Daddy and Mommy Seduce Tracy


"Yeah? You want fucked like Tracy? Huh? You want fucked like your daughter? Is that what you want you fucking whore?" Todd hissed into his wife's ear. He knew she loved role playing like she was their

My first threesome ever with my married partner


We hear him coming down the steps, and he walks into the room and stops dead in his tracks. He didn't know I was going to be over today, and he needed to go to the basement to get his clothes, and was



I've seen Grandma lift up her loose skirt and wash herself. I've seen her take off her blouse and wash her pits and her tits then bend over and wash her hair with her skirt gathered around her waist t

Morning surprise

Old & Young

As you open the door to let me in our eyes are instantly connected. No words exchanged... you grab my hand and pull me in close, placing your hands on the sides of my face, you kiss me passionately. I

Revenge is Sweet


Thinking I would rather know than be played for a fool, I spent hours devising the "perfect plan" to discover the truth! It involved a complex series of false information left for her discovery... pho

Lesley’s Lacy Gift


I knew that nothing more than flirting would ever happen between us as she was in her fifties and I was in my twenties in a relationship, despite that I couldn’t help the thoughts of desire in my head

My Boyfriend is Away


I'm getting back home a week before him and I'm not sure I can last that long as I yearn for some hot physical sex and the touch and feel from my man. I'm heading back to Phoenix tomorrow morning and

Sylvia tries out whoring

Old & Young

We spent some time on the beach. No bikini top can really contain my tits, so I was walking around out there in the sun with most of my boobs exposed, and this bottom that was too small for me. I knew

Taboo Road Trip


It’s been about five years since we were in the same room as each other but photos back and forth between our moms proved to me my attachment is still there. As for him I’m sure he still thinks of me

Halloween CD Slut 2


couple of people I passed, I collapsed into my bed in my outfit. I couldfeel the squish of cum inside my ass and the wet spot in my panties whereI'd come just from the feel of him fucking me so deeply

Pantyhose in the Men's Room at the Shopping M


Under my jeans I wore two pair of coffee colored ultra sheer pantyhose. I decided to go with two pair of ultras instead of a heavier denier because I know when I have worn two pair at the same time th

Black BBW Cuckoldress 2


"Do you love me?" I asked her."Of course I do Eddie." She told me."Then that means your not going to fuck anyone else..." I said to her. The laugh she let out was a pure form of humiliation. Then she

mrning walk

Beach Sex

i got there and ordered a mokawalking back in the park moka in handi sat on a bench looking at the sun rising drinking my cofeehe drived his snow plower toward me and got out to sat down saying helllo

Revelations Pt.6


The suddenness of the question startled Danny and it showed on his face. "Am I that transparent?" asked Danny, with amazement written all over his face.Paula threw back her head and gave out a melodio

jennas first time


Chapter oneJenna had moved from the small suburbs of Wolf Trap, Virginia, somewhere she lived with her family whilst she figured out where she wanted to live once she finished her schooling, to the bi

15 cocks for Jordyn


Jordyn was more nervous than horny when she entered the universities gymnasium and took the stairs up to the locker rooms. Already on the bus on her way to town she had second thoughts - but she had m

Divorce or Cuckold Your Choice


Fast forward about 8 years and Barbara seems to be turning a corner sexually. During sex she seems to be more engaged, which gets me going and then more times than not I cum too quickly and disappoint

Dirty stories from the bar


The Stowaway BarI own a small bar in an industrial area of a big city. During the workday I have a decent crowd for lunch and after work till about 6:00 pm. I have closer friends later and weekends, g

Great Migration: Georgia to Milwaukee


Eustace who was born in 1895 to a sharecropper was proud of Harry. The young man had deployed from Hampton Roads, Virginia as a part of the 27th Cavalry Regiment to Alegria. He saw no combat in North

A Fantasy... Part 2


I must have looked a right state, with spunk all over my face and blouse. My leather skirt hitched up around my waist and my cock hanging out of my skimpy knickers. My new lover thought otherwise as I