Mary's story Part 24


Sue was still sleeping like a baby; no doubt she had been working hard at Paul’s shop. Her wig had slipped in the night, and Mary reached out and touched her head. It was very smooth. Just like her pu

Birthday Work Slave

High School

Time marches on and I’ve got a big birthday coming up over the weekend and it has kind of got me down … fifty years … a half of a damn century! When I walk in and greet Ann as usual on Friday morning,

BBC JUNKIE by: scottius


BBC JunkieAn Erotic Fan-Fiction starring Emma WatsonOne ShotDisclaimer : This is a work of erotic fan-fiction aka smutty porn. It is entirely a work of parody. I do not own or claim ownership of or ma

Hanging in Hispanic Heaven


I arrived at the Burke house wearing my surfing shorts, sandals, and a tank top. I walked up the driveway and just as I got to the front door I could hear Latin Rock music playing from inside the hous

My Sexual Awakening---a memoir


It was 34 years ago that I had my first sexual encounter, and it started me on a path that made me the slut I am. My parents werent real wealthy. We always had enough to eat and a place to live, but t

Christmas part 1


Our Saturday night was shaping up to be like most any other,we did a little shopping then headed to our favorite restaurant for dinner.My wife of almost twenty five years,Karen,looked sexy in her new

Why I Say Kay is the Best Cock Sucker EVER


I have always wanted to share with everyone the incredible experience of receiving a blow job from my little sister, Kay. To my way of thinking, there is no one else who comes close to being as good a

The Girlfriend


By Nikkie Silk Chapter One“It looks like Sam has a girlfriend at last.”“Huh, what?” My attention was fixed on the rugby on the TV and I really wasn’t paying attention to my wife.“I said, numbnuts, tha

Friend's wife pisses herself!


A few minutes went by and then I heard him shouting a bunch, "Fuck, what the fuck, seriously!" So I got out of bed in my boxer shorts and went to check on him. I opened the door to my spare room and f

One Family's Awakening - Chapter 12


When Keith got home from school, Karen approached him about the changes in the guest list. "If you want to cancel this month's party, Keith, I understand and have no problem waiting until next month a

A Quick Hate Fuck in the Office


I work in the cubicle next to Marcy. Saying we don't get along is an understatement. She's one of those proper women who thinks she's above everyone else in the office. I guess you'd say she has a sup

Wicked Step-mother - part 4


or together. As for Chris the interesting development was that the two caterers Margaret and Nicola had moved in with him. Chris had a big house inherited from his grandparents. Being disabled it was

A Trip To The Store


His wife passed away three years ago, and he missed her company. She was pretty good in bed, just not very adventurous. She would always suck his cock, but she never swallowed. She wasn't into facials

Fringe Benefit

Group Sex

I got settled in to the hotel and went to eat and on my return I ran into this amazing woman, she was beautiful and very sexy. We talked in the lobby for almost an hour. We finally had to part ways. O

Wife's a Size Queen Now!


Nikki was reluctant at first. She told me she was satisfied with just me, and that having sex with other men would be cheating."It wouldn't be cheating if I gave you permission," I had said. "Besides,

Not What She Expected (spanking/schoolgirl fetish)


Lauren was going through her notes; Isabella was starring out the window; Chole was staring at Olivia; Olivia was tapping her pen against her notebook; Sophie crossed and uncrossed her legs. When I wa



I just can’t help it the sight of another guy’s dirty sweaty, cum, sk** and piss stained boxers have always been a turn on for me, I know most people would puke at the thought of it but leave me alone

Lick it all Up, Pussy Boy


I'm a 39yr old man, married, with 2 c***dren, who's sex life had become non-existent. I became reliant on the internet for my sexual gratification. I trawled through pictures and videos, then came upo

First gay fantasy - with my ex-wife!

Girl Masturbating

I was regularly fucking my ex-wife, Jill Mason, which began after a session of mutual oral sex. She could give a good blowjob. One cock sucking, in particular, was the best ever, I could feel all my f

Avond-uren met vriendinnetje, deel 1.


ik ben Tom en ik ben 15 jaar oud. Sinds kort heb ik een vriendinnetje en hier schrijf ik er wind zuisde langs mijn oren terwijl ik in Arnem aan het wachten was op het paron van de trein naar U