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We enjoyed sunning ourselves at the poolside and having some nice drinks at the bar. Later we went sliding down the tube and having fun in the wave poolI was waiting in line without my friends being s

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The bartender was stroking his cock behind the bar. The other five guys solo or in pairs were gathered around the sucking fuckers, stroking their long, thick, slimy poles. A couple of them were stroki

On My Day Off


Being a married woman of early thirties, I have no k**s and I spent most of my time and money on making sure my body and looks were fit, especially that I have always been a great looking woman, with

My kinky beginnings


Time ago, I was living with a "high school" love. That means the most beautiful girl that I find in high school. Someone who becomes my wife after years living together. Everything was fine. No. Of co

money turned me up


She was my mom age or close near 40 , from Haiti, moved in montreal because of ''familly issue''not telling anyone the real story , moving away somewhere more safe where she could start overshe showed

The Escalator


We both got on at the first level and I was behind you and, being bold I put my hand under your skirt and rubbed your inner thigh You jumped, and I quickly stopped. You turned around to look at me loo


Old & Young

The first time I awoke with true awareness of my surrounds was two days from the moment of knowing I was in the forest entangled in barbed wire. The first moments of awareness were fearful, anxious, a

How I Calmed My Frightened Daughter Chapter 2


I pulled the covers down, seeing more of my little girls naked body. Slowly I moved down, trying not to wake her. I pushed the covers off the bed. Moving her on her back, I grabbed her by the legs spr

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Well time has moved on and as I had predicted I willingly submitted to my wife's wishes and actively encouraged Mike to fuck my wife, in fact in the past few months Mike has regularly deposited his lo

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I grabbed Ty and me a beer as it was gone 4 in the afternoon now and we chatted a bit and in came Julia with some shopping. Julia instantly greeted Ty with a big kiss but not her husband ! and she sai



babysit for the neighbours whenever they were going out, since I was homealone in the evenings anyway. I had made the mistake of telling Peteand Judith, who lived in the adjacent townhouse, that my wi

stupid does as stupid feels, what a knuckle-head,


I myself although I am presently living a pretty boring life, or lifestyle preference as of the present giving moment in time, but then nevertheless when I myself being of that of my same person were

A Mother's Mistake.....Maybe!


My name is Jill, 45 and I'm a married bifemale with three grown c***dren ages 25 (son) 23 (son) and 20 (daughter). I really don't know where to start this or how to explain what happen too me last mon

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I stared at the phone, praying he would text back. My hunger for cum, for being on my knees, possessed my every thought.I noticed my phone was flashing.A rush of excitement coursed through me that it

My Career as a Nude Model


I met Cathy on our very first day of school. She was a pretty, funny, friendly girl and we became friends, like k**s do at that age. We weren’t special friends or anything, we were just mates; chums –

Boots for C, Finale!


Once inside her room (very nice, tastefully decorated with candles, music, and a queen-sized bed) she began to undress me and hang up my clothes. She instructed me to stand still and let her do it. As

Grandma Wisdom - Chapter One

High School

The family agreed that it would be best for Bev to stay with Trace. He had the space, was eager to get to know his grandmother better, and did not yet have a family himself to complicate making the ac

Julia's Fun

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It was over a month after our cabin destruction before I heard from Julia again.I prowled the same message board, continued to show myself masturbating on Chaturbate on an irregular basis. A somewhat

Men Are The New Women

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I got inside about 4 and went straight to my favorite booth, and stripped down to just my 2 -piece black string bikini and the high heels. I propped the door open with my bag and sat next to the door.

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