My Mom Is A Cheater

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We are an upper middle class family from Kerala. My family consists of me, dad, mom and grandpa. My mom is a housewife who always spends lot of her time and money to go to beauty spa and health clubs

She Wouldn’t Instigate A Sexual Relationship


I’ve been seeing a Milf for three weeks and she wouldn’t allow any more than a kiss! Today is the day or I’m history.We’re both in our sixties and I’m horny. EJ acts like a virgin. She has been separa

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but then nevertheless I myself am about to bed down otherwise as in try to get for myself that being of my 'beauty-rest' as in other words z's regardless of how that being of one of these faggotty, or

Flamingo Road... Fucking My Buddy's Son


It was a Thursday afternoon. My wife had left the house the night before, got on a shuttle to the Mobile airport and headed off to a reunion with her sorority sisters back at SMU in Dallas.I’d just wr


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Freda was Tommy’s girlfriend, but he let her fuck whoever she wanted because he liked to watch and tonight was special because he knew she was going to have some interaction with another woman. That w

The Roommate


I had told my roommate Matt that I was going to be home late, so I couldn’t blame him for taking advantage of me not being there. The only problem was that my plans fell through, and I ended up gettin

Depraved Wife


At night she had become accustomed to the routine- he would get back back home late at night. Edge himself into bed very timidly and delicately, give her a kiss on her cheek and fall asleep. Thinking

Sexy night out in Leeds


A few months ago we decided to have a night out in Town, just a few drinks and some food, a pretty standard evening. After a few drinks and some food, we moved on to another bar at the bottom end of t

Feeling my asshole is on fire


My loving husband had gone for some golf game with friends; but earlier we had done the usual morning fool around in bed. But this time Victor had insisted on doing me in the butt. He was very horny a

The Poolside Question I Was Not Expecting Part 14

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One by one all four of us entered the large shower. The cool water was amazingly refreshing. I was the first to shift the roles from masseuse / client, to friends enjoying friends by soaping Dawn's be

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The black bastard stared at me and he smiled with an evil grin.He ordered me to suck his black semen off Anita’s cunt while he rested for a while…Then he withdrew his massive and still hard dick from

Curious Clients 3: Ariel Anal Sex Slave


Oh dear, what will happen to her next? Her long weekend as guest of this wicked man has only just started. Her mind rewinds their two sexy scenes so far. First his 'intimate inspection', which was une

True Love, Never dies


How could anybody believe that Nadir Caleb; aged 29 and Sana Caleb, aged 18 did not know each other; although they were real brother and sister. It happened because of the at least 11 years between th

the camping condom machine


I just had met them yesterday, we wet fishing and i was happy to be hanging with two older teen black boy who treat me like i wasnt youngerwe went away from the fire, saying we would go to the arcadeb

A Morning with Lilly: part 2

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Okay, so this is part 2. Which means there is a part 1. Which means if you have not read part 1, go find it and read it first.I am hoping to convince Lilly to allow me to use a couple of pictures of h

Animal House


After she squirted her juices all over the floor she turned around and faced the screen."Did you guys like that please send me some tokens" said the young brunette who looked incredibly like my daught

How my girlfriend turned me into a fangurl


Our sex life had been fairly active with one or two blowjobs to augment the weekly sex session, usually on the weekend. I guess you can say it was predictable. To spice things up, I bought a six-inch

Homosexual Tendencies


[Takes place directly after "Wi-Fi In The Sky".]I barely give myself five minutes after stepping off the plane to relax and recuperate - I'm seriously so tired, my thoughts are coming to me in blobs.

Local Gloryhole Fun With a Mature Guy


Next thing I knew I was standing outside his apartment. He gave me some instructions to follow when I got here. He said the door was unlocked and to let myself in. Then I should walk straight ahead an

Hot Wife Gets Gangbang in Jamaica

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My wife has blonde hair, medium sized breasts, nice legs, and a firm ass. She is very attractive. Her name is Sara, and she is 30 years old at this time.I will provide some background before the story