Our first night at her mothers


We got back together on a blind date. I had been asked to come along by a mate I was working with at the time. His girlfriend wanted to go out with him, but also bring along her friend as well, and 3

Linda, the hottest sportswoman!


She begins to massage over my pants, my penis, very slowly, very gently. When he noticed that my cock was hard enough, he lowered the zipper and took off my pants. He took my hard, thick, hot penis fr

A caring dad


he was big compare to his son , not fat but more like a football line player my hand got lost in his welcoming him for dinner ome friday nightwe ate dinner watching the canadiens agaisnt pittsburg, ta

Fucking Around With Carol


She was a BBW... had a young daughter... lived with her boyfriend...she would hang out at mine and smoke with me whenever... she was cheating on him with me.....she was a cum dump slut... fucking only



You might pass this double door at any moment.I believe a few second that girl might be you, but I just spotted you passing the doors.I’m excited, but since we have never met before this one, I’m also

Spending Summers With The Cuzinns: Part 1


I spent most of my time growing up in a remote place where it snowed a lot and it felt like winter year round. For the most part it was just Momm and I living in a small two bedroom house with a chimn

My Husband My Cum-eater My Bitch Pegged


Dave showed me the strap-on he had bought. I handled it gingerly, and examined how it worked. Dave sat on the edge of the bed in his robe as I did. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him down his wine

Inspection Part 2


He sees hey breasts hanging softly against her chest, slightly parting with their weight. He nipples becoming ridged. He aches to touch them, but knows that the moment he touches her, the moment is lo

be quiet part 4


''but mike , i dont want people to know you promise it would be a secret....''''dont be afraid cindy, he just turned 18 and need some good girl to suck on his cock''''dont you want to suck a nice big

Dirty panties in DFW

Group Sex

A couple of years ago, while I was traveling on business in the DFW area, I put up a Craigslist ad looking for a girl selling her dirty worn panties. The catch was, I wanted to remove them from her in

Alexis’ slumber party


He was sitting in his office working one day when he heard his wife come home. He looked at the clock and wondered what she was doing home early. She walked in and smiled “hi sweetie”. He looked over

Stranger (Ang & Mick) at the beach


Husband and wife let a voyeur join in their fun.Mike and his wife Angela were enjoying their holiday on the island of Corsica, spending yet another day on the beach they soaked up some much needed sun

Unloved but sucking cock


We swap a few more comments when he asks if I was free and fancied popping round for a coffee.Well to be honest, I kinda wanted some company, the 3 weeks I had been off on my own whilst trying to get

Cindy's panties chapter three

Group Sex

So I hit the links and did my best to keep my mind on the golf and not little Cindy's virtually hairless pussy. But every time I did think of her, my cock began to harden in my pants and I tended to m

327Lusting after a Goth Girl


Our favourite club owner, we will call him Bobby, fancies the two girls Mary and May., big time, They both won in his last wet tea-shirt competion, and he`s been wanting to watch the girls in action e

My Beautiful Dream Maid

Beach Sex

t 9:00 am to my house she was doing her routine work, my room was at upstairs, she came to my room and started doing her job and at the same time I was cleaning up my stuff, while doing so a pen fell

The next mornng


“So are you both still up for learning my tips and giving yourself over to me? There will be times you won't want to try things, or disagree with me, but that's not an option. You try it and then deci

Hostel Panties


One of my wildest and naughtiest experiences was when I was on a solo backpacking trip in a Scandinavian country which sees a lot of German tourists during the summer months. I was staying at a youth

Eve night out


She had accused him of having an affair and using the cancellation of the trains as an excuse to cover up his overnight stay with his bimbo of an assistant, who was only good for spreading her legs an

She Wouldn’t Instigate A Sexual Relationship


I’ve been seeing a Milf for three weeks and she wouldn’t allow any more than a kiss! Today is the day or I’m history.We’re both in our sixties and I’m horny. EJ acts like a virgin. She has been separa