Fringe Benefit

Group Sex

I got settled in to the hotel and went to eat and on my return I ran into this amazing woman, she was beautiful and very sexy. We talked in the lobby for almost an hour. We finally had to part ways. O

(true story) My wife and Porno Craig a man I desp


This is the story of how I let myself get cucked into oblivion by a man i hate and my beloved wife who i still love. my wife and i were working in the local hotel at the time we both shared a lot of d

First gay fantasy - with my ex-wife!

Girl Masturbating

I was regularly fucking my ex-wife, Jill Mason, which began after a session of mutual oral sex. She could give a good blowjob. One cock sucking, in particular, was the best ever, I could feel all my f

Lick it all Up, Pussy Boy


I'm a 39yr old man, married, with 2 c***dren, who's sex life had become non-existent. I became reliant on the internet for my sexual gratification. I trawled through pictures and videos, then came upo

Bachelorette Party


When it came closer to the date, my wife brought up the subject of the entertainment. I told her, "you know the guy strippers aren't like the women strippers. With the women, they have strict no touch

A gay summer Holiday - Part 14


Christopher kissed Jelmer as he held him very close. "What's the matter, mate?", asked Jelmer. "Nothing! That's just it... I love you, Jel!", sighed Chris. "The coming out of Pieter and Jesse made me

The Cure for Successful Marriage - 03

Big Cock

A week later,It's been a little more than a week that they are at his mother-in-law's house and failing to fuck his wife, really too lazy and stuck to do it at Pam, Freddie Benson takes advantage of e

A meeting in Leather - Part 12.


"I woke up in Dave's arms. And looked at him, how he was sleeping there in his Leather motor Jacket. A half stiff dick stuck out from under it. So he must have had a beautiful dream. I let my tongue p

great body


My Story.This happened in the late 70s. I was working on the ferries, every other Saturday night we had a layover of 6 hours. We would go & have a drink in different cabins. This night I was with Max

the night my husband acted as driver


I love sending naughty messages to other men, though, even when I can tell it isn't leading to a hookup. It gets me wet to test out what dirty things they want to hear, to know what they hope to get o

Sally Gives in to the Rites of Spring

Big Ass

She knew it would be so easy to sit down on the bench there in the mall even with all the people hurrying here and there around her and make herself cum. That was how much she had changed. It was back

When Lust Takes over


Hi I’m Jake, I have written many stories on different sites, some based on factual happenings some pure imagination this story is sort of in between. Best set the scene first.I was a serving soldier a

One hot encounter in a coatroom with Karen


She told me that her husband was in the reception falling all over a woman he worked with. Supposedly her husband would talk about fucking this woman while Karen sucked his dick- she said it turned bo


Hot Gay

byStickyKeyboard©------------------------------------------------------------------It was a beautiful October Texas evening as the warm air blew through the open patio door into the hotel room five st

Dykes & Dick

Big Ass

Laptop, check. Door locked, not checked.“ Headed to wo- what the fuck man, “ Brandon said opening my door and walking into my room. He was my roommate and older brother so he never felt like he had to

Ms. Flower’s Initiation

Big Ass

I direct you lay down on your tummy and then use the controls to lower you head while lifting you beautiful ass. I adjust the exam table so that you are completely exposed to the waiting room window a

Dad's Little Room - Part 3


(m/m mast inc)John knew that he was going to have to go over to his father's house today again and check out his little room again. Just thinking about it made his cock get hard. He reached down to gi

Night of the Rubberdolls


“I’m so excited,” replied Doug ‘LeeAnn’ French.“Me too,” added Gary ‘Sylvie’ Barber.“Me three,” giggled the fifty-two year-old Mandi.The three ladies were all avid rubber doll crossdressers. They had

3 On The Dot - Part 1


I had been out of prison for 4 months and finding a piece of ass had been harder than I thought. I went through all of the websites you can think of and searched high and low. I had finally found a sl

Our first night at her mothers


We got back together on a blind date. I had been asked to come along by a mate I was working with at the time. His girlfriend wanted to go out with him, but also bring along her friend as well, and 3