Revelations Pt.6


The suddenness of the question startled Danny and it showed on his face. "Am I that transparent?" asked Danny, with amazement written all over his face.Paula threw back her head and gave out a melodio

Great Migration: Georgia to Milwaukee


Eustace who was born in 1895 to a sharecropper was proud of Harry. The young man had deployed from Hampton Roads, Virginia as a part of the 27th Cavalry Regiment to Alegria. He saw no combat in North

Our Babysitter and Her Mother


By Wonder_Dad - Story #11 - Downgraded AgainThroughout our marriage, the wife was getting restless wanting time alone, either with me or with her girlfriends. I placed an ad in the local newspaper see

Morning Neighbor Part 3

High School

“ Man we’ve been looking for you for 20 minutes, “ Antonio said to me. He was the other black neighbor on the block. He was cool and came by sometimes to catch baseball games with me. I hadn’t even re

Midnight moon

Hot Gay

I am Mia. Female 30 .This is based on a true story. the night was snowing. Stormy . The haunted home creaked. As I saw her pass my door peaking. Aunt Kim eyed me threw the door. I saw her pulsate as I

Wife Trades my Ass for Rent Gay

Big Cock

"So, what did he say? I asked, assuming he had told her we had to be out at the end of the month."He, well, he had a proposal for us. He seemed to be sympathetic, I guess." She said as she sat down ac

Oh Nancy - Chapter 3

Hot Gay

Freddie figured she wanted them to complete their night in her room, so his destination was to her bedroom as he carefully made his way up the stairs carrying the most precious thing in his life. Howe

black mailed cd


I recently found a new was to get a little extra exposure and feel slutty also. I had hidden the key at the adult bookstore completed with video booths, two other times. I would go to the store dresse

Three - Chapter 1


The stranger turned back to the woman and began looking her figure up and down. She sat up straight to flaunt her breasts while coyly eyeing the two men before her. "You'd have to agree to a few thing

Lena and Landon


They were fraternal twins separated shortly after birth and didn't find each other until they were teenagers. Their intelligence and the twin connection drew them together. Genealogy and an ancestor t

All day cross-dressing twosome


We got together one Sunday morning and transformed ourselves fully into hot sexy sluts. We were both wearing well stuffed bras, suspender belts, crotchless panties, stockings and high heels.We lay on

The Headmistress and Headmaster


'.'A brief exchange of emails and a date was arranged. It was a good hour’s drive, and on arrival, I was bemused to find that it was indeed the old school house where the headmaster would have lived w

Wrong place at the wrong time


I had walked along the three levels of the mall and I had not found anything nice even to try on. Then I felt the need to freshen up at the ladies’ room.I went up to the second floor and found the way

Gang Bang

Group Sex

Let me tell you what happened.It started like any other school day, we were up early, breakfast school bags packed, laughing it was Wednesday only 2 more days to the weekend.After I put the girls on t

Bra Fucking Michelle's Huge Tits!


I was really working her shoulders. I could easily feel the wide comfort padded straps, like in a Playtex bra. when I massaged near the strap her breasts would slightly sway. This sight made my cock h

The Kitten, The Domme, & The Wall


The following fictional post contains scenes of some rather sexual torture. All fictional characters involved are over the age of 18 and have fictionally consented to everything that fictionally occu



Yeah, I know all the usual stereotypes about wives or girlfriends catching their partner sneakily watching porn when they’re not around. But let me tell you, it isn’t always that way round. When I got

Caning Suzy-Jayne Part 1


I first met Suzy-Jayne at a spanking party in Ealing, she had been one of around half a dozen ‘girls’ there to provide entertainment to the thirty or so guys of various ages who had paid good money fo

Nates Task


Nate was away on business, but that didn't mean I could rest on my laurels, he had set me a task.The message came through while I was on a night out with my housemate who of course had no idea that I

Mom's Friend


One of Mom’s friends drops in several times a week to chat and drink with her. She is okay, but not as hot as Mom is. Belle, Moms friend is maybe 5’ 6” and has a little bit of a belly and some stretch