boiling to hot, then to comfortably warm. He shifted his aim once again splashes of the terrible stuff fell deep into my cleft, unbeknown to me, he was building up a second skin within my channel, I should have been grateful, I didn’t know but he was building a protective barrier but all I could think was the bastard was enjoying the game and I was his target.” Suddenly it dawned on me, that saucepan, wax lots of wax, that was what was in the saucepan, and my cunt was now the mould, he had protecting me, in his own strange way, letting me have a thin layer of warm wax to save my tender flesh from the next and worse ordeal.”Gloria muttered “oh my god” as she imagined what was to come her hand instinctively covering her own sex! “He reached for the pan held it above my cleft and poured a little into me it felt warm, hot even but not terrible, the protective layer saving me, he waited a while then poured a little more, as he passed my ear, he hissing at me, though not enough for the microphone to pick it up, telling me to scream each time, I took no second telling as the warm wax began to solidify inside me, another coat a splash into my pubic hair, then another and another till that wax was exhausted, by now I had a warm plug of slowly hardening wax inside my body, built up from layer on layer of the stuff, he released my ankles and made me lay out straight, culling my feet together, closing my legs as much as I could, squeezing the still soft wax till it was of a shape that did not have my legs pushed apart, it felt strange and very full, and he laughed that awful sarcastic laugh of his.” “He clamped my nipples next, squeezed my tender nipples as if they were putty, that had me screaming, as each nub was flattened” Peters fingers found her left nipple, the nearest to him, he squeezed and she smiled, quietly saying, that “it was a lot harder than that my sweet, these men were real sadists…!” She rambled on, her eyes glazed as she remembered, “Time must have rumbled on, I luckily couldn’t see the clock it being behind me, but he produced a rope wound it round each and both breasts tightly and my lovely tits began to change colour instantly, he tied off the rope, then , and don’t forget i was still secured , he produced a bag of assorted surgical needles. By now I was well past being surprised, or even caring, he took one of the smaller ones and slid it down through the areola, wow did that hurt ,he did the other side, then alternate breasts till the nipples were surrounded by those bloody needles still clamped of course and by now turning purple, from the restricted blood flow. Finally, he added the collar, a thick leather choker that restricted my breath till I struggled to breath, I thought I was going to die. I heard a rattle from above as he lowered the hoist hooking the cold metal hook into the rope round my breasts. I knew in my heart I was into the final phase, he released me from the last securing rope and literally hauled me by my tits from the bench scooting the bench from under me out of his way and hauling me up so I couldn’t touch the floor, it was agony, belive me, my tits felt they were going to tear from my chest, and I swung for a moment or two before he removed the clamps, that in itself was agony, as was the needle removal, I was continuously crying and moaning, slowly swinging round like meat on a string. I saw the clock 25 minutes to four, he took up the whip and began at my legs, I hardly felt the first lash, he was an expert, lash after lash fell, slowly twisting my body as it hung by my breasts like some bizarre pendulum, I noticed his prick erect as a snake from a fakirs basket spitting seed as he revelled in my pain, my legs ,butt, my arms, even my tightly held purple tits were caught by that awful lash till mercifully I began to orgasm, and with my restricted breathing I became u*********s once more. I woke in the car, my tits aching badly, wearing just that sheet again, head throbbing and with still a cunt full of wax every movement pulling the trapped pubic hair and with a desperate desire to piss, mat bless him found a place to stop and had brought a dressing gown this time. he helped me out and to dress in that gown, and I squatted to relieve myself, it was agony, the wax restricting the outfall and it taking `backfilling my sex and taking a long while to seep past the wax plug. Mat even tried to pry it out, but it was impossible, it was just too big and oh so very painful, so after a time we drove on home, me still seeping piss into his foot-well all the way!” Tony adding that, ”it took an hour to remove all that wax having to trim her hair with scissors then break up the plug with a screwdriver and a penknife, with her laid in agony on the kitchen table and both me and Mat taking turns holding her down and working on the bloody thing, at least the whip marks were not so severe, but it still took another fortnight to get her back as she had been, Mat was in hospital by then and he was to live just another six months!” Alice said that she was glad that she was able to nurse her brother and bring him some comfort in his last months, and yes, they had slept together a few times, but the loan shark was paid, and they had three films that they all frequently watched together. It had been after the funeral that this strange compulsion to be used had come on her, but she would tell them of that next time she visited, now all she wanted was to fuck, and fuck they did, swapping partners indiscriminately, and enjoying one another till exhaustion overcame them all. Shall I go on and tell you of the next stage or is there no interest in the story I wonder.4412